"We fight this battle so we can safeguard humanity's freewill, their right to choose their own path and you can too."
―Hayley Yasutake to Horatio Pierce, 2017
Hayley Yasutake
Hayley Yusataki
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Januray 1 1992

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Assassins (2012)

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Assassin's Creed: Heritage (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Source (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Salvation (modern day)

Hayley Yasutake (born 1992) is a Master Assassin of the American Assassin Brotherhood of the Modern day. She is the leader of her own Assassin Cell compromising of the Assassins Horatio Pierce, Jason Hart and Erica Boyd.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hayley was born into the Brotherhood and trained by Arnold Pierce, the two have a father-daughter like bond and she cares deeply for her mentor.

In late 2016, Arnold mysteriously went missing. Due to her being close to him, she was tasked by Gavin Banks and given leadership of her own team compromising of the hacker Jason Hart and the historian Erica Boyd.

Abstergo Industries, Ontario Edit

In June 2017, she learned of the existence of her Arnold's son, Horatio Pierce. She kept tabs on him to see if he knew anything about his father's disappearance only to discover he had been captured by Abstergo Industries.

As a way to get to him, she decided to infiltrate Abstergo's Ontario facility by willingly allowing herself to be captured by Juhani Otso Berg and Sigma Team. A few days later she finally met the young man and informed Horatio that everything would be okay.

A month later, the Assassins attacked the Ontario facility as a distraction so Hayley and Horatio could escape with his father's clues.

Hunt for the Sources Edit

On the drive to Minnesota, Horatio explained to Hayley that Abstergo were trying to create their own Piece of Eden and then proceeded to tell her what the Sources of Eden were and that Abstergo were using his ancestor's genetic memory to look for them.

Upon arriving to her hideout in Minnesota, she allowed Horatio to gather her bearings and she contacted William Miles to inform him of what's transpired. William deduced that Horatio's father's disappearance may be linked with the Sources of Eden and Project Omega, William advised that they'd explore Horatio's genetic memory to find these other Sources before Abstergo and find Horatio's father.

Later on, Hayley offered Horatio the chance to join the Assassins to which he accepted. Happy with Horatio's choice, she provided him with a Hidden Blade and welcomed him to the Brotherhood.

Training Horatio Edit

Before exploring the genetic memories of his ancestor, Horatio desired to know the name of his father. Hayley told Horatio that his father's name was Arnold, Arnold Pierce and that he was one of the greatest men she has ever known. Still holding some resentment toward Arnold, Horatio didn't fully believe her.

After that, Horatio began reliving the memories of his ancestor Kenneth Ravensdale in the year 1768. Hayley and the other's monitored Horatio's health during these sessions. A few days later, during an Animus session Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus, confused, he asked what had just happened and if the Animus was glitching. Jason went on to tell the team that in 1769, Kenneth and Coahoma has conceived a child and due to genetic memory, the Animus focuses on the next ancestor in the bloodline. Hayley asks what happens now, if they can't view Kenneth's memories how would they find the next Source of Eden.

Erica then pulls up a historical record on the Assassin, Osyka and states in the 1790s he and his father came across the exact same Source that Kenneth and Richard were searching for in 1770 and that there was clearly more to the story. Hayley also states that they could use this to kill two birds with one stone and use the memories of Osyka to train Horatio through the Bleeding Effect.

A few weeks later, Horatio completed the first sequence of Osyka's memories from 1770 to 1787. Because of this, Hayley pulled Horatio from the Animus, Horatio was confused as to why she took him out of the Animus session. Hayley informed Horatio that staying in the Animus for too long is dangerous and that he needed a break, Hayley also stated that he should test out the new skills he's learned from Osyka. Horatio and Hayley left the hideout they were currently staying in and began freerunning through the city, Horatio was confused to how he was doing this so naturally which Hayley commented "that's the beauty of the Bleeding Effect".

The two finally stopped on a rooftop of a building. Hayley then placed her fists up in a defensive stance and told Horatio to try and hit her, being raised as a person to not hit women he declined until Hayley started attacking Horatio herself, through muscle memory and the Bleeding Effect, Horatio was able to block and counter most of her attacks and the two entered a sparring session. Hayley gets the upperhand and knocks Horatio to the ground, Hayley helps Horatio up and states he won't be a complete pro straight away and the two laugh about it. Horatio and Hayley begin to share a moment but it is cut short when a spotlight beams on them, the two see a helicopter with an Abstergo insignia on it and a smokescreen is thrown at them.

Hayley asks if Horatio has his Hidden Blade to which he does. Abstergo agents begin descending from the helicopter and the two begin the Abstergo agents, suddenly a Templar agent named Kyle North drops down and attacks Hayley. Hayley orders Horatio to take out the Abstergo agents while she combats Kyle, although Hayley is downed and almost killed by him. Horatio quickly jumps in and attacks Kyle but is quickly disabled by him, Hayley stabs Kyle and takes Horatio to flee Abstergo.

