"Wisdom. Knowledge. The truth. Isu and Humans must work together to create a better world. The war has not shown anything. Together we are stronger. Alone and against. In this way there will never be peace or splendor. Bring peace between the Hidden Ones and Ancients. Quiet, my friend. I do not expect you to understand. You are a link. The link for her."
―Hermes Trismegistus to Meir of Damascus, 30 BCE
Hermes Trismegistus
Hermes travel in the desert
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2260 Isu Era


Unknow, 30 BCE

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Assassin's Creed: Empirical

Hermes Trismegistus was an Isu entity revered as a Greek and Egyptian god of alchemy and magic. He was worshiped primarily by an ancient religious order called the Hermeticists.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hermes was born in the year 2260 of the Isu Era. Hermes grew up in an Isu city located in the present Middle East, and was educated at the Capitoline Triad. Moreover, Hermes saw the death of Saturn and the brutal revenge of Juno. When the war between Isu and the Humans began, Hermes considered himself neutral in the fight and retired to his secret temple in the current Greek desert. During this time, Hermes built some powerful pieces of Eden, and was curious about how some human hybrids resisted the power of the Isu. Like the Capitoline Triad, Hermes knew of the imminent catastrophe that would have struck his Earth but unlike them, Hermes was resigned to the fate of the world. When the catastrophe happened, Hermes stayed in his site for several days and only after exactly 100 days left out.

Hermes traveled for many years along the battered land of the world, helping humans and Isu meet him on his way. Hermes taught a great many things to the humans remaining in the following two centuries, and in the end, Hermes had remained the only one of his kind, probably. During his time with humans, Hermes was revered as a God, according to Abstergo, he had a son from a relationship with a human hybrid. In a moment of his old age, Hermes realized that he would soon die, but somehow managed to transfer his mind to another body, and thanks to a Staff of Eden, he made the human body live for another hundred years at least. Hermes did this process many, many times, being considered immortal.

Encounter with Pythagoras Edit

Many years passed, and Pythagoras and Kyros of Zarax explored a vast desert. As they wandered aimlessly, almost without water, they suddenly spotted someone standing on a hill. Once day, they had made their way over to him, the man introduced himself as Hermes Trismegistus, and the fatigue fell away from Pythagoras as he was judged by Hermes and his staff. After a while, the staff deemed him worthy, and his protégé Kyros lost consciousness.

The snakes that were on the stick looked at Pythagoras, and came down from the stick. Snakes started talking but Pythagoras did not understand what they were saying and looked at Hermes. Hermes's face looked as if his mind was somewhere else at the time. Pythagoras heard. "You are the worthy successor," snakes whispered. Pythagoras did not understand. At that point, a voice in his mind said something. Pythagoras did not know if it was Hermes talking or snakes. "Take the scepter," the voice said. "TAKE IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" the voice shouted. "TAKE THE SCEPTER" the voice shouted again. Pythagoras took the scepter. Hermes looked at him and his expression did not change. Then he disappeared.

Meeting Meir of Damascus Edit

After the death of Porcia Orestilla and Rufio, the reins of the Order of the Ancients in Egypt went into the hands of the Flavius' son, Caius Metellus. With Caius others collaborated, and these between the 37 and 30 BCE helped Cleopatra in governing Egypt. Unfortunately, in this same period of time they were all killed by the Brotherhood of Hidden Ones in particular by Meir of Damascus. After killing Gaius, Meir discovered that the Ancients were looking for Hermes, convinced that the power of God would give him the power to destroy the Hidden Ones. Following the fall and death of Cleopatra by Amunet, Meir traveled to the Greek desert where he discovered Hermes' site and opened it with the Apple of Eden given to him by Bayek.

Meir found Hermes's dead body holding a record of memory. Meir took the record and activated the message. Meir found himself in the Nexus and Hermes stood before him. "Wisdom, Knowledge, The Truth, Isu and Humans. We are not shown anything. Together we are stronger. Alone and against, in this way we will never be peace or splendor Bring peace between the Hidden Ones and Ancients." - Hermes said apparently looking at Meir but the man did not understand. "Wait a minute ..." Meir tried to say but was stuck. "Quiet, my friend, I do not expect you to understand" "You are a link." "The link for her." Hermes finished. And he disappeared. "Whether you can find eternal peace, God or whatever you were, you were certainly good." said Meir. Meir took the disc and after scouring the temple, went out and returned to Alexandria.

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