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"I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Isabelle, Vivian, and Diane in restoring the French Brotherhood to its former glory. It is only going to go up from here, and the possibilities are endless!"
―Irina O'Reilly on the future of the French Brotherhood, May 1966.

Irina Anne ‘Irene’ O’Reilly (nee McCall) (1927 - ) also known by her nickname The Crow, is a former British Master Assassin of the French Brotherhood from 1955 to 1990, serving as a bookkeeper and archivist under the leadership of French Assassin Mentor Isabelle Andreu after being recruited by the former in 1955. As a member of the French Brotherhood, Irina managed the funds of the Brotherhood for many projects such as the restoration of Sainte-Chappelle and its bureau, as well as Cafe Theatre, and meticulously organized the Brotherhood’s archives, handling the writings and some relics of Master Assassins and Templars before her, such as Francois Charles Dorian, Alana Rose Dorian, Maria Williams, Quin Williams, Fulke, Haytham Kenway, and Shay Patrick Cormac. Irina was also known for deciphering the ancient Isu script, with help from the Italian Brotherhood. Irina would also later participate in the field as well. She is of British and Russian descent.

As of 2021, Irina is one of two former Assassins from Isabelle's cell of French Assassins, the other being Diane Laurent.

Early Life[]

Irina Anne McCall was born on May 25th, 1927, the only child born to Mikhail Sidorov, a Russian carpenter and Master Assassin who fled during the Russian Revolution, and Isanne McCall, an Anglo-French Master Assassin of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins in Leeds, England. Growing up, Irina excelled in elementary and secondary school studies, where math was her strongest subject. During her youth, she had a job delivering papers, a job that she would later state as ‘boring’.  When she was seven, her parents moved to Paris due to Isanne’s commitments within the Parisian Brotherhood. Irina would go to the same elementary and secondary as Isabelle and Vivian, but did not meet them during her time in school.

Housefire and Return to England[]

In June of 1936, Irina was coming home from school to see a crowd of firetrucks surrounding her house. Much to her horror, it was her house that was on fire. Irina ran as quickly as she could, entering her burning house to look for her mother, inhaling quite a bit of smoke in the process. Irina collapsed into her father’s arms, coughing up a storm. In between coughs, Irina informed her father that Isanne was nowhere to be found. Irina and her father would stay with a neighbour until their house was rebuilt. Around this time, Irina was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, which was later revealed to be a misdiagnosis.

The papers revealed that Isanne McCall was murdered and left for dead in an alleyway a few days later. Irina and her father mourned Isanne’s loss, laying her to rest in a small grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Irina fell into a spell of depression after her mother died, and found work at a homeless shelter as a maid’s assistant on a volunteer basis with her aunt. After work, she would give some homeless people a small amount of money when she left. On her last day at the shelter (August 30th, 1939), Irina would give some money to a young woman with black hair who had just gotten into a verbal spat with the police. Unbeknownst to her, that young woman would later become her Mentor.

On September 1st, 1939, World War 2 broke out when Nazi Germany attacked Poland. Irina and her father began to hastily pack, as they were preparing to move back to Leeds. While they were packing, Irina noticed that her father had been exchanging correspondence with Alexandra Dorian, making mention of the name Stefan Klein, and noticed the insignia of the Assassins on the paper. On the way back to Leeds, Irina asked her father what really happened to her mother. Mikhail informed his daughter that Isanne was brutally tortured and beaten by Stefan Klein, a Nazi Assassin Hunter, and left her for dead as a message to the French Brotherhood, and that he succeeded in murdering Alexandra Dorian, Mentor of the Parisian Assassins, and that Olivier R. Abadie had taken over and went into hiding. Once they arrived in Leeds, Irina and her father settled in with Isanne’s mother, where her father informed her of the tragedy that befell Isanne. Irina continued her secondary schooling at Leeds Girls’ High School while her father taught her all about the history of the Assassin Brotherhood. After she completed her secondary schooling, Irina enrolled in the University of Leeds, where she enrolled in classes specific to accounting and history. She attended these classes, earning her bachelor’s degree in accounting and history in 1951.

