"You can kill me, you can kill my allies, but you can never locate the library"
―Hacer to Maria
Hacer Stavros
Biographical information

Antalya, Ottoman Empire


1734 (aged 33)
Kyrenia, Cyprus

Political information

Templars (1728 – death)

Hacer Stavros was Greek-Turkish Templar operating on the island of Cyprus. She was an enemy of the lesbian Assassin Maria Nomiki, who removed Hacer on orders of the Greek Brotherhood.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hacer Stavros was born in Antalya, Turkey by a merchant family. She had a rough childhood however, living with an absent Turkish father and violently Greek mother. Unlike many other rough childhoods, Hacer's mother was the one who drank up the money her husband made with his work. Hacer's father was the one who was mistreated by his wife, being hit and mistreated by her. Hacer was not spared did the mistreatment either.

When Hacer one day came home from the market, catching her mother in bed with another man, something snapped in Hacer. Angry of her mother cheating on her father, Hacer ran down to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Running back to her mother's sleeping chamber, Hacer sliced the throat to the lover before turning to her mother. Standing at the end of her room, glaring at her daughter, the latter ran up to her and began stabbing her. Years of abuse and mistreatment ended that day, with Hacer carving out the heart of her own mother.

Coming home to a daughter covered in blood, a wife tied up hanging from the roof, the lover slowly being eaten by the flies, Hacer's father quickly contacted the authorities and told them to fetch his daughter and bring her to the prison. The only thing Hacer was allowed to bring with her, was a cloth her mother had valued the most.

Imprisonment Edit

Living in the prison for ten years, Hacer had been tried executed – but the times the warden had tried to hang or stone her, she had miraculously survived. After trying to even burn her – but surviving this – the warden decided to lock her away, leaving her in a cell where she could live by herself.

When the warden one day entered her cell, decided to murder her in secret, he could not find Hacer. The prison was turned upside down trying to find her, but Hacer had spent the ten years to grave a tunnel out of the prison and out to the beach. Finding a ship leaving for Cyprus, Hacer left the mainland for an island. Hacer had decided to not leave without give the warden a present: In addition to creating the tunnel, she had created a friendship with the warden's wife. Hacer and her had decided that if the first escaped within ten years, she would leave her cloth with the warden's wife. Now, the latter had the chance to fight her husband and take prison for herself – and so she did, with the cloth to heal her during the match.

Cyprus Edit

Making herself known Edit

Hacer arrived in Kyrenia only to be stopped by some guards who wanted to see her papers. Living as a prisoner for ten years – and only referred to as the Murderess – Hacer had forgotten who she was. Hacer took one of the guards' daggers and stabbed him in the chest, strangling the other with her bare hands. The people at the docks was standing perplex there while Hacer did these actions before screaming: "I am Hacer Stavros. This is now my city. You will tremble when you hear my name, and will kneel in my presence. Kneel, knaves!" The people only standing there, decided to bow when she suddenly screamed: "KNEEEEELLL!!"

Building herself a gang and a reputation in Kyrenia, Hacer soon was taken notice by a Greek Templar-butcher named Euthymios Telesphorus. The man was the overseer of Cyprus – sent by the Greek Rite of the Templar Order – and Hacer was disturbing him in his hunt for a Piece of Eden known as the Sense. Euthymios therefore sent his second-in-command, Haroun Waqar, to deal with her. Hacer felt it was lazy to have a second-in-command; she had established a steet-gang that worked against the Templar Order in the city of Kyrenia. Haroun and his soldiers sent a message to Hacer, stating that he wanted to see her and her gang in front of the palace of the governor of Kyrenia. Hacer accepted, knowing the man would attack her as soon as he got the chance.

