"I'm An Assassin? And to top it all off I have a high count of DNA that comes from a race of beings that created humanity? This is a lot to take in. Last month I was just an average college student and now..."
―Horatio Pierce, 2017
Horatio Pierce
Horatio Pierce redesign
Biographical information

April 21 1997
Toronto, Canada

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Abstergo Entertainment (2017-2017)

American Assassins (2017)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Heritage (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Source (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Salvation (modern day)

Horatio Pierce (born 1997) is a former Abstergo Entertainment intern turned Assassin. His father is a famous Assassin who has gone missing, Horatio has been using clues left behind from his father by reliving the genetic memories of his ancestors to find him.

Horatio has a rich Assassin bloodline, being the descendant of the Japanese Assassin Kurosawa no Rōnin, British Assassin Kenneth Ravensdale, Choctaw Assassin Osyka and the Ngwa Assassin Ugochukwu.

Despite having a rich Assassin bloodline, Horatio had a few Templar's in his family tree, being the descendant of British Templar Richard Ravensdale.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Horatio was born in Toronto, Canada to an Assassin father and a middle class woman, Jennifer West. At six months old, Horatio's father left him and his mother due to him being targeted by Abstergo, he made Jennifer promise not to expose Horatio to the Assassins and Templars unless completely necessary. Because of this, Horatio grew up to resent his father as he believed his father abandoned him and his mother for no good reason.

Horatio was an intellectual individual, in high school he took an interest in IT and began building and upgrading computers from discarded tech. He's also a prodigy in coding and hacking which earned him a scholarship for college.

Upon graduating, Horatio moved to Montreal to attend and live on campus at Concordia University.

Abstergo Entertainment Edit

"Congratulations, Mr. Pierce. The rest of your life starts today."
―Horatio Pierce's boss, 2017
In Horatio's second year of college, he applied for an internship at Abstergo Entertainment for his college credit. He was accepted because of his intellect and computer skills.

Horatio interned at Abstergo Entertainment for a few months. On one night while working, Horatio's curiosity got the better of him and he used a Helix system and played some of the memory-based games on the system. In the meantime the Helix was gathering up genetic data from Horatio which led them to discover his Assassin heritage.

The next day Horatio was subdued, blindfolded and abducted from his dorm room at Concordia University by Juhani Otso Berg and Sigma Team. Hours later, Horatio's blindfold was removed and he noticed he was in a room somewhere, in an unknown location. He was surrounded by guards in Abstergo attire, Horatio was then greeted by a man in a labcoat by the name of Alexandre Bacque, a lead scientist who works at Abstergo Industries.

Horatio unblindfolded

Horatio after being unblindfolded.

Horatio, in a panicked state, demanded to know what was going on. Alexandre proceeded to inform the young man of the Assassins and Templars and how they aren't just two groups made for their video game franchises but that they are most certainly real and that Horatio's ancestry and father was a member of the Assassins. Horatio was shocked at the fact that the two groups were actually real and that he is descended from them. Alexandre went on to explain that Horatio's father has discovered an Isu artifact that has the potential to turn the tide of the Assassin-Templar War, Horatio cut Alexandre off immediately, stating that Horatio hasn't seen his father since he was born.

Nonetheless, Alexandre believed that Horatio's father discovered said-artifact through the genetic memories of his ancestors, he stated that due to Horatio's ancestors' high concentrations of Isu DNA, no ordinary person could view those memories and that the only reason Horatio was still alive is that only he could view his ancestor's memories.

Rōnin's memories Edit

Horatio asked how they even know which ancestors to look for but Alexandre already had an idea of which ancestor to view first. Abstergo believes that Horatio's father had left clues for his Assassin brethren, although Abstergo intercepted these clues and decoded them which revealed random years in history.

The first clue was the year, 1090 and that was one of the years his Japanese Assassin ancestor, Rōnin Kurosawa was active in. Horatio could do nothing but comply with Alexandre and Abstergo, Alexandre supplied Horatio with an Animus Omega and left the room, although the guards stayed behind. Horatio placed the Animus Omega headset on his head and dived into his ancestor's memory.

