Imran Topanki was a turkish Bosnian serial killer and a member of the Order of the Assassins operating in the twenty-first century during the post-war period in Europe and West Asia. Imran is mainly concentrated to kill all those responsible for his imprisonment. It is also an ancestor of Wolfgang Topanki paternal line.

Early life Edit

Imran Topanki was born in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire, by a turkish man and Bosnian mother. His mother having been a victim of rape and became pregnant a few months after the birth of Imran, the two moved to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Imran attended schools in the country, receiving a good education although repeatedly abused by her teachers and the other kids. Being already fragile psychologically, Imran miss their father and repeated clashes, further he exacerbated her mental instability leading him to isolate himself and hating the world. Imran got several clashes with many other boys, as Nedeljko Cabrinovic, and having several clicks of anger. Imran befriended some Gavrilo Princip and the two became best friends until 1907.

Criminal life Edit

In 1916, Imran started to live on the streets, stealing and killing people as well making as he entered the Bosnian underworld. Imran moved to Serbia and there he continued his life of crime. His manipulations and its influence spread rapidly throughout the country. Imran killed so many people as when he started to beat up a policeman to break his head. Its operations gradually began to reach far beyond the scope of prostitution, kidnapping, extortion, murder and elite of Belgrade. Around 1919 Imran following a failed extortion, he was captured by the Serb police and taken to Terezin.

Prisoners Edit

Imran was imprisoned in Terzìn. In prison Imran had many clashes with both the staff, and with the other prisoners. Many times he was beaten by his captors as the overseer Danilo Nedovic, Draco Dacic director, the priest Karl Joseph and nurse Leila Amar. Imran harbored a deep hatred for the three men who were the main architects of his pain and his suffering even if Lejla was the only one to treat it with respect and to be kind to him. Imran was involved in many brawls from which almost always came out winner and once even killed another prisoner with whom he was named Hans competition. Imran tried many times to escape, but without success, trying repeatedly to kill the guards, and succeeding even a few times.

Escape Edit

In September 1921, in Imran cell he came a guard and seeing that Imran did not react approached him. Imran grabbed the guard by the neck and strangled her and then took her clothes and put them on him. Imran put the guard to the wall in doing so seemed to be sleeping. Imran left the cell and walked the corridors pretending nothing. At one point two guards recognized him and before they could stop him Imran punched him in the face first and broke his neck on the second. After traveling the corridors took possession of a car and left the fortress. Imran reached Monstar and them back to life as a criminal.

Joining Assassins Edit

Imran was able to obtain a special armor of steel and an iron mask that you put on the face to avoid recognition. Imran became very good in the race and acrobatics in close combat with the short sword, becoming famous for being one of the best killers in the country. One day, Imran received a letter in which he told him to go into the city tunnel and meet with a man. Imran does not much trust and with it the port sword and gun. Imran reached the appointed place, and found them four hooded men who attacked him. Although primarily was astonished, Imran managed to defeat all attackers without killing them. From the darkness he came out a man, who said his name Dragoslav "Dragan" Nikolić and proposed to Imran to join an order called the Order of the Assassins of which was Dragoslav Mentor. Imran Dragan looked for a moment and then made of it with the head. In the months that followed Imran passed them to train and to fight the enemies of the Assassins Serbs or the Templars. The first missions of Imran consisted in killing the Templar agents and ensure justice in the streets of the city. In fact, after the First World War, the Assassins Serbs were sweeping away the last remnants of the Templars in the country. The Imran missions is to kill the Templar agents in the country and providing support to other branches of the Brotherhood in Europe. Imran passed four years to faithfully serve the Brotherhood until 1925 when he decided to hunt down his tormentors.

Hunted Edit

Imran in January 1925, he decided to begin to hunt down his tormentors and January 30, 1925 he returned to Terezin. Imran from outside the gate of the mental hospital saw that c 'were many guards standing around the yard and decided to opt for stealth. Evaded the guards and crossed the courtyard, Imran killed two overseers and having forced the door lock entered the building. Imran using Eagle Vision, spotted Dacic, the director, on the upper floors. Imran knew he needed a diversion and thus freed some patients of a mental hospital who attacked staff. Imran managed to reach the upper floors, killing everyone he met and walked into Dacic. The man soon recognized Imran tried to run away but the Murderess the closed all the loopholes and the dagger in the chest with the short sword. Imran erased all evidence that proved his stay in the mental hospital and was able to discover that Josif that Nedovic had been transferred both in Sarajevo and Zenica in Bosnia. Imran reflected on the data he had and after being released from the mental hospital she traveled to Sarajevo. Imran arrived in Sarajevo on 10 March and immediately began along the paths of his two targets. After careful investigation, Imran was discovered that Karl Joseph often frequented the city's cathedral. Imran came to the cathedral and after he entered he saw Joseph sitting at a bench. Imran sat behind Joseph, who asked him what he was doing. Imran said he had come to settle accounts and said this stabbed him in the back with your hidden blades. The man's death, the Murderess left the church while people had shrunk back and his screaming passage. Imran spent the next three months to flee from the police, because of the double murder he had committed. Imran came in Zenica 4 July 1925 and discovered that Nedovic worked at the fortress-prison of the city. Imran using lanciacorda managed to reach the walls and once there killed a guard throwing it in a vacuum. Imran went on killing the guards he met and eventually managed to get into the room where Nedovic. From above the roof through a window, he saw that Imran Nedovic was struggling with an interrogation. Imran entered the room killing the two guards at the entrance and throwing a dagger to another guard across the room. Nedovic tried to shoot Imran but the Murderess dodged the blow and shot him in turn with the rifle. Nedovic fatally shot fell to the ground and untied the prisoner Imran then jumped out the window. Once escaped from the window Imran decided not to kill Lejla that even though it was his tormentor was the one who had shown polite to him.

