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"There is no possible way of ever recovering from the horrors that I've seen in my life."
―Henryk Czamanski.
Henryk Czamanski
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May 25, 1912
Breslau, Lower Silesia, Germany

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Henryk Czamanski (1912 - 1971) was a Polish Assassin with jewish heritage who fought during World War II. Before the war, he was a well known store owner who lived in the city of Breslau in Lower Silesia, Germany. Henryk came across the Assassin Order shortly after the rise of Nazism in early 1933. Henryk searched for the Piece of Eden, until he lost it in the hands of Adolf Hitler.

When Henryk's family were sent to concentration camps, Henryk then went on hiding and started searching for his family. After Henryk discovered the fate of his family, he vowed to take down Nazi Germany. Henryk participated in the Battle of the Buldge, Stalingrad and the Battle of Berlin. Hernyk is the grandfather of Jason Sullivan.


Early life[]

Henryk was born in the city of Breslau in 1912. His father, Yosef Czamanski, was a Jewish lawyer who planned for his son to have the same profession. Henryk studied law throughout most of his childhood, despite his lack of interest. After his father died of a heart attack in 1925, Henryk stopped his studies in becoming a lawyer and desided to look for a new profession. At the age of 19, he became an owner of a local store, which became very popular in Breslau. A year later, Henryk married Rose Adelson, a young woman who would visit Henryk at his store everyday. Henryk and Rose had twins, Maria and Viktor, who were born in 1932.

Rise of Nazism[]

In late February 1933, Henryk then realized that his home was becoming one of the strongest support bases of the Nazi Party and knew that it was no longer safe to live there. Within the next few weeks, more and more Nazi officers started appearing around the city and many local jews, including Henryk and his family, were persecuted. One day, several Gestapo officers arrived at Henryk's store and forced him to shut down his store. Henryk refuses to shut down his store and is then senselessly beaten to the ground by the Gestapo. After they stopped beating Henryk, they put up a sign on the door, saying to close down the building, and then they left. An elderly man named Erwin Adlerberg, who had witnessed Henryk's beating, helped Henryk up and told him that he shouldn't have to take such brutality. He then tells Erwin that there's nothing he can do, saying that they would kill him if he fought back. Erwin then tells Henryk that will training, he would he able to kill them.

Joining the Assassins[]

"Wait, If Hitler is trying to get this Apple of Eden to control Europe, wouldn't this start another World War?"
―Henryk Czamanski to Erwin Adlerberg

Erwin started explaining the history of the order to Henryk and what Hitler was "really" doing. Henryk agreed to join and learn the ways of the Assassins. Soon afterwards, Erwin trained Henryk in becoming an Assassin, secretly from his family. After the Nazis kicked Henryk and his family out of their home, Erwin allowed them to stay with him for a while. During this time, Henryk was undergoing intense training, gaining various skills such as, freerunning, firearms and unarmed combat, stealth, and blending. after only a few months, Erwin saw Henryk's progression and decided to finally give him his hidden blade.

Early years as an Assassin[]

Search for the Apple[]

Henryk Czamanski: "Surrender the apple German or I will be forced to take it from you."
Ludwig Schmidt: "*Laughter* Ja Ja,(Yeah yeah.) I don't have time for Narren wie Sie und, (Fools like you and,) *Gunshot* you won't survive! *Laughter*"
―Henryk Czamanski and Ludwig Schmidt's first encounter.

Soon After, Erwin was informed that Hitler sent a group of high-ranked members of the SS to retrieve the Apple of Eden. Erwin told Henryk that he has to get the Apple before it reaches Hitler or a Second Wold War is inevidable. Henryk then left for Italy, telling his family he's going on a business trip.

After traveling for over three weeks, He came across a small town near Rome where three SS holding Karabiner 98k were guarding an abandoned house. After he waited about half-hour, two of the guards left their post while the remaining one walked off. The guard spotted Henryk on top of the roof of the brokendown stables. He tries to shoot Henryk, but misses. Henryk then jumped from the top of the stable and performed an air assassination on the SS guard. Henryk then quickly ran off and waited for the head SS guard, known by the name Ludwig Schmidt, to come out of the abandoned house with the apple. Ludwig was holding a briefcase (containing the apple) and a luger. Henryk then jumps down perfectly infront of Ludwig and told him to surrender the briefcase. Ludwig then shot at Henryk, purposely missing, and ran off. Ludwig's two remaining guards attack Henryk only to be killed from his hidden blades. Henryk started chasing Ludwig and caught up to him pretty quickly. Right before Henryk caught him, Ludwig shot his luger at Henryk's lower shin. Henryk then quickly took out a throwing knife, hitting Ludwig's shoulder. Ludwig stubbled, but was able to escape.