Horatio, in the body of his ancestor, saw he was in the year of 1092 but the world around him was glitching and lagging out, panicking, Horatio turned to see he was in battle with a heavily armored samurai, he was then stabbed in the chest which caused him to desynchronize. Horatio took off his Animus Omega and threw up on the floor, Alexandre entered the room and demanded to know what happened, Horatio explained what happened to which Alexandre realized that Horatio lacked the confidence to step into Rōnin's body. Alexandre suggested the Horatio go back to an earlier year and work his way up from there.

Project Omega Edit

Upon completing his ancestor's first sequence of memories. Horatio exited the Animus Omega feeling slightly disoriented, he was greeted by Alexandre and another woman by the name of Angelica Concord. She revealed herself as the head of Abstergo Industries, she asked Horatio to take a walk with her and Alexandre to which he complied.

The three walked through an Abstergo facility in Ontario while Alexandre explained the reasoning for his hostile kidnapping and why he has to relive the memories of his ancestor. Horatio responds with that he already knows why but she rebuffs and states Alexandre did not tell him the full story. She reveals to Horatio that she is the head of the project code-named Project Omega and explains that their goals are to create a Piece of Eden and that she believes his ancestors encountered various pieces throughout their lifetime. Confused, Horatio asks what a Piece of Eden is, Alexandre then explains the history of the Pieces of Eden and the Isu.

After their walk, Angelica and Alexandre allow Horatio to take a break from the Animus and eat lunch with the other captured individuals. While eating lunch, he met an individual named Hayley Yasutake who claimed she was an Assassin and told him not to worry. She explained she was a spy for the Assassins and allowed herself to be captured, Hayley then told Horatio to finish Rōnin's memories and that "help will be here soon".

Kenneth's memories Edit

Escape Edit

Pondering on these words, he felt a sense of relief that he may not die after all. He did as Hayley said and continued digging through Rōnin's memories to find the Piece of Eden, he eventually got to the point of his memories where he found a Piece of Eden known as the Source of Eden. After discovering this information he was immediately pulled out of the Animus by Angelica and Alexandre, they congratulated him on finding the Source but were irritated that it was destroyed.

They then explained that the next year in Horatio's father's clue was the year 1769 and that his ancestors the Ravensdale family were active around this time period. But before they could force him to explore their memories, gunshots were heard throughout the facility. Suddenly, Hayley enters Horatio's quarters and attacks Angelica and Alexandre, grabs Horatio and flees. While escaping through the facility, Horatio asks Hayley what's going on and she explains that they have little time and that the other Assassins can't hold Abstergo off for long.

All Horatio could do is comply with Hayley as he follows her but first the two make a detour into Alexandre's office, Hayley steals back the clues Horatio's father left behind explaining that the Assassins will need them to find the other Source of Eden. After this, via the Bleeding Effect, Horatio learned a few of Rōnin's combat skills, using these skills he and Hayley escape the Ontario facility with the other Assassins.

Joining the Assassins Edit

Hours later, Horatio and Hayley arrive to Minnesota in a van and rendezvoused with her Assassin Cell. There, Horatio meets the Assassins Jason Hart and Erica Boyd, the hacker and historian respectively. Hayley informs Jason and Erica of the Source of Eden and shows them the clues that Horatio's father left behind.

After collecting his bearings, Horatio asks what happens now. Hayley explains that the life as he knows it is over, he's a target of Abstergo now and that if he leaves he's as good as dead, she then goes on to tell him that he comes from a bloodline of Assassins and it's his duty to protect humanity's freewill from the Templars and that he and his father are the only thing that can stop Abstergo from obtaining the Source. Realizing she was right and he's now apart of something bigger than himself, Horatio decides to join the Assassin Brotherhood.

Hayley gifts Horatio with a Hidden Blade and welcomes him to the Assassins.

