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(This work of fiction is only a different version of the original story of Assassin's Creed. Readers must be aware that the story is not an actual story of Assassin's Creed series and merely a fanmade. In short word, this is only a fanmade story with "what if" concept)

"I couldn't even care less about your feud with these Templars. For me, you all are just bunch of freakies tied to old stories and superstitious bastards. I will see myself armed and deal with them, not because I'm on your side, but because I have my own business with them,"

-- Henry towards Desmond

Henry Arnulf (1993) is a German vigilante and a Grey-Hat hacker, involved in the Assassin - Templar war. Although he shares the same tactic and fighting style with the assassins, he doesn't have any intention to join any of the faction. His involvement in the war is merely caused by a personal feud with the Templars. According to the database of Abstergo, he is oftenly referred as "The German Pirate".


"I was only a simple man, carrying his life with an honest work and honest gain. But indeed my knowledge and intelligence were not simple at all. Nevertheless, they don't give any person any reason on Earth to come into my life and ruining it. I'm a man of peace, but once you confront me I'll hunt you to your grave"

   Henry in his diary

Early Life[]

Henry was born in a normal family. Father was a lecturer in University of Germany, mother was a housewife. As the only son, Henry was raised with great care and attention. His father specially focused about his education, and gave him many as much as he could. Nevertheless, he never forced his son to do as he wishes. The friendly situation in his family led Henry into becoming a brilliant boy.


Henry possess several attitudes that indicate him as an ignorant yet aggressive young man; confident about his skill (sometimes it goes too far), ignorant, responsive and sometimes a little arrogant. Nevertheless, he never underestimate anyone, as he believes that "Dangers lurk everywhere. Sometimes death walks in from the very unexpected side and form.". He is also a man that prefers to avoid any conflict, but won't hold himself in case he is forced into one. For this, he reflects to a quote from Niccolo Machiavelli “If an injury has to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” . This personality, however, forced him to possess self-defence skill, and so he was taught by his uncle.

Education and Personal Life[]

After he graduated from high school, Henry decided to go to Bremen and enroll into Oxford University, taking Computer Science department. This is where he met his lover and future wife, Rachel Smithson.

Transition of Life[]

After graduated from Oxford, Henry didn't go back home straightly. Instead, he stayed a little longer in England and looked for a job. Surprisingly however, he was offered to work in Abstergo Entertainment located in Montreal, Canada. Having no other choice, he choosed to bring Rachel along and went to Canada. In Abstergo Entertainment, he was quickly accepted as a programmer.

Though at first he considered the point of his job was to "creating virtual entertainment stuffs", Henry recognized there is something fouler inside the company. Almost in every products he saw Abstergo Entertainment indirectly praising the Templars and underestimating the Assassins. At first he didn't pay attention toward it, but when Warren Vidic paid a visit to Abstergo Entertainment and asked him to work in Abstergo Industries, his suspiciousness became higher. The point where he intended to do an investigation, was when one of Abstergo Entertainment's product, Project Legacy, experienced several intrusions from a group that called as "Erudito", along with the disappearance of Anson Peake, leader of Project Legacy.

His investigation, however, didn't go unnoticed. Several Abstergo Industries agents discovered his activities, and decided that Henry must be eliminated. An assassination attempt was launched. Several agents of Abstergo were later ordered to kill him secretly. They planned to crash his car so that his death may look like an accident. However, when they follow his car in one night, they mistook the driver as Henry Arnulf, as the matter of fact the car was borrowed by Rachel Smithson and was about to be returned. When they successfully crashed the car, Rachel however managed to spot one of them wearing Abstergo Uniform.

In Montreal General Hospital, Rachel was taken into ICU unit. After several hours of waiting, Rachel gained her consciousness and found Henry sleeping on the sofa, taking care of her. When he woke up, she told him that the Abstergo agents were responsible for the crash. Immediately angered, Henry went to Abstergo Entertainment.

First Confrontation[]

Vidic : "Morning, Mr. Arnulf. I thought you sustained several injuries?"

Arnulf   : "What do you mean?"

Vidic : "Weren't you experiencing a traffic accident last night?"

Arnulf   : "...Sorry, but I wasn't. It was my girlfriend....and I don't remember I've been telling anybody about that."

    Conversation between Henry and Warren in Abstergo Entertainment

When he arrived at Abstergo Entertainment, he met several Abstergo agents and Warren Vidic himself. Warren was surprised when he saw Henry, but managed to hid it. He then asked Henry whether Henry sustained any injury. Henry immediately became alerted, as he hasn't tell anybody about the car crash that almost killed his girlfriend.

