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Here, this will be my upcoming fanon until I'm done with The Birth. This is only the Prologue and it's not the final version of it either.

Prologue: The Plans for Destruction[]

It's Versailles, France in June 15th, 1769, six years and four days before the American Revolutionary War a group of Templars of the French Rite are going to a secret hideout to discuss they're plans of world domination. See, the templars want peace, but to them to only way to seek it is to control the world and signify it with one flag only, the Templar flag. See they needed something big to govern control of the worlds nations. For this plan they ask for the worst of man which were massacres, wars, famine and etcetera. I can't name all of man's evils because their is way to many and all of it was in this they were planning. The man then called the Templars together so they make up plans.

"Allies, we should propose a plan for the control of the world." Said the man. "Now lets bring our ideas together for this."

"I propose we reveal ourselves from the shadows and use the remaining Pieces of Eden we have to control the people." Said another man.

"That would've been a great plan if the assassins didn't take all our Pieces of Eden." Replied the leader. "Luckily, we'll be getting Pieces of Eden soon after the Grandmaster of the Colonial Rite (Haytham Kenway) finds a Piece of Eden in America."

"How about we try to infiltrate the governments of countries around America." Told another.

"That would work but we need more of a push, see your plan will probably backfire because Assassins know how to revolt against governments.". Responded the Templar leader.

"Maybe we should starve the people of different nations, we'll say that we'll give you food and then join our side just for the food." Said another.

"We don't have enough food to take care of millions of people, this will waste our money, and if we don't have money we can't buy weapons, ships and etcetera." Told the leader.

"How about a massive world war of epic proportions." Said another.

"That's genius, with this plan we just need to start alliances, assassinations, annexations, and another war or two." Exclaimed the Templar leader happily.

"So how will this work?" Asked one of them.

"Well first we must make Austria and Hungary together into one nation, second, Austria-Hungary will then be allies with Germany." Said the leader as the others followed. "Then we must make a rivalry with Bulgaria and Serbia, this rivalry will start with a war, lets called the war "The Serbo-Bulgarian War". Then a rivalry between the Ottoman Empire and Serbia. Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria will be the Central Powers and they'll win the war. The Russian Empire, France and the British Empire will be allies. Russia will be allies with Serbia, Romania, Montenegro and Greece. France and Germany will by enemies thanks to a war named "The Franco-Prussian War". France, Britain and Germany will use their colonies in Africa to fight some battles. And finally, the America will help Britain and France after Germany helps America's enemy, this will cause a full war. Also they'll probably annex a country and have multiple wars before this World War starts."

"How do you know if America will be its own country?" Asked a Templar.

"The colonist are tired of taxes and they'll revolt and probably get the aid of France which makes then win the war." Said the leader. "Let's not fail just like the Seven Years War, that was also trying to help us gain control of the world."

"Yes our Grandmaster!" Yelled the Templars.

"May the Father of Understanding guide us!" Yelled the Grandmaster.

"May the Father of Understanding guide us!" Repeated the other Templars.

"(French) Merci pour le plan, idiots! (Thanks for the plan, idiots!)" Laughed a hooded man.

"Assassin! Kill him!" Roared the Grandmaster.

The assassin starts to run away through the buildings of Versailles. The Templars were shooting their Muskets at the assassin. The assassin fired back with his flintlock pistol. He hit one of the soldiers but it was not enough for the rest so he tried free run faster. He then did a leap of faith in a moving hay cart and gets out of the hay cart to blend with some citizens. When the Templars are not looking he runs to the assassin hideout to tell them everything. The assassin was sweating hard and almost out of breath so he stopped and walked. He then sees a man with a sword on horse back trying to kill him so the assassin prepares to kill the Templar with his hidden blade. He blocks the sword with the blade and then stabs the Templar in the heart. The assassin rides on the horse to the assassin hideout until the horse is shot and the assassin is captured. He is sent to a small prison in the Île-de-France, France. He is tortured and interrogated by the Templars for four years strait and is sent from Île-de-France to Sèvres. In Sèvres he was just tortured and in 1775 he is sent to Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

"Ou est ton conseiller? (Where is your mentor?)" Asked a Templar.

"Je va pas dire! (I won't tell!)" Roared the Assassin. "Va te tuer toi meme! (Go kill youself!)"

The Templar then punches him, he is bleeding severely. They left him in his cell to die. In 1777, the Templars traced him with a French spy that wad spying on the British for the Colonists. He was sentenced for hanging January 15th, 1778.

"This spy, try to help the colonists, he even tried to kill our beloved King George III and for this he'll be hanged!" A man yelled.

"Boo!" Yelled the civilians while they were throwing rocks at the assassin.

"Luckily, someone shot the rope and the handcuffs so he can escape, as he escaped he notices how an assassin saved them.

"So, Phillipe are you going to tell us what you found out about the Templars plan?" Asked the Assassin.

"Non (No), it took you way to long to save me, don't say that you couldn't find me, because I know you'll be lying, I'm leaving!" Yelled Phillipe. "The mentor doesn't care about us, he is as bad as the Templars."

Phillipe walked away trying to be apart of something until he was accepted into the Hermeticists. He told them about the plan and they said that they'll have to searching for the Pieces of Eden. They started searching from Europe to America to Asia and even Africa but they found nothing. As time passed by, Phillipe wasn't scared of the Templars plans anymore because he didn't care. In March 10th, 1815, Phillipe died but Templars plans were starting to come true. Since 1815 the Templars were growing steadily, now they're almost controlling everything right now.