Before exploring the genetic memories of his ancestor, Horatio desired to know the name of his father. Hayley told Horatio that his father's name was Arnold, Arnold Pierce and that he was one of the greatest men she has ever known. Still holding some resentment toward Arnold, Horatio didn't fully believe her. Jason advised that Horatio begin reliving the memories of his ancestor soon before Abstergo figures out a way to decode his DNA and explore his memories themselves. Horatio reassured the team that according to Abstergo, it will be difficult to view his ancestor's memories due to his and their high count of Isu DNA, Erica rebuffed this fact and stated that Abstergo can find someone with the same count and relive his ancestor's memories just as easy.

After that, Horatio began reliving the memories of his ancestor Kenneth Ravensdale in the year 1768 through Jason's Animus 5.0. Horatio explored Kenneth's memories and learned that he also had Templar ancestors until suddenly, in the year 1769 the Animus began focusing on Coahoma, his other ancestor in that time period. Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus, confused, he asked what had just happened and if the Animus was glitching. Jason went on to tell that in 1769, Kenneth and Coahoma has conceived a child and due to genetic memory, the Animus focuses on the next ancestor in the bloodline. Hayley asks what happens now, if they can't view Kenneth's memories how would they find the next Source of Eden.

Erica then pulls up a historical record on the Assassin, Osyka and states in the 1790s he and his father came across the exact same Source that Kenneth and Richard were searching for in 1770 and that there was clearly more to the story. Hayley also states that they could use this to kill two birds with one stone and use the memories of Osyka to train Horatio through the Bleeding Effect.

Osyka's memories Edit

Training Edit

Before beginning his training, Horatio used a burner phone to contact his mother and tell her of all the events that had transpired in the past month. She understood why he couldn't see her and told her son to be safe in looking for his father. Feeling relieved that he was able to contact his mother gave him a new sense of determination which led Horatio to jump into Osyka's memories with no complications.

Encounter with Kyle North Edit

A few weeks later, Horatio completed the first sequence of Osyka's memories from 1770 to 1787. Horatio was pulled from the Animus by Hayley, Horatio was confused as to why she took him out of the Animus session. Hayley informed Horatio that staying in the Animus for too long is dangerous and that he needed a break, Hayley also stated that he should test out the new skills he's learned from Osyka. Horatio and Hayley left the hideout they were currently staying in and began freerunning through the city, Horatio was confused to how he was doing this so naturally which Hayley commented: "that's the beauty of the Bleeding Effect".

The two finally stopped on a rooftop of a building. Hayley then placed her fists up in a defensive stance and told Horatio to try and hit her, being raised as a person to not hit women he declined until Hayley started attacking Horatio herself, through muscle memory and the Bleeding Effect, Horatio was able to block and counter most of her attacks and the two entered a sparring session. Hayley gets the upper hand and knocks Horatio to the ground, Hayley helps Horatio up and states he won't be a complete pro straight away and the two laugh about it. Horatio and Hayley begin to share a moment but it is cut short when a spotlight beams on them, the two see a helicopter with an Abstergo insignia on it and a smokescreen is thrown at them.

Hayley asks if Horatio has his Hidden Blade to which he does. Abstergo agents begin descending from the helicopter and the two begin the Abstergo agents, suddenly a Templar agent named Kyle North drops down and attacks Hayley. Hayley orders Horatio to take out the Abstergo agents while she combats Kyle, although Hayley is downed and almost killed by him. Horatio quickly jumps in and attacks Kyle but is quickly disabled by him, Hayley stabs Kyle and takes Horatio to flee Abstergo.

Escape to New York Edit

Horatio and Hayley flee to their hideout, the two notify Jason and Erica that Abstergo's discovered them. It was an amount of time this would happen, the team pack up their things and put them in the van and leave Minnesota. Hayley tells the team that there is a hideout in New York and that's where they'll be headed, Erica suggests that Horatio continue digging around Osyka's memories in the meantime.

