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"Ahhh! The His Majesty's Ship Rendezvous! A good Prey to Start a Feud against Britain! What are you Waiting for? Fire Starboard Broadside Now!" - Lord Cutler Beckett

The HMS Rendezvous is a British Galleon that Operated During The 1730


Not Much to Know about the Rendezvous, She was sunk by the HMS Endeavour which started the British-East Indian War

The HMS Rendezvous

Design and Appearance[]

A four-masted galleon, this ship was the pride of the King's Navy. Armed with 28-guns. she could defend herself against the enemy's attack. Her figurehead resembled a lion, and her stern was ornamented with the Coat of Arms of Great Britain. Proudly flying the Union Jack, she was one of the most beautiful ships on the Seven Seas.