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Iona Moartz
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December 25 1839


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American Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Salvation

Iona Moartz (1839 - unknown) was an Assassin of the American Brotherhood. Iona was born to a slave mother and a slaver father, from birth she was a slave until she was freed by Assassins.

From 1860 to 1866, Iona searched for the Source of Eden. In 1866, she and the Assassin Ugochukwu discovered the Source of Eden in Nigeria alongside the precursor site, the Factory.

In 2017, it was revealed she was an ancestor of Horatio Pierce through the paternal line.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Iona was born into slavery to the slave Janice and the American slaver Jonathan Smith on a plantation in Minnesota. For the first eleven years of her life, she was never acknowledged by her father and only considered an inconvenience while also being met with prejudice by other slaves due to her mixed heritage.

Sometime in 1847, Iona's mother contracted a disease and died leaving her without a family.

In 1850, the plantation was raided by Assassins. The slaves were freed and Jonathan was killed in the process being revealed to be a Templar. Iona went to investigate the commotion in her father's home while the other slaves fled, Iona entered her father's bedroom where she found him dead and an Assassin standing over him. The Assassin told her to look away as someone should not see death so young, Iona rebuffed this and simply stated she was glad "the monster was dead".

The Assassin went on to tell her she was free to go but Iona informed him that she had nowhere to go as her family was gone. Feeling pity for the orphaned girl, the Assassin decided he would take her with him to an Assassin hideout, upon arriving the American Assassins agreed to train her. There she created her own surname: "Moartz".

Hunt for the Source of Eden Edit

Meeting Ugochukwu Edit

In 1860, Iona completed her training and was inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood. Due to her possessing the rare ability of Eagle Vision, implying her Isu ancestry, the Assassins decided to task Iona with finding the Source of Eden before the Templar Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius. Iona accepted this task and began her mission.

After a year of following lead after lead, Iona discovered of the Templar John Gofrey who had information on the Source's whereabouts. Iona, who had been hearing of the efforts of Ugochukwu, a Ngwa Assassin who had been liberating slaves as well as a participant in the Battle of Philippi. She wrote to him, enlisting of his aid in finding Godfrey. The two agreed to meet in the Frontier.

Upon her arrival, Iona revealed to Ugo the existence of the Sources of Eden, Ugo stated that he did some digging and that Godfrey was located at a fort south of where they are. While on the way, Iona developed an interest in Ugo who was a year her junior and admired the fact that at a young age, he had achieved much when it came to aiding their people. Iona went on to comment of how she was aware of Ugo's work liberating the slaves and partaking in the current Civil War, she lamented that she wished she could be doing the same only that she had to search for the Source. Ugo went on to say that someone had to do it but if it wasn't him he'd be glad if it were her to liberate slaves in his stead.

The two eventually arrived to Godfrey's fort. The two hid in some bushes and noticed that slaves were being used for labor in the camp, Iona noticed that Ugo was visibly irritated by this and told him she will be fine obtaining the information from Godfrey, Ugo realized that she was telling him to go and liberate the slaves. Iona then snuck off in the direction of Godfrey's quarters. Iona assassinated Godfrey and demanded to know of the Source's location although he refused to tell her before dying. Frustrated that she had nothing to go on, she decided to search his office and eventually found a letter to Godfrey from the Grand Master Cornelius. The only information she obtained was that the Source was with the Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius and that he was out of the country searching for a precursor site.

Iona reunited with and informed him of what had transpired to which led Ugo to believe that the Templars didn't know of Cornelius' whereabouts either. Before parting ways, Ugo wished Iona all the best in her search and that he would contact her if he discovers anything new as well as telling her to contact him if she needed his aid once more. Iona thanked Ugo for aiding her and told him to continue being the hope for their people that no one else was, she kissed him on the cheek before leaving. 

From 1861 to 1865, Ugo and Iona kept in contact via letter and met up from time to time.

Assassinating Stonewall Jackson Edit

Two years later, in May 1863. Iona had learned that the high-ranking Templar and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson had information regarding Cornelius' location. She then travelled to Virginia where Jackson was located where she would eventually meet Ugochukwu, who was also after Jackson. Thrilled to see him, she suggested that they work together to which Ugo agreed.

