"Bravery is Stupidity, Cleverness is Bravery"-Millard Motto

The Millard were a family that spanned across history, and has been very influential. Many members of the Millard family were in fact assassins. This page is here to show some of the Millard assassins...

Millard Assassins Throughout HistoryEdit

Suley Ibn La'niho (1210-1267):

Not exactly a Millard but closely related. Suley was a member of the assassins in Masyaf. Not much is known about Suley, except that he was born into the order and died from a terrible disease he caught when travelling to the Italian Peninsula. He also had a son by the name of Jesus (not Jesus Christ!) who started an assassins guild on the isle of Sicily.

Jesus Millard da Sicily (1245-1315):

Jesus started the assassins guild and made it rise to glory. Jesus lived a good life and died of old age. Jesus was known to have had three daughters and one son, but Abstergo has had trouble trying to access their memories.

Luigi Millard da Sicily (1417-1484):

Luigi led the assassins in Sicily during the early begginnings of the Rennaissance. He was well known for his giuld's wide use of the hidden gun. He had one daughter by the name of Mila who he had to banish from the order after she killed a fellow assassin in a squarrel.

Mila Millard da Roma (1449-1482):

She started her life as an assassin in the assassins guild but was banished after 'accidentally' killing a fellow assassin. After she was banished she moved to Roma where she lived the quiet life as tailor and where she met Quillan Satigo. She ended up marrying him (and he agreed to share her last name) and they had a child named Salvatore. Sadly Mila died during childbirth and Quillan was left to raise Salvatore.

Salvatore Millard da Roma (1482-1555):

Salvatore was mercenery/rebel in roma after the death of his father who was rescued by Ezio Auditore, and inducted into the assassins. Salvatore ending up betraying the assassins, fleeing to Portugal, marrying a woman named Maria and having two twin boys (Antonio and Franco.

Antonio Millard (1532-1600):

Antonio Millard, was a Portugese Templar who was sent to Brazil to discover a brazilian tribe of assassins. He did. But instead of killing them he fell in love with a woman in the tribe and decided to leave the Templar Order and become an assassin.

Franco Millard (1532-1616):

Franco Millard was a portugese traveller, who spent most of his life exploring Europe and eventually settling in Scotland. That is it.

Aiden Millard (1774-1857):

Aiden Millard was born of scottish migrants who moved to France. He spent his early life living on a vineyard with his parents until they were killed by drunk soldiers. From that moment on he was a french revolutionary who was eventually wounded in battle and saved by the assassins, which he ended up joining. He rose to became the leader of the Assassins in Paris and had only one son: William Millard (named after his father).

William Millard (1813-1900):

This long-lived assassin was not very interesting, only 3 main things: He was the leader of the Parisian Order from from 1857-1883, was a dear friend of Napoleon Bonaparte and was the father of the legendary Louis Millard.

Louis Millard (1850-1924):

Louis Millard was a legendary assassin who left the the Parisian Assassins to Australia to start the first Assassin guild over there. He formed the Australian Assassins in Perth, 1873. And from there they destroyed a large Templar Colony and recovered 3 pieces of Eden which Louis hid across Australia. This act alone gave him legendary status. Sadly Louis was the last proper Millard assassin, for his daughter refused to be an assassin.

Aiden Haynes (1999-present):

Aiden is directly related to the Millard Family, and we have been using him to access his ancestors memories.

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