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Davenport Homestead, Colonial America

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Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed: Retaliation

Hunter (1777 - unknown) was an African American Assassin during the late 18th century and early 19th century. He was heavily involved in the War of 1812. He was trained under the Native American Assassin, Ratonhnhaké:ton.


Early lifeEdit

Hunter was born in the forest of Davenport Homestead to Warren and Prudence. He spent the majority of his early childhood helping his parent on the farm. Hunter grew up respecting and idolizing Connor, occasionally telling his parents that he wanted to be like him. As Hunter got older, he would beg for his parents approval to be trained under Connor and learn the ways of the Assassin. Though Warren and Prudence trusted Connor, they didn't want Hunter to get hurt.

Assassin trainingEdit

After years of convincing, Warren and Prudence finally allowed Hunter to be trained by Connor, for self defense. Hunter was excited about his upcoming training, constantly writing in his journal about what he thought was going to take place during the training. After Hunter was done helping his parents on the farm, he would meet up with Connor at the Davenport Manor where his training would take place. However, Hunter was disappointed when his training started, as he was forced to do manual labor such as chopping firewood and cleaning the stables.

Eventually, Hunter's training progressed when Connor taught him hand-to-hand combat. Hunter wasn't very good at first but, slowly improved over time. After a few weeks, Hunter's training progressed even further, as he started to learn armed combat with swords and knives. Hunter's fast learning skills with a blade impressed Connor.

Hunter's combat training continued for three more months before Connor decided to finally teach him freerunning skills. At first, Hunter struggled with his balance, falling off of the tree branches when jumping off one to another. Hunter began to improve however, mastering the skill after two months.

Homestead SiegeEdit

On the night of December 28, 1789, Hunter continued practicing his combat skills with a sword while Connor overlooked from the staircase. Norris ran inside the manor in a panic, telling Connor that there's an attack on the Homestead. Hunter, in shock, dropped his sword and froze for a moment. Connor ran outside to see smoke coming from the buildings. Norris and Connor then rode on horseback to the conflict to help defend the homestead, while Hunter ran back his home. Hunter found armed men surrounding his flaming house. After the men left, Hunter search the house for his parent, but they were nowhere in sight.

Hunter soon found his mother, Prudence, hiding in the forest with Ellen, Diana, Father Timothy and Lyle White. Father Timothy told Hunter that his father was helping the others defend the homestead. Hunter then ran off to find his father, while Prudence began shouting at him to come back. Hunter then arrived to where the fighting was taking place. He witnessed Connor slaughtering all of the men with little to no effort. Hunter started searching the area to find his father. He then found him dying in the snow from a bullet would in the chest. Warren told Hunter to stay strong and take care of his mother. As Warren passed, Hunter began to cry, telling him not to leave him. The attack would continue for another hour before it finally ended.

After finding out that the siege was a retaliation attack from the Templars, the residents of the homestead held a memorial service for Warren, Godfrey and several other men who lost their lives during the attack.

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