"It was at Lydia's flat where I heard the terrible news: France had fallen to the Nazis. The homeland of my family, fallen into corrupt hands. My family wound not stand for this. My ancestors would not stand for this. I will not stand for this."
―An excerpt from the journal of Master Assassin Isabelle Allard, dated June 25th, 1940.
Isabelle Allard
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Master Assassin Isabelle Allard
c. September 1940
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Biographical information

May 9th, 1920
Vimy, France


December 6th, 2011
Paris, France

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  • French Brotherhood (1938)
  • British Brotherhood (1939-1983)
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Battle of Britain
Justice for Alexandria
Liberation of Europe

Isabelle Allard (1920-2011) was a French Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood of Assassins who operated out of London from 1939 to 1983. Isabelle is a member of the legendary Dorian family of Assassins. She is a descendant of the Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, through the line of their son, Francois Charles Dorian. She is of British, French, and Austrian descent.

Early Life Edit

Isabelle Allard was born in the Village of Vimy, France, on May 9th, 1920 to Robert Allard, a retired soldier, and Alexandra Dorian, a banker as well as a Master Assassin who was active in Paris during the Belle Epoque era of France. When Isabelle was five months old, her father passed away from liver failure due to excessive alcoholism. Isabelle cried for three nights, shouting that she wanted her father back. Alexandra looked Isabelle in the eye one night, and told her that they would navigate the harsh waters of life together, and that no one would stop them. It was around this time that Isabelle first met Lydia Frye, her mother's closest friend, who helped Alexandra and Isabelle get back on their feet.

Growing up, Isabelle succeeded in school, graduating in 1938, with an incredible will to learn new things. It also spread to her home, where she learned how do finances with her mother, and how to keep her household afloat. When she was fourteen, Isabelle got a job as a tailor at her home, repairing suits and dresses. Isabelle was sewing her mother's jacket, where she noticed the Assassin insignia on the collar of her jacket. When she got home, she asked her mother about what the symbol meant. Her mother sat her down, and told her about her heritage. She told Isabelle about the origins of the Assassin and Templar Orders, the Assassin-Templar War, and her lineage, ranging from Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, as well as Francois Charles Dorian. After learning so much through this conversation with her mother, Isabelle agreed to train as an Assassin under her mother's wing.

Early Assassin Years Edit

Isabelle began her training under her mother in the spring of 1934, beginning with how to free run, and learning more about the Assassins, the Creed, and their motivations. In 1935, Isabelle began her combat training, learning how to use a kukri, a pistol, and her Hidden Blade in combat scenarios. In 1936, after a training session, Isabelle and her mother went to Vimy Ridge to witness the unveiling of the Vimy War Memorial. Here she got to meet King Edward VIII, a fellow Assassin and friend of her mother's. After shaking his hand, he wished Isabelle well in her training. Alexandra and Isabelle left Vimy and returned to Paris to continue her training.

Master Assassin Edit

In the spring of 1939, Isabelle was bestowed the rank of Master Assassin by her mother. A couple of months later, Isabelle came from her work room one day to witness her mother lying unusually on the couch. She examined her mother, and noticed a Templar Cross on her mother's forehead. Removing the Cross from her forehead, she was shocked to see a bullet hole where the Cross was. Looking in her mother's hand, she discovered a note, which detailed that her mother was murdered at the hands of thugs in league with German Templar Grand Master Richard Klein. Isabelle mourned, and laid her mother to rest beside her ancestors in the Dorian Family Crypt in Pere Lachaise cemetery, all while plotting how to bring Richard Klein to an end. In the fall of 1939, days before the beginning of World War Two, Isabelle visited the Vimy War Memorial once more to honor her father's memory.