Finishing Osyka's second sequence of memories, Horatio pulls himself from the Animus to see that the team has arrived at a motel in New York. With the whole team confused, Hayley states that while it's not what they expected the motel is still a hideout either way. Before going to bed, Jason asked Horatio accompany him to get supplies while Hayley and Erica stay in the motel and keep watch.

In the city shopping for supplies, Horatio asked Jason if it gets easier. Confused by this, Jason asks what he means which prompts Horatio to bring up the fact that they were both dumped head first into the Assassin-Templar War and asks if it ever gets easier, having to give up their former lives and their whole view on the world changing so drastically. Jason told Horatio that at first it always seems hard and that the longing for the life they had once before will never go away but every day it gets a little easier and that it always helps they've given up their lives for the greater good. Hearing these words comforts Horatio and he thanks Jason for helping him out, building a bond between them.

The next day, after breakfast. Horatio continued exploring Osyka's genetic memory.

Weeks later, during an Animus Session. Horatio, through the avatar of Osyka, would find a message sent to him through time by an Isu explaining that he must find and keep the Sources of Eden from Assassin and Templar hands. Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus to tell his team but before he could say anything, the team informed him that they already knew as they were viewing the footage.

Hayley was frustrated at the fact that "1768" was their last clue to finding Arnold and they still had no idea where he was. Putting the information together, Horatio realized that Osyka hid the second Source of Eden in a Temple in Mexico and that must be where Arnold had gone to. Erica applauded Horatio for his puzzle-solving skills and the team immediately left for Mexico.

Finding Arnold Edit

Arnold: "Son, it's about damn time."
Horatio: "Seriously, Arnold. Fuck you."
Arnold: "I probably deserve that."
—Arnold and Horatio, 2017

Horatio led the team to the Temple by remembering the steps he took as Osyka. There, the team arrived at the Temple to find a man standing outside the entrance. The man turned around to look at Horatio and the team and uttered the words "Son, it's about damn time".

Angered by this, Horatio cursed his father with the latter responding he probably deserved the indecent comment. Despite this, Hayley embraced her mentor stating she was glad to see him while Jason and Erica introduced themselves stating they knew of his work and were glad to meet him. Arnold goes on to ask Horatio and the team if they had seen the message that the Isu told Osyka in 1797 to which they confirmed. Arnold then stated that they must know the Source is inside the Temple.

Realizing this, Erica asked why Arnold hadn't entered the Temple himself yet to which Arnold replied with the Temple is coded to Isu DNA and that his wasn't high enough. Arnold, Hayley, Erica and Jason all look to Horatio hinting that he has a count high enough to unlock it, Horatio sighed and approaches the Temple entrance but before opening it, Arnold pushes Horatio away from getting shot.

Kyle North had returned with more Abstergo agents. Arnold asked how Abstergo found them, North answered their question by stating he discovered the location of the Temple through the memories of Osyka. An irritated Arnold asks Horatio how he could be so careless, Horatio simply responds with another "fuck you", Hayley chimes in by stating now is not the time for a father-son squabble. Arnold agrees and tells Jason and Erica to take cover as they were not field agents, Hayley asks if Arnold should do the same but Arnold rebuffs stating that Ezio Auditore was fighting armies at 52 years old.

The three Assassins entered battle with the Abstergo agents once more, Horatio's skills improved greatly since the first bout as he took down agent after agent in a matter of moments. Having a dislike for taking an individuals life, Horatio decided to disarm the Abstergo agents and knock them out with their nightsticks. Horatio saw that Arnold and Hayley were losing in their two on one against North.

Horatio kneed North in the face and began swinging at him with the nightstick although North dodged these attacks and disarmed the nightstick and elbowed him into the ground, Horatio stabs North's foot with his Hidden Blade and headbutts him to the ground. As he is about to assassinate North, a lingering Abstergo agent manages to graze Horatio in the shoulder. With more reinforcements arriving, the Assassins flee inside the Temple and lock it on their way in so that Abstergo can't get in.

