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Hunter Porter
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September 17, 1795


November 12, 1889

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British Assassins

Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Changes (metioned)

Assassin's Creed: Revenge

Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Hunter Porter was a member of the British branch and a Mentor of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins during the late 18th century.


Early life[]

Hunter Porter, born in 1795 by William Porter and Meredith Porter, in London. Both parents being both Assassins were born and raised in the order. At the time of the birth of Hunter they decided to retire to private life, cutting ties with the Brotherhood and disappearing without trace of the Templars. Hunter grew up in training since the age of six years between parkour, pickpocketing and fighting with his father and brothers Curtis, Peter and John.

The investigation was one of the essential points because she could use pickpocketing to understand information he needed. He attended the most prestigious schools in London, gaining a lot of experience in diplomacy and in the legal tasks. At age 17 he was with his father to run for the roofs to follow the usual practice with his father. The father went to the Hunter test, trying to figure out what level has reached, once satisfied himself of his son's talents, including those in combat, Hunter and William went their separate ways.

William Porter

Hunter came across a child who ran away from the guards, decided to help him by tripping the soldiers and running to the baby's research led him to the brothel, where he met the matron, Melany Smith, with whom he had a brief conversation. Hunter returned to their villa, while holed up in his residence, his three older brothers had entered the British army, Curtis challenged him in skills who would be able to rob the soldiers without being detected. Hunter accepted following them, without imitating the brothers and with his own skills learned from his father, robbed at least 40 soldiers, defeating his brothers.

Curtis and his brothers John, Peter and Alex complimented Hunter smiled slyly. Hunter came home with them. Alex together with Leah and her mother Meredith who welcomed with love his children, including Hunter who asked what he had with William, to which Hunter said simply that you were trained. The next morning the same year, Hunter went with his father to hunt, learning from his father to run even on trees. William always insisted that always had to be at one with the environment with the same blend. Lockness near the lake, followed William Hunter in training, hoping one day to become a Assassin as it had been him. Without another Hunter managed to kill some animals by stealth and by getting to skin and animal bones.


Hunter and his father William came from hunting with game, but found the gate is the house upside down, they saw signs of a struggle. Until you discover the bodies of all their family members only Leah managed to escape because he was scared and hid in the closet scares, the girl was crying. Hunter picked her and assured her, managing to calm her down. Hunter watching his father knew what he had to do. He had the same purpose in finding the responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. Hunter and William buried their loved ones in the family tomb. William held out his sword to his son, asking for one last training.

A Hunter did not serve the words of encouragement took his sword and began training with the sword, learning the basic techniques in order to survive and advanced techniques. At the end of training which lasted at least two months. Hunter was able alone to anticipate the opponent. He managed to defeat his father by taking advantage of the wooden sword. Hunter returned to the brothel where I find the Matron, Melany Smith, who asked him to take a letter to William Porter, Hunter took her and left the Flawer Rose brothel. Hunter back from his father, but he found a trail of corpses, and saw the body of his father William and his sister lying motionless. He checked if breathed. He saw a letter nestling under the cabinet took it and read it, discovering that his father and his mother were the Assassins.


Hunter walked the streets in search of the killers who had killed his family. He had only one purpose to avenge the death of his family. Thinking about the letter of the father could not understand how they had managed to find the Templars? What I did was return to the scene of the demise of the death of his loved ones. When he was near his house, he found that the assassins were just experienced mercenaries, but did not know who had sent them. So he decided to go from last place in which they were, as well as his home. Looking at the Hunter area found a trail of still fresh bream, followed where he led, he saw an old and decaying building, went inside. There was, however, attacked from behind, promptly Hunter avoided him as if he had the sixth sense developed.