Escape to New York Edit

Hayley and Horatio flee to their hideout, the two notify Jason and Erica that Abstergo's discovered them. It was an amount of time this would happen, the team pack up their things and put them in the van and leave Minnesota. Hayley tells the team that there is a hideout in New York and that's where they'll be headed, Erica suggests that Horatio continue digging around Osyka's memories in the meantime.

During the 20 hour drive to New York, Jason is monitoring Horatio's vitals inside the Animus 5.0 interface while Hayley and Erica converse. Erica shows her skepticism and wonders if this is all just some wild goose chase, Hayley states that they need to have faith, Erica expresses her worry that Abstergo is exploring Horatio's genetic memories and that they may find the Sources before the Assassins.

When arriving in New York, Horatio finishes his Animus session. Hayley books a motel which confuses the team, Hayley states that while it's not what they expected the motel is still a hideout either way. Before going to bed, Jason asked Horatio accompany him to get supplies while Hayley and Erica stay in the motel and keep watch.

The next day, after breakfast. Horatio continues exploring Osyka's genetic memory.

Finding Arnold Edit

Weeks later, during an Animus Session. While watching a feed through Horatio in Osyka's avatar, they would see that a member of the Isu communicated directly to Horatio explaining that he must find and keep the Sources from Templar and Assassin hands. Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus to tell his team but before he could say anything, the team informed him that they already knew as they were viewing the footage.

Hayley is frustrated at the fact that "1768" was their last clue to finding Arnold and they still had no idea where he was. Putting the information together, Horatio realized that Osyka hid the second Source of Eden in a Temple in Mexico and that must be where Arnold had gone to. Erica applauded Horatio for his puzzle solving skills and the team immediately left for Mexico.

Horatio led the team to the Temple by remembering the steps he took as Osyka. There, the team arrived at the Temple to find a man standing outside the entrance. The man turned around to look at Horatio and the team and uttered the words "Son, it's about damn time".

Angered by this, Horatio cursed his father with the latter responding he probably deserved the indecent comment. Despite this, Hayley embraced her mentor stating she was glad to see him while Jason and Erica introduced themselves stating they knew of his work and were glad to meet him. Arnold goes on to ask Horatio and the team if they had seen the message that the Isu told Osyka in 1797 to which they confirmed. Arnold then stated that they must know the Source is inside the Temple.

Realizing this, Erica asked why Arnold hadn't entered the Temple himself yet to which Arnold replied with the Temple is coded to Isu DNA and that his wasn't high enough. Arnold, Hayley, Erica and Jason all look to Horatio hinting that he has a count high enough to unlock it, Horatio sighed and approaches the Temple entrance but before opening it, Arnold pushes Horatio away from getting shot.

Kyle North had returned with more Abstergo agents. Arnold asked how Abstergo found them, North answered their question by stating he discovered the location of the Temple through the memories of Osyka. An irritated Arnold asks Horatio how he could be so careless, Horatio simply responds with another "fuck you", Hayley chimes in by stating now is not the time for a father-son squabble. Arnold agrees and tells Jason and Erica to take cover as they were not field agents, Hayley asks if Arnold should do the same but Arnold rebuffs stating that Ezio Auditore was fighting armies at 52 years old.

The three Assassins entered battle with the Abstergo agents once more, Hayley and Arnold being the more experienced Assassins fought off North while Horatio fought the Abstergo agents. Although, Kyle's skills proved too great once more and he began overpowering the two to which the younger Assassin, Horatio came to their aid to buy time. With more reinforcements arriving, the Assassins flee inside the Temple and lock it on their way in so that Abstergo can't get in.

Ugochukwu Edit

Upon entering the Temple. Arnold suggests they set up a hideout in the Temple to which everyone agrees. Horatio was shot and grazed in the shoulder in the skirmish and Hayley volunteered herself to bandage Horatio's shoulder. In the meantime, Arnold, Jason and Erica will search for the Source.

While bandaging him up, Hayley asks that Horatio not be so hard on his father to which Horatio retaliates and calls Arnold a "dick". Hayley tells him she understands his resentment as she knows what it feels like to be abandoned, ignorantly he asks what she knows about abandonment which leads to her revealing that during the Great Purge of 2000 her parents were killed. Unaware of the Great Purge, he asks her what that was, Hayley explains to him that the Great Purge was the near eradication of all the Assassins in 2000 due to the turncoat Daniel Cross. Horatio realizes that the Great Purge must have been the reason his father left him and his mother which Hayley confirms, Horatio goes to further state that while he understands it won't magically repair what little relationship they already had. Hayley understands this.

Suddenly, Arnold, Jason and Erica return with bad news. An irritated Horatio asks what happened which leads Jason to state that the Source is gone, Horatio states that it's impossible as Osyka locked the Temple in 1797. Erica suggests she may be able to pull up some historical records regarding Assassins and Pieces of Eden post-1797. After a few hours, Erica discovers Arnold and Horatio had an Assassin ancestor who wielded a Piece of Eden during the Civil War era. Arnold suggested that he enter the Animus as soon as possible which Horatio states that the two agree for once.