Career as an Assassin[]

Return to Paris and Joining the Assassins[]

Once she finished earning her bachelor’s degree, Irina and her father moved back to Paris, where she enrolled at the University of Paris to earn her PhD in both accounting and history. In 1955, her father passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 66. Irina buried her father beside her mother inside Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Irina returned to her home and continued to mourn. A day later, she heard a knock on her door. Irina opened the door to see a short woman with long black hair, who introduced herself as Isabelle Andreu, Mentor of the French Brotherhood of Assassins. Irina welcomed her in for a cup of coffee, where they discussed the Assassins Brotherhood, Abstergo Industries, French politics, and Isabelle’s missing finger before Isabelle brought up Irina’s interest in banking and archiving, and that she could use someone of her talents within her Brotherhood. Irina informed Isabelle that she needed some time to think about it. Isabelle remembered Irina from her youth, and told her to think of this offer as a way of paying her back. Isabelle shook Irina’s hand and made her way out, telling her to come down to Cafe Theatre once she made up her mind.

French Assassin Cell c. 1960-61. L to R: Diane Laurent, Vivian Cadieux-Foden, Isabelle Andreu, and Irina O'Reilly.

After a few days of critical thinking, Irina decided that she wanted to continue her parent’s legacies and join the Brotherhood. She made her way down to Cafe Theatre in the early morning, where she found a bespectacled Isabelle enjoying her morning coffee. Isabelle invited Irina to sit down. Sipping on her coffee, Irina informed Isabelle that she wished to join Isabelle’s Brotherhood, but couldn’t do any fieldwork due to her lung condition. Isabelle understood what ailed Irina and once they were finished with their coffees, Isabelle led Irina down into the secret tunnel which led to the Brotherhood’s headquarters. Irina looked around to see that the headquarters were in severe disarray. Irina was briefly introduced to Isabelle’s husband Xavier and her second in command Vivian Cadieux-Foden, just as she was about to set out for Milan before making their way over to the room that was to be the archives.

Irina and Isabelle approached the archives room and were greeted by boxes upon boxes of books and scattered papers written by notable Assassins such as Elise de la Serre, Juliette Marie Dorian, Alana Rose Dorian, Francois Charles Dorian, Herve Quemar, Sophie Trenet, Quin Williams, Fulke, Haytham Kenway, and Maria Williams, along with some slabs of rock with mysterious writing on them. Irina thanked Isabelle for her opportunity and got right down to work on a job that would ultimately take her three years to finish, with Irina’s main focus on earning her PhD in accounting and history, which she would complete in early 1958. Once she earned her PhD in accounting, Isabelle put her in charge of the Brotherhood’s finances. Irina would also act as an informant and would also serve as the Brotherhood’s secretary, taking appointments for those who wish to speak with Isabelle or anyone within the Brotherhood.

Capture by Abstergo Industries[]

On the morning of June 5th, 1961, while she was enjoying her morning coffee, Abstergo agents broke into Cafe Theatre and forcibly restrained Irina and loaded her into the back of a van. They did this because they knew Vivian was away and that Isabelle never did much fieldwork, so she wouldn’t come for the weakest member of her council.  Irina tried to resist, but was knocked unconscious for her efforts.

Irina awoke in an Abstergo facility, within a cell, wearing nothing but dirty, raggy clothing. Irina tried to ask her captives where she was, to which all they said was ‘Rome’ before slamming the port of her cell, leaving her in darkness until the next day.

The next day, she was taken to the medical wing under heavy security, where Abstergo agents hooked her up to several machines to keep track of her vitals and blood type. A few days later, the doctors injected her with a drug they believed could ‘bring out the spirit inside her’ due to their belief of her being a sage. The drug failed, leaving Irina very sick for a few days. She would later be informed that she would be implanted with a chip that could activate in the presence of a Mentor, prompting her to kill them. They cut open her arms to reveal muscle and veins just to draw blood. Their operation was dubbed 'Operation Sage Blossom'. Before they could operate further, she was rescued by fellow Assassins Diane Laurent and Xavier Andreu, disguised as scientists, who smuggled her out of Abstergo’s Rome location and flew her out of Italy and back to France in a daring operation led by Isabelle from France, called ‘Operation Rabbit’s Foot’.

Back in France, Irina spoke with Isabelle, thanking her for sending French Assassins to free her from Abstergo’s holding. She would also inform her Mentor about what Abstergo threatened to do to the entirety of the Assassin Brotherhood, and that they should all be warned of Abstergo’s treachery. Isabelle informed Irina that she promised to make sure word reached the other Assassin cells, and said she would make a claim to the president of France to consider it a violation of her human rights.

Irina would take a sabbatical from her activities for a month before resuming them.

