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Early life[]

Hanzo was born in 1542 in the Mikawa province of Japan. He was the son of a Samurai who served the Matsudaira clan (Who would later become the tokugawa clan) When he was young, he would continuously visit the Iga province, home to the Hattori clan and home to the Japanese Assassins.

Joining the Assassins[]

When he was 16, Hanzo visited the Iga province and went to the market. It was there a Ronin (masterless Samurai) Cut the line in front of him. When Hanzo told him to go to the back, the Ronin called for his friends and attacked him, but Hanzo fought off his attackers and managed to killed a few of them. There was, however, one death not attributed to Hanzo, a man wearing a red mask and white robes pulled a blade out of one of the attackers necks. The man walked over to Hanzo and offered him a position as one of the Japanese assassins.

Trouble with the Takeda.[]

Hanzo first served with the Assassins during a night-time raid on Udo castle. He next served at the battle of Anegawa in 1570, in both battles he served the Oda/Tokugawa forces, who were allies of the Assassins. Hanzo learned of the Templars, who had been introduced to Japan by European visitors, and the prominent Templars in Japan. The Takeda clan, led by Takeda Shingen, were the head of Japanese Templars. Hanzo was tasked with taking out an ally of the Takeda, Asakura Kagetsura.

Killing Kagetsura[]

Hanzo traveled to the province of Fukui, home of the Asakura clan, to assassinate Kagetsura. When he arrived in Fukui, he found a rice paddy that had been vandalized. Hanzo inquired the farmer about the destruction

of the paddy and learned that Kagetsura had destroyed it when the farmer did not harvest the rice in time. Hanzo asked where he could find Kagetsura and the Farmer told him he was headed to the city of Fukui. Hanzo traveled there to find Kagetsura but first asked the Assassin guild leader where he could find him. The Guild leader told him that Kagetsura was on his way to the port to meet with an unknown contact.

When Hanzo arrived at the port, he saw Kagetsura conversing with a shrouded contact, flanked by many guards. The contact left with the majority of the targets and Kagetsura went on his way. Hanzo tailed Kagetsura to the city outskirts before throwing two shuriken, killing both of his guards. Kagetsura turned around and drew his sword, ready for battle. The two dueled until Hanzo managed to decapitate him with his sword. Hanzo decided to return to the Iga province for the moment.

The woman behind the man.[]

Hanzo; "Was it Takeda's wife who killed the Assassins?"

Tadayoshi: "She killed the Assassins, Political rivals and countless civilians to make sure her husband's Templar goals are achieved"

When Hanzo returned, he returned to a bloody scene. The Mentor of the Japanese assassins, Jinsokuna tora, and four other assassins, were found dead. Since these Assassins were the most senior members, Hanzo was appointed as Mentā (mentor) of the Japanese assassins. Hanzo, while investigating the deaths of the men, met Assassin Torii Tadayoshi, a longtime retainer of Matsudaira Hirotada and his son, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Tadayoshi told Hanzo of Lady Sanjō, the wife of Templar master, Takeda Shingen. Sanjō had ordered the death of the main Japanese assassins in order for her husband to take over Japan. Hanzo inquired where he could find Sanjō and Tadayoshi told him to try looking for her at the Takeda castle in Kōfu. Hanzo traveled to Kōfu to find her and scaled Takeda castle. He had to kill many guards that patrolled the hallways and, instead of finding her, found a map in her chamber. The map detailed all the land that the Takeda clan was going to take over. As he snuck out of the castle, the guards announced the arrival of Lady Sanjō, who had returned home from visiting her husband on the battlefield. Hanzo crept back into her chamber and waited for her. She entered with a bodyguard and noticed Hanzo. Hanzo quickly stabbed the guard but Lady Sanjō grabbed a wakizashi and tried to attck Hanzo. Hanzo was clearly the better fighter and easily killed her.

Final words:

Lady Sanjō: " You may kill me, but the Takeda clan will live on!"

Hanzo: "The Takeda and their Templar allies will never rule Japan, I will make sure of it."

Lady Sanjō: "Ah, but only if you live to defeat all of us, once we have the Regalia, we will rule Japan."