After a few days, to no avail, Horatio found no leads regarding the Source of Eden over the years exploring his ancestor's memories. Angered by this, Horatio exits the Animus and rants to the team that they're wasting their time, that Ugochukwu was a no one and probably had nothing to do with the Source of Eden which leads Arnold to correct Horatio stating that Ugochukwu was a heavy influence on the abolition of slavery.

Frustrated, Horatio leaves stating he needs a break. Hayley follows him deep inside the Temple and asks what's going on with him. Still frustrated, Horatio states the a few months ago he was just an ordinary college student with his whole life planned out and now he's descended from a whole bloodline of Assassins and contains DNA of a race that predates humanity while also being some sort of pre-destined Source of Eden hunter since even before his ancestor's were born and now his father, who he hasn't seen in seventeen years has returned to his life and he's supposed to act like everything's okay.

Hayley holds his hand and tells him everything will be okay, he's not alone and that he has them for support. She goes on to say that over the past few months she's grown to care deeply for Horatio as well as the rest of the team and that she will protect him and the rest of them with her life and that they'd do the same. In this moment, she realizes that she's developing feelings for Horatio and the two return to the team.

Return to Abstergo Edit

A few days later, Hayley and the team discover an S.O.S from the Assassins that rescued Hayley and Horatio from the Abstergo facility in Ontario and discovered that some had been captured and being experimented and tortured by Alexandre Bacque. Hayley takes Horatio out of the Animus and informs him of what has transpired. Horatio states that he needs to help them to which Hayley and Arnold agree but Arnold states that he can't go alone to which Hayley volunteers into accompanying Horatio.

The team then book plane tickets and head back to Ontario. Horatio, feeling confident in his abilities inherited from Osyka and Ugochukwu accompanies Hayley into the Abstergo Ontario facility. Upon entering, the two were greeted by Bacque through an intercom, he welcomed them and stated he knew they'd be returning for their Assassin brethren and proceeded to demand the Abstergo agents to attack Horatio and Hayley.

The two fought valiantly, together they made their combat look like a well choreographed dance, killing Abstergo agents with such efficiency. Through the intercom, Jason and Erica informed Horatio and Hayley that the Assassins were being held at a upper level in the facility and that reinforcements were on the way. Realizing that they can't take the elevator, Horatio and Hayley freerun their way to the upper levels. There, they were met with more force, the two fought them off but suddenly Hayley saved Horatio from being shot by North although she was grazed in the arm. Horatio came to her aid but Hayley told him to go on without her and that she'd be fine, caught up in the moment, Horatio realized that there was no better time than now to show Hayley how he felt and so he kissed her passionately and she reciprocated.

Not long after, a band of Assassins that have been freed by Horatio find Hayley and help her out of the facility. Horatio would eventually exit the facility and inform Hayley and the team that Bacque was dead and Project Omega no longer had the files regarding his lineage and DNA. With that, they return to Mexico.

Completing Ugochukwu's memories Edit

Upon returning to the Temple, Hayley's injuries were tended to more thoroughly. Hayley and Horatio went on to discuss where their relationship goes now to which Hayley decides her feelings for Horatio are too strong to ignore and while they won't label what they have they will enter a romantic commitment of sorts and that she couldn't be happier that she is by his side.

With that, Horatio returns to the Animus and completes Ugochukwu's sequenced memories. After doing so, Horatio informed the team of the Source's whereabouts, Arnold would go on to say that if the Source was still in the Factory in Africa, it would be safe. Despite this, Horatio stated that his work was far from over and that the Isu have tasked Horatio with finding these Sources and keeping them away from the Assassins and Templars.

The team informed Horatio that they would accompany him on his journey, Horatio thanked them and allowed them to help him which also led Arnold to say that during this mission that the two could make up for lost time to which Horatio agreed.

Horatio, Hayley, Arnold, Jason and Erica then left the Mexican Temple to embark on their new mission.

Personality and characteristics Edit

When thing's were at stake, Hayley was a hardworking and determined individual, a trait she obtained from training with Horatio Pierce's father. She could also be compassionate and caring for her comrades when it needed to be done.

She's fiercely protective over the people she cares about. She's also protective over Horatio, more than anyone else, whether this means she has romantic feelings for him or feels an affinity to him because he is her mentor's son remains to be seen.

Equipment and skills Edit

Like all of her Assassin brethren, Hayley was trained in stealth, combat and freerunning. While she is proficient enough in combat to take on multiple Abstergo guards at one time, she mainly excels at stealth and freerunning. She is equipped with dual Hidden Blades.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Hayley is an English given name It is derived from the English surname Haley, which in turn was based on an Old English toponym, a compound of heg "hay" and leah "clearing or meadow". While it can be used for males, Hayley is most commonly a female given name.
  • Hayley stands at 5'7" and weighs 120lbs
  • Hayley is Japanese-American.
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