"I have done things you could have never done, i have built countless Swords all for the glory of my lord."
―Haruyasu Kadera

Haruyasu Kadera was a Templar who served the Oda clan not only as an Retainer, but as an Weaponsmith as well.

Haruyasu Kadera
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Assassin's Creed: Bushido

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Haruyasu was born under the Kadera Clan, a clan of Weaponsmiths that lived in Owari.

They were locally famous, due to them crafting the finest weapons available in the Province, impressing even Nobuhide Oda, Nobunaga's Father.

Haruyasu was taught at a young age how to make a sword, and how to wield one.

After Nobuhide's death, Nobunaga recruited him as a Page at the age of 12, at the suggestion of Masahide Hirate.

While there, he helped Nobunaga craft some weapons for his army.

Nobunaga was very impressed by Haruyasu's skill in weapon crafting, so Nobunaga made him a Retainer at just the young age of 15.

Eventually, Haruyasu became a personal Weaponsmith for his lord.

Executing Tomaru Yamamoto Edit

When Nobutada Oda ordered young Tomaru Yamamoto from Yamato to be executed, Haruyasu was extremely excited to be the one presiding over the execution.

At the execution, however, Tomaru's Brother, Katsumasa was there to find out what was going on in the town square.

When Haruyasu executed Tomaru, Katsumasa lunged at him, to which Shigeharu Takenaka ordered him and his soldiers to lower their weapons, distracting Haruyasu long enough for Katsumasa to escape.

Sent To Chugoku Edit

As Haruyasu is seen making a katana at his home, a Messenger gives a note from Nobunaga Oda.

The note read that Shigeharu died at Chugoku, and Nobuyasu was found dead in his cell.

Haruyasu was surprised to hear about this, for he was supposed to be on guard duty in Mikawa.

The note also read that he must head for Chugoku at once, to meet with Hideyoshi Hashiba as soon as possible.

Death Edit

Haruyasu arrived at midnight to Hideyoshi's Camp, in order to discuss what happened at Chugoku.

While the meeting is taking place, Katsumasa, now an Assassin alongside ally Nitemare, eavesdrops on the meeting, in order to find Haruyasu's residence.

Hideyoshi accidentally blurted out the location of the residence, while a guard noticed the two men, alerting the entire camp.

Katsumasa hurried his way to the Residence in order to destroy his equipment, and burn down the Residence.

When the equipment is destroyed, Haruyasu and Hideyoshi arrived to find the residence completely in flames.

Haruyasu angered by this, scolds Hideyoshi for his mistake, then orders the guards to find the Assassins.

During the search, Hideyoshi gets distracted by Nitemare with a loud bang, prompting Hideyoshi to find the source, leaving Haruyasu by himself.

This allowed Katsumasa to approach him, and assassinate him, ending his life.

Personality Edit

Haruyasu constantly admired his work as a Weaponsmith, and at the same time was very loyal to his lord, obeying any order from Nobunaga or even Nobutada.

He was also an easily excitable person, becoming very eager to execute Tomaru, but had a temper as well, yelling at Hideyoshi for his mistake in exposing his location.

Equipment and Abilities Edit

Haruyasu was a skilled Weaponsmith, and proficient in wielding a sword in battle.

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