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Henry Menville
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7 January 1992

San Diego, California, USA



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ACFanon:The Birth

Menville is a member of the Assassin Brotherhood from 1992 - unknown. When he was 21 he became a full fledged assassin. He heard of Desmond Miles escaping Abstergo and Miles was his role model, after he was selected to find the Shard of Eden by reliving of his Great Great Grandfather Dragoslav "Dragan" Nikolić with the Memory Seals. After finding out that he passed it down to his son (Henry's Great Grandfather), he looks for his Great Grandfather who is Sebastian Aachen.

Early Life[]

He was born to John and Melissa Menville in January 7th, 1992. He was trained as an assassin from an early age to fight Abstergo Industries. He parents were usually proud of his skills and sometimes say when he gets older he might be even better then them. In 2009, a seventeen year old Menville went to his friend, James house because his parents were doing a mission. Sadly, they failed the mission because it turned out that it was a set up. Learning about this, he swore vengeance on the person who killed his parents. In 2011, he was accepted to the brotherhood and became a veteran, his friend James was in the brotherhood also, so they had lots of time to comunicate with each other. In 2012, he heard of the Desmond Miles and his escape, he then learned how Desmond might be the greatest assassin ever. In early 2013, he and his friends were given this mission to find the Shard of Eden with the Memory Seals. This was his first important mission and he made sure he didn't fail.

The Memory Seal[]

To be continued...