World War II Edit

In 1939, World War Two broke out when the Nazis annexed half of Poland. The war didn't catch Isabelle's attention until word reached her that the Nazis were making their way towards Paris. On June 3rd, Isabelle chose to flee Paris alongside a regiment of the British Expeditionary Force to Dunkirk, where she witnessed a ruined town, and dead bodies lying everywhere around the town. Isabelle managed to cope with the stench of the dead and evade gunfire to meet up with her childhood friend and fellow Assassin Xavier Andreu. Along with Xavier, Isabelle managed to wade through the water to make it on board the last ship departing Dunkirk for Dover.

Working with Lydia Frye Edit

Upon arriving in Dover, Isabelle and Xavier made their way to London. When she arrived in London, she was greeted by a man named Isaac Crowder, who told her to meet up with his mother Lydia Frye, Mentor of the Canadian Assassins, in her flat by St. Paul's Cathedral. Isabelle thanked Isaac, and made her way over to Lydia's flat. Arriving at the flat, she was greeted by Lydia, who welcomed her into the flat. Isabelle would stay at the flat with Lydia for several months, and it is where Isabelle would hear that France had fallen to the Nazis, and that Richard Klein was back in Paris. Isabelle was so enraged, she wanted to go back to Paris and avenge her mother. Lydia calmed her down, and told her that it would be too dangerous with the Nazis running amok there. Instead, Lydia and Isabelle remained in London, looking for rumors of a Nazi spy ring within the city.

In September 1940, Isabelle and Lydia caught wind of a spy ring in London. At Lydia's flat, they contacted Lydia's husband Sam Crowder at the RAF Base outside of London. He informed the pair that there is an Aryan courier between a small base and a telecommunications center somewhere in the city. Lydia said that they will begin their search tomorrow, Following their conversation with Sam, the two of them went to bed.

The next morning, Isabelle was awoken by the loud drone of an air raid horn. She quickly got dressed, and rushed outside to see Lydia watching the RAF and Luftwaffe combat each other in the skies of London. After watching for a few moments, Isabelle and Lydia set off to find this mysterious courier. Walking towards St. Paul's Cathedral, Isabelle and Lydia stopped in front of a pharmacy. Lydia told Isabelle that the flat belonged to Juliette Dorian, and that she was born and would train with Sam in the flat as well. As Lydia was continuing the chase, she caught wind of the Aryan courier. Isabelle tailed the courier with Lydia, until he caught wind of them, leading to a chase towards the cathedral, which ended with the courier locking himself inside a courtyard within the cathedral. Through the help of Lydia's Eagle Vision, they managed to locate the courier. Isabelle and Lydia ambushed the courier within the courtyard, where he revealed the location of the telecommunications center before committing suicide. Just as the pair were leaving, Isabelle witnessed the ghost of Elise de la Serre in the courtyard. Clearing her mind, she accompanied Lydia on the walk to the Tower of London.

Arriving at the Tower of London, Isabelle noticed that it was oddly empty, making their infiltration seemingly easier. Isabelle free-ran her way over towards the White Tower, while Lydia used her rope launcher to meet Isabelle over at the White Tower. Through the unguarded main entrance, Isabelle and Lydia made their way into the Tower, and eavesdropped on the Nazi spies in the Chapel of St. John's. After eliminating the spies in convincing fashion, Isabelle and Lydia received word from Sam that the main headquarters of Nazi spy ring was located in the eastern side of the Victoria Train Station. Isabelle and Lydia made their way out of the Tower of London, and hopped on a tugboat up the River Thames to docks not far from Victoria Station. The pair stopped at a shop owned by Elliot, a close friend of Sam's, and picked up a couple of trench coats, which they would use to infiltrate the spy ring headquarters. Isabelle and Lydia managed to infiltrate the spy headquarters, thanks to Isabelle using a thick German accent. While all of the German spies were asleep, Lydia located proof that the spy ring had infiltrated London, and relayed information to Luftwaffe Commander Hermann Goring. As Lydia picked up the proof, Isabelle could hear the sound of a plane spiraling out of control. Isabelle and Lydia escaped the spy headquarters, returning to Lydia's flat and making Isabelle's first mission as a Master Assassin a success.

