House of François
House of François
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The House of François was a noble Templar family that was established sometime during the Middle Ages – like the Lévesque family – and lived even longer than the House of Medici, though not just as known as them. It operated in the city of Paris during the Renaissance, aiding the royalty in gaining a Staff of Eden. When this was retrieved again by the French Assassin Camille d'la Fèrre however, the family was split in their search for the Assassin and for the artifact. The house's line would've been brought to an end with the death of Marie-Jean François killed in 1815 by Assassin Gabriel Kerr, however with the turn of Geoffrey de Bullion from the Templars to the Assassins, he lived to carrying it further. Today, the house of François operates for the Assassin Order – with Madeleine François as the the Mentor of the modern day Parisian Brotherhood.

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Middle Ages Edit

Established sometime in the year of 1330, Marie Anne François – a Templar who climbed fast in the ranks – soon married herself and needed a noblehouse. She knew that if she wanted her name and legacy to live further, she needed a house. Her husband, Gaspard de la Foile, agreed to let her name be the ruling name.

During the Middle Ages, Marie Anne and her husband got several children, whom all became grown ups and got children for their own. When King Philip IV burnt Templars at the stake, along with Grand Master de Molay, Marie Anne and Gaspard, the sons and daughters of the two latters promised to make their parents proud.

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