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"Your order seeks revolution. You yourself are a revolutionary if you haven't even noticed. In matter of fact, you were born a revolutionary. Paalam, kapwa templar (Goodbye, fellow Templar)."
―Hilario Limcuando.
Hilario Limcuando
Biographical information

June 18, 1874
Bacoor, Cavite


July 5, 1930
Rizal, Laguna

Political information

Assassin Order
Filipino Army

Real-world information

Hilario Cristano Limcuando (born: June 18, 1874) is a Filipino Assassin and a member of the Filipino Army. He was raised in Cavite. At a young age, his people were killed under a massacre command by the Templars. Hilario and some of his people escaped to Palawan, a place where Templars find it as a base of the Assassins. They were correct. Hilario was trained by Julio Mercado. He then got his pair of hidden blades after 2 months of training. He then did many missions for Julio and later obtained his robes. Years later, the Americans and the Templars sided with each other. The Filipinos then declared independence over their country. At the war, Hilario killed many Templars including their leader, Mason Horton. Hilario was recognized as one of the Philippines' Nation. He is also the only Asian ancestor of Desmond Miles.

Early Life[]

Hilario Limcuando was born on June 18, 1874, to Pepe Limcuando and Katarina Sipsip. He is the younger brother of three brothers named Angelo, Francisco, Nico and the older brother of his sister and a younger brother named Cecilia and Huberto. At the age of 6, his people in Cavite were visited by the American Templars, thinking that they were explorers wanting to know about the land, except that they found their children dead in their houses. This event was called the Filipino-Templar Massacre. The Limcuandos escaped to a place in the Philippines where the Templars wouldn't even go to. They see this place as the base of the Assassins. It was the island of Palawan. The Limcuandos lived their peacefully, where trouble wouldn't be even caused. When Hilario was 17 years old, he and his brothers went out in the underground river located in Puerto Princesa's finest beaches. They swam inside and made it to one of the largest areas in the underground river. They went on top of the rocky mountain inside the cave, but suddenly, they saw a light. It came from the other side of the mountain, then they saw Assassins camping. The brothers stole stuff while they were sleeping but when Hilario tried stealing, one of the Assassins grabbed his wrist and the brothers swam away leaving Hilario behind.

Hilario told them that he meant no harm. The man who grabbed his arm nodded. The other Assassins were still sleeping but when the man look under their cloak, it showed a templar symbol. Right away he killed them silently. They escaped the cave and the man introduced himself as Julio Mercado, a Master Assassin of the Filipino Assassins. Hilario then brought Julio to his house and introduced his parents to Julio. His father told Hilario to go away from Julio, since he noticed he was an assassin, but Julio said he will train Hilario. So he did. 10 months of training and 31 years of being a young Assassin has brought Hilario into being a Master Filipino Assassin. He has obtained his Hidden Blades at the age of 21 and obtained his robes at the age of 26. Hilario then joined the Filipino Army and fought in the Filipino War of Independence. He then saw the Grand Master of the Templars who commanded the order to kill all the Filipinos in Bacoor, Rizal, Quezon City, and Manila. Mason Horton, who was as good as Hilario's master. They fought in a burning mansion before Hilario was critically wounded while Mason was critically beaten by Hilario. Hilario then got up and made a speech about the Filipinos and the Assassin-Templar relationship, and then he sliced Mason's neck and later decapitated him. The Filipinos then won the War.

Years later, Hilario became a hero of the Philippines along with Pepe Rizal.


  • Hidden Blades
  • Musket
  • Katana
  • Smoke Bomb


  • Assassin Robes: Gray and dark red robes, a black shirt, blue cargo pants, black leather boots, brown leather straps, a black scarf, hidden blades, Filipino flag cape and a black cloth on his right brown leather strap.
  • Civilian Outfit: Gray sleeved up shirt, black cargo pants, black leather boots and hidden blades.
  • Meeting Outfit: A barong, a white shirt underneath the barong, black trousers, black boots and hidden blades.
  • Mercenary Outfit: A black leather jacket, a black shirt, black cargo pants, black leather boots, hidden blades, a musket and a Filipino flag cape.
  • American Outfit: A red formal coat, a white buttoned shirt, red trousers, black boots, hidden blades, and a black scarf.
  • Harbor Outfit: A light blue bandana, a dirty white buttoned shirt, a black scarf, black cargo pants and hidden blades.
  • War Outfit: A Filipino war helmet, a black coat, black cargo pants, black boots, hidden blades and a black scarf.
  • Training Outfit: Black cargo pants and black boots.