Hunting down Richard Klein Edit

Confrontation in Stalingrad Edit

On January 8th 1943, while in Stalingrad, Isabelle received word from Nikita Khrushchev that among the German soldiers was a man who went by the name of Richard Klein, and that he overheard him saying that he was looking Isabelle. Isabelle decided to confront Klein, and end him.

Isabelle navigated the bloody battlefield, only sustaining a bullet to her right arm. She eventually encountered the Grand Master in a high rise building. While the violence raged on outside the building, Klein gloated about how he killed her mother, and how it sent a message to the Assassins in France, Britain, and the Soviet Union. He would also inform Isabelle that the German Templars would never fall, and that killing Isabelle would bring their plans into fruition. Isabelle and Klein got into a lengthy fight. Isabelle was an inch away from ending him, but Klein grabbed on Isabelle's injured right arm, and wrenched back on it, causing Isabelle to grab it in pain, allowing Klein to escape. Failing to assassinate the Grand Master, Isabelle fled the chaotic battleground in Stalingrad, and returned to London.

Assassination Edit

On August 19th, 1944, Isabelle departed from London to Paris, with the sole intent on bringing German Templar Grand Master Richard Klein to an end. Arriving outside of Paris, Isabelle was directed to meet up with General Philippe Leclerc, who was planning the assault on the Nazi Garrison, held by Commander Dietrich von Choltitz. He told her to meet up with General Raymond Dronne, who was entering with the La Neuve, which consisted of French soldiers and Spanish Republicans. Isabelle, after being informed by Assassin informants that Klein was up in the Eiffel Tower, Isabelle set out for the tower. She confronted Klein atop the tower after a long climb. After a long, bloody fight, Isabelle propped Klein up against the wall, and chained him to it. She slowly wedged a shard of broken glass into his forehead, carving a hole into his skull, wanting him to feel the pain her mother felt all those years ago. After assassinating Richard Klein, Isabelle fled the Eiffel Tower by way of parachute, eager to tell Lydia Frye the news about the avenging of Alexandra Dorian's death.

Bringing Choltitz to Justice Edit

A day after assassinating Klein, Isabelle scoured the Hotel Majestic for Choltitz. She found him in his office, and cornered him, demanding him surrender. Initially he refused, but Isabelle instructed him to look out the window, seeing that the French Free Forces were on the doorstep of the Hotel. He agreed to surrender to Isabelle and the Allies, and escorted him out of the building, handing him over to Dronne. Isabelle was present when Choltitz signed the Surrender. Isabelle received The Order of Légion d'Honneur from Charles de Gaulle for her efforts in the Liberation of Paris.

Assassination of Adolf Hitler Edit

Isabelle was present in Berlin near the end of the war, hunting down the man who was responsible for plunging the world into darkness: Adolf Hitler.

Isabelle was approached by a Soviet soldier, who informed him that Soviet Commander Cassandra Andropova wished to speak with her. He led her to the barracks, where Cassandra was waiting for her. After sitting down, Cassandra informed Isabelle that Hitler had retreated into his Fuhrerbunker with his wife, and that she could find him there. Isabelle thanked Cassandra and set off for the Fuhrerbunker. Arriving at the bunker just ahead of a squad of Soviet soldiers, Isabelle infiltrated the bunker, careful to not arise any suspicion. While navigating her way through, she saw a bright light emanate from one of the rooms. Isabelle darted to the entrance of the room and just outside the entrance, where she saw Eva Braun commit suicide. Isabelle witnessed Hitler clone himself with an Apple of Eden, and shoot his clone. Hitler turned for the exit, only to meet his end at Isabelle's Hidden Blade. Shortly afterwards, Isabelle delivered one of her most famous lines:

"Rest in Hell, you murderous tyrant."
―Isabelle Allard after assassinating Adolf Hitler, April 29th, 1945