Kill two birds with one stone Edit

Meeting Haroun in front of the Kyrenia Palace, Hacer talked with Haroun while her gang measured the counterpart gang. Haroun tried to stay close to Hacer while discussing, but she stood at least two meters from him – if he did something hasty. Hacer and Haroun discussed the terms of Hacer's surrender: neither Haroun or his master wanted Hacer to lead a gang in Kyrenia. Hacer said she understood she had been hasty and returned to her gang, presumably telling them to all go home. Haroun turned around and walked up to his soldiers. Hacer found a dagger in her belt. She turned around. She threw it into the back of Haroun – hitting him on the left side, killing him. Hacer ordered the gang to attack: "CHARGE!"

Halfway out in the battle, the Palace Gates were opened, and the governor's troops marched out in the street, accompanied by the governor himself. The man told everyone to leave, but when people refused listening to him, he ordered his men to open fire. Men and women on both sides fell to the guns of the governor, but Hacer refused. She took a dagger from a fallen gang-member and ran up to the governor. He did not see her, busy telling orders. When he screamed, the soldiers was too late: Hacer had sliced the throat of the governor. Hacer screamed to the soldiers of the Templars and her own gang: "The governor is dead! He was nothing but a man, and these soldiers were his allies. Kill them all!" Her little speeche were enough for the gangs to turn their hatred to the governor's troops.

Templar-recruitment Edit

A few weeks later, Hacer had allied herself with a great amount of the Greek Templar's gang. It was only a matter of time before she attacked him. Hacer therefore accepted an audience the Templar wanted with her. He arrived at her headquarter, telling that he was impressed over her abilities. Hacer asked what he really wanted, and the man answered: "How do you do it? How do you manage to manipulate people this easily? Do you have an Apple?" Hacer laughed – the gang laughed with her – before she suddenly stopped and walked up to him. "I can make people do my bidding because I use fear. I control them by showing them who is the true master in the city." Templar-butcher Euthymios Telesphorus told he wanted to recruit her to the Templar fold. Hacer asked what she could get out of it, and the man replied: "My protection, and a place as my second-in-command." Hacer spent some time on thinking before accepting his offering.

Hacer was recruited into the Templar fold in February 1728. In January 1729, Hacer became the new Master Templar of Cyprus after the sudden death of Euthymios Telesphorus. Hacer forced his Templars to swear their allegiance to her. Her task was now: guard Kyrenia from Assassins and the library of the Templar Order. The library housed several secrets about the Order the Assassins never had to get their hands on, and holy Templar scriptures. Hacer had six lieutenants to serve her:

  1. Pachis Filippos, The Racer
  2. Despina Andreas, The Pirate
  3. Orhan Demir, The General
  4. Hüseyin Teke, The Merchant
  5. Arsla Teke, The Harbormaster
  6. Iason Giannopoulos, The Miner

Death Edit

Leading a despotic reign on the island of Cyprus, Hacer was soon targeted by the Greek Brotherhood of Assassins. Hacer was protected by both the Ottoman and Greek Rite however, surviving over twenty assassination attempts. There was two persons who held a grudge on her because of the mistreatment she gave the citizens of Cyprus and Kyrenia. The two Assassins that were sent to kill Hacer was Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna.

Hacer was in her headquarter when she was suddenly attacked. The Assassins had killed the guards in the nearby area, making it easier for them to kill her unnoticed. Hacer used a dagger and a sword to protect her from the Assassins, but was defeated. The Assassins seemed not to only be interested in ending her life, but also in her library. Hacer refused to tell anything however. After Maria and Sofia killed Hacer and her puppets and allies, the city of Kyrenia fell into the hands of the Assassins. Establishing an Assassin guild in the city, the Assassins began to expand their influence. In 1734, Maria and the Assassin had driven the Templars from the island.

Trivia Edit

  1. Hacer is the Turkish form of Hagar, meaning "flight" in Hebrew
  2. Stavros means "cross" in Greek, referring to the cross of the crucifixion.
  3. Looking on how old Hacer was when she joined the Order – as a 27-year-old – and living in the prison for ten years, it means Hacer killed her mother when she was 17
  4. Hacer's mother had been in position of a Shroud, making Hacer be able to survive the punishments the warden had tried to give her.
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