Exile Edit

Imran few months later he returned to the base of the Assassins Serbs. There he was greeted by assassins whom one of them punched him in the face to Imran. Imran was initially stunned but quickly recovered to parry two more punches and counterattack. Imran stormed punches 3 killers putting them out of the game but the other two took him from behind and pinning him to the wall took him punched until he fainted. Imran found himself in the presence of Mentor Dragoslav Nikolic who accused him openly of killing innocents in his personal goals and not having followed his orders. Moreover, Imran had acted without his consent, and climbed over the Nikolic authorities. Therefore the Mentor banned by the Brotherhood, Imran depriving him of his rank and of his estate. Imran did not let the weather assassins to take away his estate and stabbing the murderess in the neck that was approaching threw himself from the window out of the room. He shot three other sentries and after taking a horse fled.

Kills Edit

Imran became a mercenary and an assassin, being paid to kill specific people on behalf of certain political and religious minorities. Imran continued his life of crime and became a famous serial killer in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Imran also did several killings of ordinary people and became a criminal depraved and brutal. In 1927 Imran met in Tugunska, in Siberia with a certain Simon Soric who was to make a proposal to Imran. Imran reached the appointed place and met Soric. Soric revealed to be a Templar and offered him an offer to join the Templars. Imran initially laughed then looked Soric and said no. Imran shot to the head of Soric with his pistol and killed him. Following this meeting, Imran became much more cruel and brutal with his victims to becoming like Jack the Ripper. One day Imran was on a roof of a house to kill a man named Janos Stranislaw who would have to go soon. Imran saw Janos move under him with his escort of 10 men. Imran followed the escort for the roofs, killing some men with poisoned darts. When stock became aware of his presence Imran murdered two flying guards. Imran saw a soldier with the bayonet attack from the right and another left with an ax. Imran took his bayonet and diverted the her cum in the soldier's throat with the ax, and while it fell to the ground, Imran slipped off the ax and planted it in the first soldier collarbone. After killing three other soldiers with Imran short blades he reached Stranislaw and shot him in the head. Since 1928, Imran became romantically to Lejla Amar whom he had a son the following year.

Later life and death Edit

On 16 September 1928, Imran was in Zalau in Romania to walk through the streets of the city when it was attacked by a hooded figure. From fighting style, Imran saw that it was a murderess. After a tough battle, Imran suffered a wound to his side but managed to defeat his target and escape. Imran reached a ceiling and said the murderer who had his name and the murderess took off his hood revealing a woman and said his name was Jelena Vesna. In the months that followed, Imran passed them to escape from Jelena which was discovered to have been commissioned by Nikolic to kill Imran. Imran escaped the Balkan state in the Balkan state being increasingly hunted and chased by Jelena which also mobilized the Serbian and Bosnian police. Imran had another clash with Jelena in May 1929 in which almost killed him from Assassin. Imran had about 11 other clashes with Jelena all occurred between 1928 and 1929. On 13 January 1930, Imran tired and wounded, he returned to Belgrade and hid in his old home. Imran sat down at the dining room table and placed his gun on the table after lying on the chair. Former murderess saw movement out of the window and instinctively shot the glass, sending him into a thousand pieces. Imran jumped up and as he went out the window he heard the door open. Imran started running for vegetation. imran there stood two hooded figures and immediately stabbed in the throat. As he continued to race received a gunshot in the leg and fell to the ground. Imran tired and wounded crawled under a tree and could see Jelena toward him, holding the gun still smoking from the barrel. Imran saw another murderess and shot him. The murderess fell dead to the ground but Imran failed to shoot Jelena which wounded him in the arm. Imran said to Jelena to finish it, and he looked at him a moment and then shot him in the head, killing him.

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