He then quickly walked out, but eventually followed by the agents. Having no other option, he ambushed the agents in an alley and quickly disposed them. He then interrogated one of the agents, threatening that he is capable to kill a man. The agent answered that they were ordered by Warren Vidic himself to kill Henry, because of his investigation.

Death of Rachel Smithson[]

Wishing to be not involved in any dangerous business, Henry decided to intimidate Vidic and ask him to leave him and his girlfriend alone, in exchange he will quit Abstergo and never conduct any investigation. Henry quickly went home and hacked Abstergo Cloud, inserting several viruses and malwares. This intrution created massive error in Abstergo Industries' system.

Feeling that his action was enough, Arnulf went to meet Vidic to gave him a warning. When they met in his office, Henry admitted that he was the one who hacked Abstergo Cloud system. He explained that he wanted to show Vidic that he is not a man to be trifled, and he demanded Vidic never again try to harm either him or Rachel. In exchange, he promised that he will leave Abstergo, stop conducting investigation, and speak to no one. Vidic agreed, and said that he will hold his end of the bargain.

However, soon after returning from Abstergo, when he went to see Rachel, Henry catched a Templar agent, Daniel Cross, poisoned Rachel with injecting arsenic to her veins. He attempted to pursue and seize him, but ended up being beaten brutally. When Daniel left the hospital, Henry quickly rushed to Rachel's room, only to find that she is no longer live.

Rise of The German[]

"These Templars think that one man is not enough to topple them down. They think that the death of my bride-to-be will crush me to the bottom, demoralizing me fast. They are absolutely wrong. Instead, they just gave me reasons and justification to slaughter them one by one."

   Henry in his Diary, after Rachel's funeral

After Rachel's death, Henry made an oath that he will not stop until he killed both Daniel Cross and Warren Vidic with his own hand. He sent a message to the Abstergo by hacking Abstergo Cloud once more and spreading a virus created by himself, known as "NoahFlood". This virus was considered to be very destructive, as it deleted more than half of the amount of data stored inside, and at the same time flooding the system with junk data that able to clone itself. Also, the virus turned off the emergency protocol inside Abstergo Cloud, preventing it from automatic shut down. The two last effects caused the machine of Abstergo Cloud overloaded and experiencing a short circuit, resulting a medium explosion. Soon after Abstergo Cloud is severely damaged, Henry posted a symbol of pirate on Vidic's computer, along with a threatening sentence; "Prepare to be boarded and walk the plank!"

Encountering The Assassins[]

Rebecca: "Guys, you have to see this!"

Willard: "What is it?"

Rebecca: "Some guy just hacked into the Abstergo Cloud and blew the shit up! He even sent some message for Vidic."

Shaun: "Prepare to be boarded....and walk the plank?"

Desmond: "Whoever this person, looks like Vidic's messing with a wrong person."

Willard: "Do you have any idea who is this?"

Rebecca: "Probably the ex-employee, Henry Arnulf. Bail out from Abstergo just few months ago. Fiancee got killed by some mysterious person..."

Desmond: "Cross...It must be him. That's why he's attacking Abstergo."

The attack caught the attention of Rebecca Crane, and after that the rest of her team. Willard Milles was amazed by his work, and decided that Henry would be a very valuable ally. Willard told the team that he will try to convince Henry into joining the brotherhood, but Rebecca disagree with his plan. She opined that Henry won't be that easy to be recruited, as his feud with the Templars are personal. Regardless this fact, Willard ordered both Shaun and Rebecca to track Henry.

Desmond soon hit the road to meet Henry, as Shaun and Rebecca successfully located him in Russia. Henry was conducting a transaction with Russian Mafia in order to buy some equipments and weapons. Desmond told him that there is no need to buy them from the mafia if Henry is willing to follow him. Henry quickly provoked and assumed that Desmond is an agent of Abstergo. He quickly explained that he is not, and in fact oppossed them already for a quite long time. Desmond told Henry about his true identity and the war between the Assassins and the Templars. He then tried to convince Henry to join the assassins, only to be rejected immediately. Henry told him that he doesn't have any interest about the war. He wishes only to kill Vidic and Cross, avenging his fiancee's death.

First Battle[]

After several months of investigation, Henry managed to track Daniel Cross and found him sent by Vidic to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He followed Cross to a stadium, where an MMA fight tournament was being held. Unexpected, he catched up with an assassin he knows, Desmond Miles. He asked why Desmond was there.

Henry: "What are you doing here, assassin?"

Desmond: "Me? Nothing, just want to watch some tourney. You?"

Henry: "You may good at killing and jumping, but you're not a good liar. Something tells me we're about to crossing paths."

Desmond: "...Okay, I'm here to find something.'"