Union of Assassins[]

After traveling for three weeks back to Breslau, Henryk noticed that there were more Nazi officers around the city. Henryk immediately returned to his family at Erwin's hideout. He greeted his wife, Rose, telling her out his "business trip". Henryk then spoke to Erwin about his encounter with Schmidt and how he was unable to retrieve the apple. Disappointed about the news, Erwin told Henryk that he is going to have to recruit and find other branches of Assassins in order to stop an entire army. Henryk then recruited numerous citizens, who hated the Nazi Party, to the Assassin Order. Then he traveled to several neighboring countries to find other groups of Assassins who are willing to help stop the Nazi regime. Many of the Assassins were willing to help and were sent to various parts of Germany to investigate.

After several months of searching for the apple, Henryk became stressed and irritated. Erwin told Henryk to calm down but Henryk then yelled at him, saying that he needs to find the apple soon or else Hitler will have complete control over Europe. Then one of the assassin recruits reported to Henryk, saying that Hitler, himself setup a meeting is being held at the nearby town of Lubin. After hearing this, Henryk along with two recruits left to Lubin.

Ambush in Lubin[]

"Möge der Vater des Verstehens uns leiten. (May the Father of Understanding guide us.)"
Adolf Hitler to his fellow Templars

The Assassins arrived at Lubin several hours later. Henryk noticed three Mercedes 770K that drove up to the Lubin town hall. The men in the Mercedes were all high ranked Nazi officials, including Hitler himself. The Assassins climbed up the town hall and entered the building through the window. At the meeting, the Nazi officials spoke of their success in retrieving the apple and their recent trouble with the Assassins. Hitler presented the briefcase that contained the apple. Henryk threw a knife at the briefcase the second Hitler was about to open it. The Nazi officers pulled out pistols and started shooting at the assassins, who performed air assassinations on a few of the Nazi officials. Hitler closed the briefcase and ran off with the apple. Henryk then ran after Hitler, catching up to him quickly. Right before Henryk was able to tackle him, Hitler took out the apple from the briefcase and used it to stun Henryk. Hitler and two surviving officers, Ulrich Höfer and Reinhard Heydrich, then escaped with the apple.

The Nazi Crisis[]

Hunt in Berlin[]

William: "Ah, You must be the Assassin that Erwin told me so much about."
Henryk: "Who are you?"
William: "Oh, excuse my manners, my name is William Shirer."
—William introduces himself to Henryk.

After the second failure of retrieving the apple, Henryk returned to Breslau to inform Erwin what had happened at Lubin. Listening to their conversation, Henryk's wife, Rose, finally discovered her husband's secret. She tried to talk him out of the Order for his own safety. Henryk refused saying that he has no choice.

Henryk decided to relocate in Berlin to hunt down the commanders who have control of the German armies and the officers who attended the meeting at Lubin.

Henryk arrived in Berlin two weeks later and met up with the American journalist and secret ally of the Assassins, William Shirer. Henryk and William quickly became friends and told each other what they knew about Hitler's plans. William walked with Henryk explaining some of the things that he heard Hitler say at one of his speeches in Nuremberg. He also explained that Hitler wasn't the only major leader who was a Templar, saying that all of the world leaders were Templars. Although, many of them despised Hitler because he possessed a "powerful unknown artifact". Henryk told William that Hitler possesses the apple of eden which gives him power to control Germany and possibly all of Europe. Shirer urgently told Henryk that he needs to get the apple away from Hitler or else things will only get worse for the Jewish community.

Henryk then asked Shirer where he can find Ulrich Höfer, one of the surviving officers in the Lubin ambush. Shirer informed him that he is scheduled to meet with Heinrich Himmler at the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall). (More Soon)

Personality and characteristics[]

To be added.

Equipment and skills[]

In terms of clothing, Henryk was most often garbed in a hooded grey trench coat with a brown leather sash fastened with an Assassin insignia, as well as black boots and trousers.