Attacker rammed the blade hidden in the shoulder, only thanks to the fact that he recognized the assailant as Thimoty Klarck, a young man with whom he fought and won more often. Stunned him without killing him, but was attacked by stealth by Samuel Preston, this last hired a confrontation with Hunter, Hunter was victorious in this wounding Samuel on the right cheek. Despite the numerical inferiority Hunter sowing the killers fled with smoke bombs inherited from his father. Hunter had never been so surprised to see her best friend dressed in white dress, and a cap like his, had seen his girdle that was the symbol of the Assassins, and the same symbol on his collar. She gave him a wake up and resumed his research. He had won the battle but had been forced to flee because there were too many. This allowed him to continue his research.

Joining an Assassins[]

Hunter returned to Melany, but did not see her, so he decided to search for it. He found her in the station area to talk to the two men who had defeated, he saw his friend with his hand bandaged and looked around in front of him he saw the man who had left the scar on his cheek. He listened to the conversation. Melany him treats. Hunter showed up and went to Melany. He got the explanation he sought, immediately after ascertaining the membership of Thimoty Klarck and of man with the scar to the Assassins. Hunter after a brief conversation he decided to follow them.

Samuel Preston

The three reached the manor in the Westminster area. Melany reached its position among the members of the Council of the Assassins. Given the loss of his father to Hunter it was forbidden to use the knowledge of the Assassins to seek revenge if it was not for justice. Samuel, the Mentor of British Assassins asked him to drink from the cup and pass various tests before receiving his clothes from Assassins. Hunter smiled, drank a few gulps, but this weakened a lot, for so Samuel ordered him to attack him. Despite the weakening and sense of nausea Hunter was able to disarm the Assassins and put them out of the game even three at a time as if nothing had happened. He was alone and looked around to find another opponent. Samuel order to stop, noting that fighting with the same abilities of a Master Assassin.

Thimoty was put in charge of giving it new clothes to him and let him choose the clothes she would wear. Hunter follow the friend apologizing for hurting him. Despite this his friend assured him that he would soon be healed and that he would return in full active service. Hunter entered into a vast closet where they were arranged various garments not yet assigned, watched them carefully and chose the initial gray robes, with hood, there was the belt with the symbol of the Assassins, on which there were a few small bags and you contained at least some throwing knives. Alongside the clothes there was a black coat with the hood also from Assassins. After dressing with clothes and donned his coat, Hunter was pleased with the choice. Hunter returned to the presence of the Council and the Mentor. Mentor did utter the words of the creed of the young Hunter, who had to find out for itself the meaning of those words. Samuel as an Hunter instructor assigned to the young Thimoty.


Hunter looked at his friend and going to learn everything about the Creed, followed Thimoty in the forest outside the city, where he found the mannequins. Thimoty explained to him what to do every time you get to a particular mannequin. Hunter fact proved very precise and lethal. He learned various techniques by his assassination, who gave him two guns, warning him that the other two guns owed deserve. Hunter was satisfied, put the guns in the side holsters and joined his friend and Master at the shooting range, on the other side of the forest.

He puts it to the test: shoot the mannequins with both guns. Therefore Hunter performed with great skill, revealing his friend that his father had taught him everything he knew about the weapons and was able to create various explosive bombs and diversionary bombs. Thimoty revealed to him that had the herbal ingredients needed for their production, revealing that he would during a mission, that soon would be assigned. Hunter followed his friend to the laboratory of the Brotherhood, there Thimoty showed him various devices created and various ingredients. Hunter went to work creating various bombs and number, put them gently into the garment bags and was ready to go with his friend in the sight of Mentor. Once the sight of Samuel and Council revealed that Hunter had already been trained by his father before his death.

First mission[]

Ruché Malienier

Hunter was assigned to Samuel Preston, the task of investigating the Forerunner artifact and its location and assassinate the current owner William Reagle in 1816. Hunter was surprised at the name, revealing the Mentor, who was a diplomat, and he had a lot of interest on the researches of his father on the pieces of Eden. Despite all Samuel gave him the task, handing him some handkerchiefs in which to dip the blood of his targets. Hunter reached Whitechapel, along with his master. He took the letter from his father and read it. The letters had different names and saw the name of William Reagle between these listed were at least fifty. All marked with a red cross, the other was written allies.

