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Hans Sigurdsson
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Hans Sigurdsson in America
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9 September 1700


26 August 1758 (57 aged)

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Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

Hans Sigurdsson was a Templar-high-ranking and an researcher of the pieces of Eden during the 18th century in Norway for Dane-Norwegian Templars. He served the Order for a 30 years christening age always faithful to the princes, and in 1758 he collaborated with Eddie Bennun to find the Black Temple in which he lost his life.

He is an ancestor of Jack Parsons.


Early life[]

Hans Sigurdsson was born on 9 September 1700 in the town of Östersund (which on this point belonged to Denmark–Norway). His parents were merchants and possessed a large commercial sugar business, having some sugar plantations in the Caribbean and Africa. They also had monopoly on natural stone – lords and ladies in both Sweden and Denmark wished this. Hans as a young man could travel a lot with his father and could see places in Africa or New France.

In 1721, Hans and his father traveled to Havana, Cuba for a banquet in which Hans was bored to death. He was seated on a table and was drinking wine when a tall, black-haired Spanish diplomat in white clothes approached him. "Are you having fun, mylord?" The man asked. "It's to die for," Hans answered ironically, the man smiled and looked up on Renardo Aguilar.

When Renardo heard Hans' name, he asked where he came from and Hans told Denmark–Norway and said he was there to accompany his father in a bargain. Renardo told Hans that he had to leave for a moment and that he would return immediately to whom Hans replied yes. Renardo did not return anymore. Hans tried to find him anywhere but never found it again and returned to Norway with his father.

When Hans was a 24-year-old, his father became seriously ill and died leaving his great company in Hans inherited.


As a 26-year-old man, Hans was known in the high society as a big proprietary of a company that was swollen with sails. One day, Hans was in his study reading when a servant came to him and told him that a man had come to talk to him. Hans told the servant to enter the guest. Hans went into the living room and accommodated the guest who came in as Urban Vernersen. Hans asked Urban why he was there and Urban said quietly that he was there to make a proposal to Hans who could change his life forever. Hans asked him what proposal he wanted to do and Urban told him. Hans could enter a group of men and women who worked around the world to bring discipline and order into mankind. Hans was shocked by this news and asked Urban why he had chosen him, Urban said that Hans had a great source of money that could be used in the name of the Order. Urban said some principles of the Order of Templars to Hans. Hans was in agreement with many of them. Urban told Hans to take all the time he had to take to answer such a question and then contact him to give him the answer. Urban wrote his address and then went out.


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