Henry: "Something? Why, it must be one of your humpty dumpty fantasy treasures, eh?"

Desmond: "Doesn't matter. What about you? Why are you here?"

Henry: "Cross is here, somewhere. I managed to follow his tracks, and they brought me here. I can sense it, he's around here."

Desmond: "Cross? In here?! Dammit! He must be after that piece!"

Henry: "What are you bloody talking about?"

Desmond: "....Listen, I have an idea. Cross won't be here without a reason, and he's here for the same reason why I'm here. What about just for this once, we work together? You can do whatever you want to do with him, but I can't let him go with the piece I'm after."

Henry: "I don't know what is this piece you're talking about, but I think I could use someone as a cannon fodder. Be my guest. You go that way, I'll go this way. Keep in touch."

Both of them decided to work together, a very surprising thing that Henry accepted Desmond's offer to cooperate with the assassins, though for a temporary moment. They circled around the arena and found the site which the piece of eden was located. Desmond and Henry hurried to the site, only to find a murdered woman and Cross escaped the room. They chased him out of the stadium to the subway station, but had to deal with several Abstergo security agents. Henry killed them all in a short time, causing mass panic in the arena.

When they've reached the subway station, Henry furiously engaged Cross. They had a fight until both of them fell on the railway. When a train carriage was about to pass, Henry was forced to let Cross go, resulting he escaped. The piece, however, was successfully relieved from him. Desmond took it and thanked Henry after that, though Cross slipped out of Henry's fingers. As a sign of gratitude, Desmond gave him his hidden blade.

Henry: "........"

Desmond: "Thank God, I thought it's already smashed by the train."

Henry: "That asshole's still out there...if only I slitted his throat.."

Desmond: "I'm sorry, Henry."

Henry: "......"

Desmond: "..Look, I owe you, you know? If it wasn't because of you, Cross would've already got away with this."

Henry: "Save your politeness to yourself, I'm out of here."

Desmond: "Wait. Here, since you're going to slit his throat someday, you probably will make a good use of this."

Henry: "What the hell is this....weapon?"

Desmond: "The essential tool of the assassins. Now, I'm not planning to do a recruitment here, but I think you deserve this. It's quite handy, by the way."

Henry: "You're right. It is. Thanks, I'll make sure the blade pays a visit to Cross' neck."

Warrior's Path: Forging and sharpening[]

Henry's first failure in his progress to kill Daniel Cross led him to one conclusion; he is not ready yet. He realized that he needed to learn additional knowledge and gain experience of warfare especially if he wants to take down the Templars for good. However, he didn't want to seek help from the Assassins, as it would break his pseudo-neutrality state. Instead, he decided to go to the Middle East and join Al Qaeda forces under the disguise of a fanatic. He planned that once he gained enough techniques to fight his own war, he will leave the terrorists and feed any intelligence he acquire to any authorized department that willing to buy it.

After went through several contacts, he managed to be recruited by Al Qaeda and trained in their well-known training camp named Khaldan, Afghanistan, and received an alias "Abu Tariq". Inside the camp, he became a good friend with - although unwilingly - one of the instructors, Abu Faris. He was a veteran, involved in Afghanistan-Soviet war, and one of the best marksmen in Al-Qaeda. As he learnt many knowledge of guerilla warfare, his exceptional martial art skill, physical capability, and brilliant intelligence caught the eyes of the elite squad leaders. They were planning to make Henry an exceptional sleeping cell, hence they trained him specifically with special force knowledge and technique.

However, Henry managed to realize this, and after several months he decided that it's time for him to escape. When a group of Chechen terrorists was about to be transfered to Darunta camp, Henry offered to escort them. The offer was accepted, and he was tasked to lead the convoy. Using his cartography skill, Henry led the group to different route away from Jalalabad and killed them silently. After he was sure that no trace can be found, he made his journey back from Afghanistan to Canada. Unfortunately, his treachery didn't go unnoticed. Abu Faris investigated the site, and though at first he didn't believe it, he came to conclusion that Henry was the traitor. Therefore, he swore that he would hunt Henry and punish him for his betrayal.

As for Henry, by forging fake documents and visa, he managed to erase his record of visit to Afghanistan and returned to Canada.


  • Despite refusing to be called as an assassin, his methods are very identical to those of the assassins.
  • Henry Arnulf secretly admires the design of the hidden blade, after given one by Desmond. He admits that the weapon is quite easy to use, easy to carry, and even stated that the hidden blade is "one of the amazing weapons overlooked by the military forces around the world".
  • His mobile device, "CryPad", is quite identical to Aiden Pierce's device, "The Profiler". The difference between them is that the CryPad is also equipped with Self-Destruct feature.