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"You murdered my sisters in cold blood, give me one good reason not to do the same with your brother, little miss"
―Guiying to Wei Yan Wong, 60 BCE
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c. 94 BCE


January, 59 BCE
Rong Hsu's fortress, outskirts of Shanghai

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Assassin's Creed: Civilization

Guiying was a commander in Rong Hsu's army of Assassins, though not a member of the Assassin Order himself. Guiying is an ancestor of Herman Geier.


Early life[]

The origins of Guiying is unknown, but he were at some point recruited into the Emperor's army. After serving him for nine years, Guiying left for living with his sisters Fen and Jing. The two of them had joined a social club for fishers in Shanghai. He decided to come with them, where he became known with a woman – whom he seduced and had a child with.

When Guiying and the woman was walking down the street one day with their son, they were attacked by thieves. Guiying managed to fight them off, but the woman had been wounded in the battle. She died days later, and Guiying left his son at the social club – turning to the bottle.

After two years, Guiying was contacted by his sisters. They took him from Shanghai and into the jungle. They led him to a fortress – though, Guiying refused to go with them first. Arriving at the hideout, Guiying and his sisters met with the leading woman there: Rong Hsu. Rescuing him from drowning in alcohol, Guiying decided to join her army – training Rong's soldiers.

Guiying soon learned that Rong, his sisters and several of the army were members of a secret order that sought to eliminate oppression and corruption; though tempting, Guiying did not want to be bound to a creed – only himself.



  1. Guiying come from Chinese 桂 (guì) meaning "laurel, cassia, cinnamon" combined with 英 (yīng) meaning "flower, petal, brave, hero". This name can be formed from other character combinations as well.