Ugochukwu's memories Edit

Upon entering the Temple. Arnold suggests they set up a hideout in the Temple to which everyone agrees, Horatio suggests that he should go and find the Source but Arnold rebuffs this and states he needs to get that graze wrapped up, Hayley volunteers herself to bandage Horatio's shoulder. In the meantime, Arnold, Jason and Erica will search for the Source.

While bandaging him up, Hayley asks that Horatio not be so hard on his father to which Horatio retaliates and calls Arnold a "dick". Hayley tells him she understands his resentment as she knows what it feels like to be abandoned, ignorantly he asks what she knows about abandonment which leads to her revealing that during the Great Purge of 2000 her parents were killed. Unaware of the Great Purge, he asks her what that was, Hayley explains to him that the Great Purge was the near eradication of all the Assassins in 2000 due to the turncoat Daniel Cross. Horatio realizes that the Great Purge must have been the reason his father left him and his mother which Hayley confirms, Horatio goes to further state that while he understands it won't magically repair what little relationship they already had. Hayley understands this.

Suddenly, Arnold, Jason and Erica return with bad news. An irritated Horatio asks what happened which leads Jason to state that the Source is gone, Horatio states that it's impossible as Osyka locked the Temple in 1797. Erica suggests she may be able to pull up some historical records regarding Assassins and Pieces of Eden post-1797. After a few hours, Erica discovers Arnold and Horatio had an Assassin ancestor who wielded a Piece of Eden during the Civil War era. Arnold suggested that he enter the Animus as soon as possible which Horatio states that the two agree for once.

Over the course of a few days, Horatio experiences the life of his ancestor Ugochukwu. The pain, the fear and the oppression, Horatio learns some new skills from Ugochukwu in the Animus. Over the years of viewing his life however, Horatio had heard no mention or indication that Ugochukwu would find a Source of Eden. Angered by this, Horatio exits the Animus and rants to the team that they're wasting their time, that Ugochukwu was a no one and probably had nothing to do with the Source of Eden which leads Arnold to correct Horatio stating that Ugochukwu was a heavy influence on the abolition of slavery.

Frustrated, Horatio leaves stating he needs a break. Exploring deep into the Temple, he discovers some recordings from the Isu detailing the events of before and after the first catastrophe, Hayley confronts Horatio and asks what's going on with him. Still frustrated, Horatio states the a few months ago he was just an ordinary college student with his whole life planned it and now he's descended from a whole bloodline of Assassins and contains DNA of a race that predates humanity while also being some sort of pre-destined Source of Eden hunter since even before his ancestor's were born and now his father, who he hasn't seen in seventeen years has returned to his life and he's supposed to act like everything's okay.

Hayley holds his hand and tells him everything will be okay, he's not alone and that he has them for support. She goes on to say that over the past few months she's grown to care deeply for Horatio as well as the rest of the team and that she will protect him and the rest of them with her life and that they'd do the same. For some reason these words comfort Horatio greatly. The two return to the team, Jason speaks to Horatio privately and jokingly states that Horatio and Hayley clearly have something going on, its been all of 10 seconds since he joined the team and even Arnold has already figured it out. Horatio states he doesn't know what's going on between them but he really cares for her, realizing he said this, to avoid awkwardness Horatio returns to the Animus.

Return to Abstergo Edit

Alexandre: "Do you honestly think we're some Saturday morning cartoon villains, Mister Pierce? We want the same thing you Assassins do! Peace! "
Horatio:: "By robbing us of our humanity?! That's a world I refuse to live in."
Alexandre: "That can be arranged, boy."
—Horatio Pierce and Alexandre Bacque, 2017
A few days passed and upon exiting the Animus and completing a few more sequences of Ugochukwu's memories. Horatio was informed that some Assassins were being held at Abstergo, Horatio asked if they were the ones that helped him and Hayley escape to which Jason confirms. Horatio states that he needs to help them to which Hayley and Arnold agree but Arnold states that he can't go alone to which Hayley volunteers into accompanying Horatio.