Although they decided to split up to find information. Iona travelled deeper into the city and eavesdropped on several conversations where she eventually learned that Jackson was currently located at a plantation named Fairfield in Guinea. Iona and Ugo rendezvoused and traded information, Ugo revealed that Jackson sustained injuries in the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Iona and Ugo travelled to Fairfield in Guinea on horseback. Arriving at the plantation, the two snuck their way to Jackson's quarters, assassinating Confederate soldiers on the way. Iona and Ugo  found Jackson bed ridden and missing an arm with a sickly appearance, Iona suggested that Ugo put Jackson out of his misery swiftly. Without a word, he activated his Hidden Blade and assassinated Jackson which woke him up, Jackson in his delirium caused from the pneumonia he was suffering cried out "Order A.P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front rapidly! Tell Major Hawks"—then stopped, leaving the sentence unfinished. Iona went on to ask where Obadiah Cornelius' whereabouts is, recovering from his delirium and wanting to clear his conscience revealed to the two that Cornelius was on an exhibition in Mexico, searching for a precursor Temple that held a Source of Eden.

After revealing this, a smile of ineffable sweetness spread itself over Jackson's pale face, and he said quietly, and with an expression, as if of relief, 'Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.' and passed away peacefully.

Iona and Ugo exited Jackson's living quarters. Ugo knew that Iona would be heading to Mexico next to which she confirmed, Ugo wished her luck in her hunt. Iona hugged Ugo and reassured him that they would still write to each other and with that she left to prepare for her journey in Mexico.

Time in Mexico Edit

In 1863, Iona arrived in Mexico and began searching for Cornelius' and the Source.

In 1864, through interrogating and assassinating a Mexican Templar Iona discovered Corenlius' location in Mexico City although the place he was staying at was heavily guarded by Mexican military. If Iona was to engage Cornelius, she needed to play this smart.

Around June 1864, Iona arrived at a heavily guarded [ Metropolitan Cathedral] where Cornelius was located. She infiltrated the church and assassinated any guards on her way, she entered Cornelius' quarters and assassinated him only to discover it was a decoy. Suddenly she was attacked by a large hulking guard, using her graceful and elegant combat skills she managed to kill him while learning that Cornelius was aware of Iona tracking him down and led her here to throw Iona of Cornelius' trail. Back to square one, she relentlessly continued her search for Cornelius and the Source.

Final Confrontation with Cornelius Edit

Return to America Edit

In 1865, Iona received a telegraph from Ugo detailing that the American Civil War was over and that it was urgent she return to America and meet with him. Iona did just that, Iona asked what was so urgent that she needed to return to America, Ugo revealed to Iona that he knows of Cornelius' whereabouts and of the existence of the Factory in Africa. Iona attempted to leave for Africa on her own although Ugo insisted he go with her, she accepted and the two left for Africa urgently.

Due to the harsh winds, Ugo and Iona were confined to the sea for 13 weeks. During this time, the two grew much closer and Ugo learned of Iona's past with her being of mixed heritage and born into slavery, never having the luxury of a proper childhood which led Ugo telling Iona of his story, that he was born in Nigeria but kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Upon arriving in Nigera in January 1866, Ugo realized he had a chance to visit his village. He told Iona of this to which she understood and stated that she would try and locate Cornelius' whereabouts in the meantime. After a few days Iona finally returned and met with Ugo at his village stating she had found no leads, excitedly Anwulichukwu greeted Iona, commenting on her beauty and asked if she was Ugo's lover to which both Iona and Ugo nervously declined. Ugo and Iona discussed the Factory's location in front of Anwulichukwu which made her realize that the location they were discussing was also a point of worship for their village. After hearing this, Ugo asked if she could take them to the Factory.

The Factory Edit

Anwulichukwu led Iona and Ugo to the Factory where they discovered the entrance was already open realizing that Cornelius was already ahead of them. Entering the Factory, the two Assassins discovered of the Factory's defenses were operational further implying that Cornelius was inside the precursor site. Iona and Ugo navigated their way by freerunning their way through the facility's ever-changing and disjointed architecture.

Iona and Ugo then confronted Cornelius. Cornelius used the Source to create duplicates of himself, similar to Al Mualim and Ezio Auditore da Firenze and used the duplicates to attack Ugo and Iona individually. While the two fought for their lives against the duplicates as well as avoiding projectile attacks from Cornelius and the Source, Cornelius went on a monologue stating that the Factory was used by the Isu to genetically engineer humans and that it holds the key to controlling humanity as a whole, he went on to state that while the Assassins have a noble goal of freedom that it is misguided and sends an invitation towards chaos.

