"As a Templar, I have learned much of humanity; as a human, I have learned little of Templars."
―Hans Kristoffersen giving his last words to his killer
Hans Kristoffersen

Hans Kristoffersen in 1751

Hans Kristoffersen (c. 1710 –1751) was a Norwegian Templar that operated in the Danish West Indies before the Caribbean Purge.

Hans was – along with his twin-brother – born to a poor family in Norway, in the city of Stavanger. His father, an abusive drunkard, had lost his life after drowning on his way home from a local pub. His mother served as a mere servant at the house of the bishop. Hans got himself a job at the docks, working as a longshoreman. He would have stayed in this position if he not had met into a Dane.

When a ship from Denmark, Fyrstinde, docked in Stavanger, Hans lost a crate of coal into the sea: it was now useless. The harbormaster immediately arrested him – letting such cargo go to waste. The man from Denmark stopped the arrest, however, stating he could always buy more. The man took Hans to an inn and bought him a couple of drinks – Hans did not touch them however, he was afraid to be like his father. The man presented himself as André Lindanger, a Danish Templar. Hans did not understand why he had chosen to save him from the arrest. André explained that he did not mean it to be right for a man going to jail because of a simple accident – but he wanted something in return.

The following weeks, Hans presented his twin, Christian, for André. André had come to Norway for Templar-affairs – as he expressed it. Meanwhile, he lived at an inn – but the debt he had done for Hans still needed to be paid. So, Hans needed to be good in something he never had tried: shooting. Hans rejected, but André replied that if Hans refused, he would leave him to the police.

In 1740, Hans – now as a new-inducted member of the Dane-Norwegian Templars – had been trained to become a skilled gunner. Hans and his brother was stationed on St. Croix, in order to train new Templar agents to become worthy ambassadors or hitmen.

In 1751, Hans was – along with his brother – killed by Adéwalé.

Trivia Edit

  • Hans is originally a short form of Johannes
  • Kristoffersen is a patronymic surname of Scandinavian origins meaning "son of Kristoffer".
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