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Visayan Brotherhood of Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Conquest

Habagat is a Visayan Assassin and becomes a leader of Assassin of Opong in Mactan Island. Became one of the notable students of Datu Lapu-Lapu in the early stages of being Warrior Class Assassin. The Templars abducted his descendant named Andrew Janea in 2020 to track his past as they were tracing the hidden Sword of Eden Golden Kampilan.


Early life and brotherhood[]

Habagat was born to his father, Makisig, and his mother, Lakambini. His father was a general of the Opong army and was the right-hand man of Datu Mangal. After Mangal's term as a leader of their town, his son Datu Lapu-Lapu took over, and Makisig's position changed into becoming an army commander. Her mother, Lakambini, was a merchant of all kinds of products coming from another town. Her mother recently died because of an unknown disease, which encourages him to become a warrior of Opong despite being weak. In 1517, he became an official member of the brotherhood after defeating a warrior from Pilipul named Bagyo. His father recognized his capability of being a warrior and apologized for being a rude father to him.

Journey to Biringan City[]

Lapu-Lapu and his men arrived at the mysterious city called Biringan, and they discovered the loss of an ancient advanced civilization. After struggling with a strange phenomenon during their journey, they met the Biringan City head named Apo Magyan. They accompanied in the far most area of Biringan to find the hidden sword then suddenly they declare an assault against them. After defeating Apo Mangyan, they continued their journey to Bathala's mausoleum until a beautiful but mysterious woman appeared. They followed the woman, and they reached the said structure, and suddenly, the woman they were tracking disappeared. Then suddenly, his comrades hardened like a rock, and he heard a voice from around him. When Bathala suddenly appeared in front of him with strange behavior and demeanor. At Bathala's first glance at him, it was unbelievable that only a young warrior would be the weapon's keeper according to prophecy. Bathala asked him why they had to take the sword, and here the god looked at him differently because of his answer. Bathala suddenly remembered an ordinary man named Janus, his trusted person of Biringan and the first heir and guardian of the sword. He saw in Habagat the resemblance of Janus' answer, so he did not hesitate to entrust the sword to him. When the sword was given to him, future events such as the deaths of Agustin de Legazpi, Andres Bonifacio, and other prominent Assassins due to their comrades' betrayal appeared in his mind. As a result, his behavior changed slightly, and Bathala felt concerned that his view of using the sword might change. Bathala warned him to use the weapon for his people's right and not go to the wicked. sussy baka

Declaration of war[]

As they returned from Biringan City to keep the hidden sword, they found out that their soldiers had captured an assassin who they thought was a spy or enemy from the other country, and his name was Ignacio de Tierra, a Spanish Assassin. He apologized for entering his town without permission, so he was caught. After that, he wants to tell the truth about the Spaniards' real purpose to them. Here Ignacio mentioned that foreigners are coming together with the leader of Sugbu to negotiate with them and form allies, but the truth is that they want to conquer the island of Mactan as part of the Kingdom of Spain. As usual, Lapu-Lapu and his countrymen will not accept their menacing alliance. Ignacio decided to assist them in the upcoming battle if the tension arose and promised to defend their land without hesitation.

Battle of Mactan[]

Habagat was with the Opong warriors, and they formed a war while waiting for their enemy. When the opponents arrived, he was one of the leaders who rushed and fought against the opponent as the second-best fighter. He immediately ran and faced General Joaquin when his other comrades are in danger. However, Ignacio interfered in their battle and asked Habagat to help the others. Joaquin revealed the story between him and Ignacio that they former comrades in the Spanish army, then suddenly the young warrior was confused about Ignacio's identity. Ignacio immediately said to Habagat that he was pretending as a Spanish soldier because of his mission to capture the Apple of Eden, but it was unsuccessful. Habagat suddenly leaves them to assist the other comrades.