The team then book plane tickets and head back to Ontario. Horatio, feeling confident in his abilities inherited from Osyka and Ugochukwu accompanies Hayley into the Abstergo Ontario facility. Upon entering, the two were greeted by Bacque through an intercom, he welcomed them and stated he knew they'd be returning for their Assassin brethren and proceeded to demand the Abstergo agents to attack Horatio and Hayley.

Horatio scaling Abstergo facility

Horatio scaling the Abstergo facility so fast he appears as a blur to the naked eye.

The two fought valiantly, together they made their combat look like a well choreographed dance, killing Abstergo agents with such efficiency. Through the intercom, Jason and Erica informed Horatio and Hayley that the Assassins were being held at a upper level in the facility and that reinforcements were on the way. Realizing that they can't take the elevator, Horatio and Hayley freerun their way to the upper levels. There, they were met with more force, the two fought them off but suddenly Hayley saved Horatio from being shot by North although she was grazed in the arm. Horatio came to her aid but Hayley told him to go on without her and that she'd be fine, caught up in the moment, Horatio realized that there was no better time than now to show Hayley how he felt and so he kissed her passionately and she reciprocated.

Horatio then charged his way to North and began attacking him, he slashed at him with his knife and Hidden Blade but North managed to counter all of the attacks. North stopped Horatio by grabbing his arms, Horatio being a quick thinker, kicked North in the groin and headbutted him, while North was staggering. Horatio managed to slice North's throat, believing that he had killed him, Horatio pushed on to find the Assassins.

While in the elevator, through the intercom Jason told Horatio that this would be the perfect time for setting back Abstergo's efforts in searching for the Sources. Realizing what he meant, Horatio knew he could erase his own DNA file and erase all the information regarding his ancestor's and their encounters with the Sources but first he had to free the other Assassins. Horatio approached the facility that held the Assassins captive, Horatio killed the guards guarding them, Horatio then released his brethren and he said they can thank him by giving Abstergo hell and helping Hayley. Horatio then made his way to Bacque's office, there it would have all the information regarding Horatio and his ancestors.
Horatio discovery

Horatio discovering Project Omega's secrets and the torture the captive Assassins went through.

Upon arriving, an angered Bacque stated that the Templars want the same thing as the Assassins but Horatio stated that robbing humanity of their freewill is no life to live. With these words, Bacque pulled out a silencer and attempted to shoot Horatio but he managed to avoid the shot and charged his way to Bacque, jumping on his desk and air assassinating him. With Bacque dead, Horatio used his IT skills to hack into Bacque's computer and delete all the files regarding Horatio and his ancestors as well as deleting his DNA file which allowed Abstergo to view his genetic memories, while searching through Bacque's computers, he was shocked to learn of Project Omega's methods as well as the things they did to the Assassin prisoners.

Horatio returned to the Abstergo entrance where the other Assassins were waiting for him. They thanked him and told him he was a true Assassin and upheld the very tenets of their Creed. With that, Horatio and the team returned to Mexico.

Completing Ugochukwu's memories Edit

Arnold: "Hey. I just wanted to say...I'm proud of you. You did great out there."
Horatio: "Thanks, dad. I guess I know what it felt like for Ugo when he liberated slaves."
Arnold: " just called me dad...?"
Horatio: "Yeah...I guess I did."
—Horatio and Arnold improving on their relationship, 2017
Returning to the Temple in Mexico, Horatio felt on top of the world; he completed his first field mission, saved some Assassins, finally kissed Hayley and was now improving his relationship with his father. Horatio returned to the Animus happier than ever to complete Ugo's memories.

After the Temple had finished showing Horatio Ugochukwu's memories. He exited the Animus and informed the team of the Source's whereabouts, Arnold would go on to say that if the Source was still in the Factory in Africa, it would be safe. Despite this, Horatio stated that his work was far from over and that the Isu have tasked Horatio with finding these Sources and keeping them away from the Assassins and Templars.