Ugo, while still battling the duplicates went on to state that his actions during the American Civil War loosened the Templar's influence and ensured his people's freedom and told Hill that the Assassins were never anarchists, they support democracy, not the abolition of order and government. Iona then went on to state that the Assassins goals have always triumphed while the Templar's defeatist ideology can only get them so far and why they haven't won the Assassin-Templar conflict yet.

After the debate of Assassin and Templar ideologies, Iona and Ugo finally managed to Assassinate Cornelius.

Hiding the Source Edit

After Cornelius' death, the two Assassins took the Source from him and decided once more that it would be safer hidden away from humanity. Iona and Ugo made their way deep into the Factory to hide the Source, the two placed the Source in a locked box where no one would find it. After completing this, a holographic recording of an Isu member congratulated both Iona and Ugo of their accomplishments and stated that Ugo shared much similarities with his ancestor Adam. The Isu also commented that now with his people free and the war over, Ugo has ensured the existence of his and Iona's descendant.

The two then suddenly realized that the Isu calculated the probability that Ugo and Iona were to have offspring, inherently realizing it was literally their destiny to have children the two no longer let their feelings for each other hold each other back and kissed each other passionately, starting a relationship between the two.

Later life Edit

Iona and Ugo returned to America with Anwulichukwu where she would live with Ugo at the Abrams Homestead, Ugo and Iona would go on to marry in 1868. Due to her contributions to the Assassin Brotherhood, Iona was granted the rank of Master Assassin.

In 1870, Anwulichukwu passed away which left Ugo devastated as he had only reunited with her only four years prior but his wife, Iona helped him through the pain. A little over a year later in 1871, Bartholomew also went on to pass away but in his will he left the Abrams Homestead in Ugo's name, Ugo was heartbroken as Bartholomew was like a father to him.

Although after all their hardship, Iona would be thrilled to discover she was pregnant in 1872. In late 1872, she gave birth to her's and Ugo's first child, a boy, whom they named Bartholomew Moartz in honour of Ugo's mentor. Five years later, in 1877 Iona gave birth to their second child, Adaugo Moartz.

In 1882, Iona watched her husband train their son in the Assassin ways in thue garden. Their daughter Aduago impatiently asked Ugo when she would be able to train and be able to climb things like her brother to which Iona stated that one day she will learn but it will be her teaching Adaugo, Ugo. Ugo then went to embrace his family, feeling that after a life of tragedy and hardship he had finally found happiness.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Iona was a very calm and collected individual to the point of being somewhat stoic, to the point upon seeing her father's dead body she had no reaction and was in fact pleased with his death, it was rare she ever lost her temper of levelheadedness. Despite her tragic upbringing, she never let her past influence the person she would become.

Like most slaves in that era, she found herself drawn to the Assassin cause as she wanted freedom for her people. Iona was an abolitionist but due to her mission to find the Source, she couldn't fight for that cause.

Iona was a very driven and hardworking individual as she dedicated six years of her life to finding the Source, she was so driven that she did not allow herself to be distracted, which resulted in her ignoring her ever growing feelings for the Assassin and her future husband Ugochukwu.

Despite being, calm and work-oriented, Iona was indeed capable of showing love and warmth as seen in 1882 when she was with her family, although she could have developed this trait during motherhood.

Equipment and skills Edit

Iona had the traits of a Master Assassin before even being granted the rank. She was proficient with the Hidden Blade which she used to targets skilfully and stealthily.

Iona was proficient freerunner, she was held in regard as one of the best freerunners in America during the late 19th century being able to scale buildings in minutes with much ease. She was also a proficient swimmer and trained in the art of tailing, eavesdroppingm lockpicking and pickpocketing.

As the carrying of weapons openly was forbidden at the time, she relied on an arsenal of hidden tools, much like her husband. Iona utilized an arsenal of hidden tools including his dual Hidden Blades, a kukri blade, revolver and throwing knives.

Unlike her husband, who was more ruthless in combat. Iona fought with a grace and elegance, people who saw her in combat commented that she was like water when she fought.

Trivia Edit

  • Iona is a unisex name that is taken from the Scottish island of Iona, which has a particular significance in the history of Christianity.
  • Iona stood at 5'8 and weighed 122lbs.
  • Iona inherited her robes from the Assassin Lady Concord although how she obtained these robes are unknown.
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