Thimoty saw the names written on the sheet. He recommended his friend not to act out of revenge. To which Hunter agreed, but partly he had decided to follow his path. Hunter hoped no one would notice his true intentions. He had to do was to find the men who worked for Reagle. Hunter did not worry about the difficulty of the mission, but he was worried about killing the person he thought was a friend, he held secret. He had to first find the men who work for him. Therefore he decided to go to the brothel Flawer Rose. Where he knew some of the men were resting Reagle, courtesans company. Not to be recognized as Assassin, he closed black overcoat and lowered his hood, so go unnoticed by the men of Reagle. Once a brothel spotted Melienier, whose name was called Ruché a Frenchman who had moved here in London for a couple of years. She spotted him talking to some courtesans. He got along and laughed telling of the various situations which had been complicit Reagle, that even his death, by his hand.

Hunter with this information, he decided to wait waving Thimoty to get out. Timothy him not to kill for revenge, let alone to kill him without evidence of his involvement in the death of William. Hunter proved to agree, because he would not go unless his oath and violating one of the principles I believe. Therefore he decided to find out where he was going. Melienier came out from the building and only now Hunter followed with Timothy, will supervise the work of Hunter. They followed Melienier up to a building must stopped and was approached by men who knew Hunter.

He stopped at the corner where asked the conversation of his target. Li learned that waiting for the loading of a new poison of Reagle, to deliver it within the evening in the hands of Reagle. Ruché went on his way towards the Thames, where Hunter had to go ahead and find out more. Just climbed on a roof thanks to grapple at their disposal, Hunter watched Ruché decided therefore to assassinate you in charge of the goods found to be Reginald Smith, for so much with the string of the grappling hook Glove Assassin, murdered the two who spoke with a murder in flight from the rope. Hunter asked who knew where she lived William Reagle, but neither revealed what they knew only that he had murdered two of them will not stop the great Reginald Perker's car, which had set in motion, intent on conquering all over the UK.

Their deaths Hunter fled from the area and observed the situation from the bridge where he would Thimoty, nodding his friend that he could wait. Hunter explained that the new poison circulating in the city was destined to William Reagle. Hunter explained to his friend that that cart would take him from his target. Thimoty decided to follow him. Therefore Hunter stole a cab, and Timothy sat down to sing. The two Assassins followed for so the cart along the river Thames coming in the vicinity of an abandoned factory. Observing with his other eye Hunter discovered that men had hijacked the cars have different roads. Therefore he decided to follow them separately. Timothy took another carriage while Hunter went right and Timothy took the opposite road.

Following the Hunter wagon saw a stately villa just outside London. Therefore he decided to penetrate and reach the target, which seemed lived outside London. Hunter-call Templar therefore circumvented and headed inside. Once inside the villa, he watched with other eyes the situation managing to locate William upstairs. William Hunter reached the rooms and found him write a letter seal it and mail it. Hunter looked around identifying the piece of Eden closed behind the center console. He hid behind the curtain and when he had to pull the William murdered him your hidden blades. In the last moments of the life of William, Hunter learned that Reginald Parker was already holding a fruit of Eden and would never be able to get to him. Hunter assured him that he would recover, too. Therefore Hunter found the combination to the safe and opened it behind the picture that had identified.

He took the Scepter of Aset and fled from the residence back to London. He reached Westminster, where awaited him Thimoty, who informed that the board wanted the report to both. So saying, the two Assassins reached the council under the Parliament building. The sight of the Hunter Council put on the table the scepter of Aset, an artifact of the First Civilization, and showed him the three soaked handkerchiefs of his victims' blood. Samuel was satisfied. Hunter put it aware that Reginald Parker was holding a Piece of Eden. Samuel gave him the Phantom of the blade that position it to the right hand blade Hunter together with new hidden blades, considering it ready to carry two hidden blades and silent and deadly blade that used their French branch. He promoted him to the ranks of three simple Assassin, informing him that he had a long way to go.

Travel to Caribbean[]

The Purge[]






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Assassin Mentor[]

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