The team informed Horatio that they would accompany him on his journey, Horatio thanked them and allowed them to help him which also led Arnold to say that during this mission that the two could make up for lost time to which Horatio agreed.

Horatio, Hayley, Arnold, Jason and Erica then left the Mexican Temple to embark on their new mission.

Ancestry Edit

Similar to the Assassin Desmond Miles, Horatio descended from many different lines of Assassins through the paternal side of his family, therefore Horatio had a higher concentration of Isuan genetics than most other humans at 0.872%, this also allowed him to wield Sources of Eden without any ill effects.

Horatio's most distant known ancestor was Kurosawa no Takeshi, a Japanese Assassin in the Heian period. Through a union with an unknown Chinese woman, Takeshi sired a son, Kurosawa no Rōnin the next ancestor in Horatio's bloodline.

Horatio's ancestors during the eighteenth century included David Ravensdale and his wife Mary in Manchester. David and Mary sired a son, Richard Ravensdale, who would go on to become an Assassin and later a Templar in Britain. Richard would go on to meet the Assassin Angela Crawford and they would give birth to a son, Kenneth Ravensdale, who also went on to become an Assassin. During his travels in the Thirteen Colonies, Kenneth met a Choctaw woman by the name of Coahoma and they also had a son, Osyka, who would go on to become an Assassin and play an important role in locating the Sources of Eden.

In the 19th century during the Atlantic slave trade, Horatio's ancestors included the Ngwa warrior Emeka and his wife, Anwulichukwu. They went on to have a son, Ugochukwu, who was enslaved and shipped to the United States. He was freed by the Assassin Bartholomew Abrams and also joined the Assassins. Ugochukwu would go on to marry the Assassin Iona Moartz and they had two children Bartholomew and Adaugo Moartz with the latter being an ancestor of Horatio.

At an unknown point the Kurosawa Clan, the Ravensdale family and Ugochukwu's offspring would intertwine and would lead to Arnold Pierce who would pass on this bloodline to his son, Horatio.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Horatio is an intelligent and witty young man who despises the inequality and the corruption that goes on in the world. He wishes to use the skills he has developed over the years to make the world a better place, due to his age, some would consider his goals naive but his worldview coincides with that of the Assassins making him somewhat as a living embodiment of their ideals.

Equipment and skills Edit

Horatio possesses a dormant Eagle Vision and synchronizing through Rōnin's genetic memory activated his ability. Via the Bleeding Effect, Horatio has acquired some minor abilities from Rōnin's skillset, he can mildly free-run as well as has minor knowledge in unarmed combat. Horatio also own a Hidden Blade, gifted to him by Hayley Yasatake.

During his time reliving the memories of Osyka, he obtained the abilities of his ancestor through the Bleeding Effect, Horatio is now proficient in combat, stealth, archery and freerunning. Like Osyka, Horatio dual wields during combat as he uses his Hidden Blade and a knife during battle.

After reliving the genetic memories of his Ngwa ancestor, Ugochukwu. Horatio obtained some of his abilities also, such as his increased speed and ferocity.

Horatio is also gifted in IT.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Horatio is an Italian name. In Italian the meaning of the name Horatio is: Timekeeper. Derived from the Roman clan name Horatius.
  • Horatio stands at 5'10" and weighs 130lbs
  • Through his mother, Horatio is half-Italian.
  • Before becoming an Assassin. Horatio had planned to use his IT skills to start a company similar to Apple and help the poor around the world.
  • While reliving the genetic memories of Osyka, Horatio realized he shared a lot of similarities with his ancestor as they both grew up without a father and longed to be closer to them.
  • During their months together, Horatio has developed feelings for Hayley due to the life altering events they've both experienced together. Horatio is unsure but hopes she feels the same.
  • Due to his Assassin bloodline, Horatio is of Japanese, Chinese, British, Choctaw, Ngwa and African-American heritage from his paternal line and Italian and Canadian from his maternal line.
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