Hanzo: "What Regalia!? Answer me!"

  • Lady Sanjō dies

Hanzo closes her eyes.

Hanzo then escaped Takeda castle under heavy archer fire and returned to the base.

Rebuilding the Hideout[]

The Assassins' Hideout was just a mansion. Hattori knew that with the killing of Takeda's wife, the Templars would want revenge. Hattori ordered a wall be built around the mansion and stakes be impaled in the hillside. He ordered that the main part of the mansion be moved higher up the mountain, with stairs leading up to it. His final demand was that a gate be built at the foot of the mountain, to slow down any templar advance. Soon enough, the hideout was rebuilt, and their fear of a Templar attack came just in time.

Defending the Hideout[]

Takeda was furious about the death of his wife, and wanted revenge for her death. He sent an undercover Templar who was "Serving" Oda Nobunoga, Aochi Shigetsuna, to attack the hideout. Hattori saw the enemy army approaching and ordered his archers and Arquebusiers take position, the rest of the assassins would wait for them to enter the hideout. When Aochi's army arrived, they burst through the main gate and up the the gate of the wall. As they tried to break in, the Gunmen and archers slaughtered them. Aochi and a few of his men fled the scene and Hattori followed. Eventually, the Templars broke through and into the main building where the survivors were destroyed by swords, polearms and hidden blades. Any surviving Templars fled the scene.

The loyal Servant.[]

Aochi retrned to Oda just in time for a campaign against the asakura. Aochi was to stay with Oda's rear guard and allow them to be slaughtered by the Asakura soldiers. Fellow Templar Azai nagamasa betrayed Oda and joined the Asakura, forcing Oda's army into retreat. Aochi stayed behind to "Defend" the Oda lines, and Hattori found the army just in time, battling a few of Aochi's men, he then targeted a Samurai Arquebusier in the Asakura lines, as he killed him and a few other attackers, he picked up the arquebus and fired at Aochi. The bullet puncured through his armor and into his stomach, knocking him back about a foot. Hattori walked up to Aochi to give him final rites.

Final words:

Aochi: We-we were so ruined our plan.

Hattori: I could not just let you betray Oda like that, Japan's future would be ruined.

Aochi: Will it Assassin? Will it? I'm sure that without order and stability, Japan and the rest of the world will be ruined.

Hattori: With freedom of one's will, mankind will find a way to save itself from Ruin.

Aochi: I will ruin you...!

Hattori: A bit too late for that...may you find the sun goddess in death, rest in peace.

Another traitor[]

Tadayoshi: "There are many Templars in Oda's army, Ujiie Naomoto among them"

Hattori: "Where can I find him?"

Tadayoshi: "nagashima"

In 1571, Hattori realized if there were two traitors in Oda's army, there may be more. He asked Tadayoshi to to some scouting and he reported back that Ujiie Naomoto was among them. He told Hattori that he was at the Seige of Nagashima, with Oda's army, and was planning on defecting to the Ikko-Ikki clan. Hattori, set out for nagashima, determind to stop this. When he arrived, he came under heavy fire from Ikko-ikki archers, he climbed on top of the castle and picked off the archers. He then set sights on Ujiie, who was fighting Ikko-Ikki soldiers, he jumped down from the Castle and then fought off three ikko-Ikki Ashigaru. He snuck up behing ujiee and finished him off with his hidden blade.

Final words:

Ujiie: "There is so much war Assassin, only the Templar cause can stop it, that is why I joined them."

Hattori: "No, our creed will bring an end to such conflicts."

Ujiie: "*laughs* you Assassins are fools, we Templars hae the Regalia, we will rule japan with it. You cannot stop us"

Hattori: "Wait! What regalia? What are you talking about? Linger a little longer!"

Ujiie: "best of luck, assassin."

  • Ujiie dies

Hattori: "May you find the peace you are looking for in death, Rest in peace."

Another one bites the dust[]

  • Coming soon*

Hattori will travel to the Mino province to take on Nagai Michitoshi. The "Regalia" turns out to be the Imperial Regalia of japan, said to be given to the Emperor by the Sun goddess, which, in this, are Pieces of Eden.