Entering the Field[]

Over the course of her month-long sabbatical, Irina visited a doctor to see if she still had chronic bronchitis as she wasn't displaying symptoms. It was later revealed that her diagnosis at youth was a misdiagnosis and that her bronchitis wasn't chronic. After hearing this, Irina rushed back to their headquarters to inform Isabelle of her news. Sitting down in her office, Irina informed her Mentor of the status of her ailment. Her reveal came as a shock for Isabelle, but was still hesitant about allowing the younger Assassin to enter the field. Irina said to Isabelle that she would do anything to get back at Marcelo Coraldi, the director of Operation Sage Blossom. Hearing all that she needed to hear, Isabelle decided to personally train Irina in freerunning and combat in order to enhance her skills as an Assassin. The training was rigorous and hard, but over the course of two years worth of Isabelle's training, Irina earned her Hidden Blade, and awaited her opportunity to assassinate Coraldi. While she waited, she applied for and successfully got a job at a banking firm in London in February 1963 as a financial advisor. Aside from her work life, she worked on improving her physique.

Assassination of Marcelo Coraldi[]

In August of 1963 while living in London, Irina received word from Isabelle that Marcelo Coraldi was traveling to London to attend a conference on Genetic Memory. Seeing that there was her opportunity, Irina discovered that he was staying in a hotel in the heart of London and not accepting any visitors. Knowing this, Irina had to acquire a guise, taking that of Marie Arria, a doctor who operated on her arms, after knocking her out and taking her clothes. She entered the hotel, putting in a brown contact lens to hide her heterochromia, Finding out that he was staying on the fifth floor of the hotel in Room 514. Approaching the door, Irina put on her best Italian accent and to her surprise got in. Before he could get a word in, Irina grabbed Coraldi and threw him around the room several times, severely hurting him. Coraldi backed into a corner and pleaded for his life. Irina pulled up her sleeve and reveal one of the scars on her arms, stating that he was responsible for nearly killing her and that he was a monster for attempting to turn her into a monster. Before he could say anything else, Irina plunged her Hidden Blade into his jugular. Marcelo Corvaldi was dead, and Irina left the room and hotel like nothing had happened, returning to France to inform Isabelle of her successes.

Car Accident of 1973[]

On August 9th of 1973, Irina and her husband Sebastian were driving back to their Paris home, when they were suddenly t-boned at an intersection by an unknown assailant, ramming their vehicle into a nearby building. Irina broke her right leg and arm in three separate places and cracked three ribs. Sebastian suffered a broken left arm and hip. Irina and Sebastian were immediately taken away to the hospital to receive emergency surgery. She would recover over the span of five weeks. While she was recovering in the hospital, Isabelle and Vivian paid her a visit to inform her that she was run off the road by an employee of Abstergo Industries, and that there was malicious intent behind the attack for what she did to Marcelo Coraldi ten years earlier. Isabelle also informed Irina that the assailant was in police custody and that she and Vivian will keep up the archives and finances in her absence. After her five-week recovery, Irina returned to her duties, albeit with a hobble in her right leg whenever she walked.

Later Assassin Years and Retirement[]

In 1986, it was revealed that the French Assassin Brotherhood (under the leadership of Vivian Cadieux-Foden), would come under the leadership of an elusive figure known as the ‘Mentor’, which was a  controversial move that disrupted several years of tradition within the Assassin Brotherhood. Among the French Brotherhood, they were incensed at this new change. Vivian and Isabelle retired from their careers as Assassins out of protest to the new change, returning to their previous lives. Irina would assist Valerie and Margaux in upkeeping the archives and make the transition into making the Saint-Chappelle hideout into a museum until her own retirement in early 1990, which would ultimately be achieved in 1995. Irina would also host tours of the building as well, up until the Great Purge of 2000.

Great Purge and Later Years[]

On December 6th, the Great Assassin Purge began after Daniel Cross successfully assassinated the Mentor on behalf of Abstergo Industries. Several Abstergo agents were sent around to Assassin Cells around the world to eradicate Assassins and former Assassins alike. The Sainte-Chappelle hideout was destroyed, with only the archive sustaining minor damage. Isabelle, Vivian, Irina, and Diana met up in the basement of Vivian’s house to bid each other farewell amidst all the panic. Isabelle said she was going back to her home in Versailles, Vivian was going to relocate to Wigan outside of Manchester, and Diane would return to her former home in Milan. Irina announced that she was going to move to Saskatoon to be with her daughter. Shortly after the meeting, Irina and her son Natasha flew out from Paris to Saskatoon on a private jet. Arriving at the airport in Saskatoon, Natasha and Irina met up with Eva, who drove them to her house in Sutherland. Upon arrival, Irina set up what she had recovered from the archives in her daughter’s basement. She would continue to collect all sorts of Assassin texts from various Brotherhoods around the world, and give speeches to accounting and business students at the University of Saskatchewan. Irina would become an archivist at the University itself, from 2001 to 2010.

Personal Life[]

Growing up, Irina was an extremely introverted child, and would frequently read several books, fiction, and nonfiction, analyzing key parts and writing them down on pieces of paper, and would show them to her parents, telling them about what she discovered. The precision of her analysis and the organization of her paperwork would help her greatly during her career as an Assassin.

She would become more extroverted once she met Isabelle and the women in her Brotherhood. Irina would often be known for her quick quips and sarcastic comebacks. Both Isabelle and Vivian dubbed her as a ‘total smartass.’

Irina was a super positive person, and always saw the positives in every scenario, no matter how dire the scenario was. It was a mindset of Irina’s that Isabelle admired, stating that ‘it was a quality that I wish I had.’

Irina, along with Vivian and Isabelle, traveled to Africa to provide food and water to villages in Niger, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Congo in 1959. Their acts of humanitarianism earned them numerous awards, including recognition from the United Nations for their efforts in combating poverty in Africa.

Romantic Life[]

While in Paris, Irina got to know Sebastian O’Reilly, an Irishman who was attending the University of Paris to get his history PhD. Irina met him in 1955 and the pair immediately hit it off. They would chat with each other about topics such as politics and history, as well as their favorite coffee roast. After two years of dating, Sebastian proposed to Irina atop the Eiffel Tower, and married a year later on October 19th, 1958 in an intimate ceremony in their Paris home. Diane Laurent was her maid of honour, with Isabelle and Vivian serving as bridesmaids. She took his name in marriage, becoming Irina O’Reilly. A year later, Irina gave birth to twin girls. Their first child was named Natasha Chloe O’Reilly. The second child, born six minutes later, was named Eva Michelle O’Reilly on September 28th, 1960. Sebastian would travel with Irina to Saskatoon after the events of the Great Purge. Neither would become Assassins, although they would help their mother with her archival business in France as well as Saskatoon.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Due to her lung condition, Irina rarely participated in field work, leaving it to Isabelle, Vivian, and Diane. But Irina does know how to handle herself in close quarters combat and knows how to wield a Hidden Blade, thanks to the teaching of a multitude of close quarter combat techniques from Isabelle herself.

Irina also knows how to use pressure points in self-defense, and was known for even incapacitating Isabelle, Vivian, Diane, and Xavier during training sessions.

Written Works[]

  • The Successes of Isabelle Allard during World War 2 (1960)
  • The Marvels of Diane Laurent in Fascist Italy (1965)
  • The Heroics of Vivian Cadieux-Foden in East Germany (1971)
  • The Mysterious Language of The Ones Who Came Before (1975)


  • Irina was ambidextrous. She could write with both her left and right hands.
  • Irina had heterochromia iridum. Her left eye was brown and her right eye was green.
  • Upon meeting her, Vivian thought she was a Sage, due to her heterochromia iridum.
  • When they were younger, Irina’s heterochromia iridum scared both Isabelle’s daughter Margaux and Vivian’s daughter Valerie.
  • Irina could read 400 words per minute.
  • Irina was one of the tallest members of Isabelle’s council, standing at 5’6. Diane Laurent stood at the same height.
  • Irina could speak in English, Russian, and French.
  • Isabelle often called Irina ‘Junior’, due to her being the youngest member of the council.
  • Irina was a supporter of Leeds United FC.
  • Irina and Vivian would frequently attend matches whenever the two of them were in Manchester, and would have a friendly rivalry between the two women, due to Vivian’s support of Manchester United.
  • Irina’s favourite texts from the archives were ‘The Assassin Brotherhood: What is to be Done?’ by Quin Williams, “Pieces of Eden: What Do We Know?’, and  “Assassinations by Alternate Means’ by Alana Rose Dorian, as well as the entire ‘Alanist Perspective’ Trilogy.
  • Irina’s looks and appearance were inspired by Canadian curler Shannon Birchard.
  • Artwork on this page is done by Timaeus, known as timayonnaise on Instagram.