Isabelle left Hitler's body where it lay, and exited the bunker. Upon her exit, she was held at gunpoint by Soviet soliders, thinking that she was a Nazi. Isabelle informed her that she had assassinated Adolf Hitler on behalf of Commander Cassandra Andropova, and that his body was still inside. She showed a soldier the blood on her Hidden Blade as proof as the soldiers brought out the bodies. Isabelle watched as the soldiers burned the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. Afterwards, Isabelle returned to Cassandra and informed her that Hitler had been assassinated. She also informed Cassandra that she did not want to be remembered as the one who brought Hitler to an end, keeping the identity of who did a mystery.

Post WWII Edit

In May 1945, Lydia, Sam, Isabelle, and Xavier watched the end of the war, and witnessed the Victory Speech of Winston Churchill. After the end of the war, Isabelle and Xavier returned to Paris, and helped Charles de Gaulle get the city of Paris back on its feet, and re-established the French Brotherhood of Assassins, beginning to train initiates in the shadows of Paris. On September 26th, 1946, Isabelle and Xavier traveled to the city of Nuremberg and attended the sentencing of the Nazi War Criminals with Lydia and Sam.

Korean War Edit

Isabelle played a minor role in the Korean War, serving as a military nurse. She packed her Hidden Blade as well, just in case she had to defend herself, or if she caught wind of a notable Templar target. In Korea, Isabelle didn't wear her long trench coat, instead she wore her beige pants and brown boots, with black under-eye, black shirt and black arm paint, to accompany her Hidden Blade at night. In January of 1951, Isabelle caught wind of General Kim Chaek, who was a renowned North Korean Templar. Under the cover of darkness, Isabelle assassinated him in the midst of an American air raid, dealing a severe blow to the North Koreans. Isabelle didn't escape unharmed, however, as a Korean soldier shot her in the left arm as she was escaping. Despite this, Isabelle succeeded in her mission.

Isabelle was treated for her injury at an American post the next day, and was given an honorable discharge from her duties as a nurse, thus bringing Isabelle's brief involvement in the Korean War to an end.

Post-Korean War Years Edit

After the Korean War, Isabelle would settle down in Paris and start a family with her husband, Xavier Andreu. Even after starting a family, Isabelle was still fiercely dedicated to the Brotherhood, still recruiting and training initiates in the Brotherhood alongside her husband. Isabelle would train her son Alexandre in the ways of the Brotherhood, earning his Master Assassin rank in 1974.

Isabelle would maintain correspondence with the likes of French President Charles de Gaulle, and Canadian Assassin Mentor Lydia Frye on a regular basis.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy Edit

Isabelle and her family were present in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd, 1963, watching the motorcade of American President John F. Kennedy pass by. Isabelle heard the sound of a gun, turning around to see a second bullet go through the head of the President. Xavier and Alexandre got trampled by passers by, while Isabelle shielded Margaux from the same passers by and from any potential bullets. She got up to see the car stopped, and the President's lifeless body sitting in the back of the convertible. Isabelle was so scarred by what she had seen after the assassination, Isabelle and her family left Dallas, hoping to never return.

Later Years Edit

Isabelle would retire from the Assassin Order in 1983, shortly after the death of Lydia Frye. She moved to St. Louis in 1984 with Xavier to be closer to her son. She would leave St. Louis, where her son moved to in 1982, and move back to Paris in 1993. In 1995, Isabelle would move into a retirement home, where she would live peacefully for five years.

In the year 2000, The Mentor was struck down by Daniel Cross in Dubai, initiating a world wide purge of Assassin Cells across the world. Upon hearing this, Alexandre flew from St. Louis to meet up with his sister Margaux in Paris to move Isabelle and Xavier out to the quiet countryside of Brittany, for fears of their parents' lives. Isabelle would return to Paris after Xavier's death in 2007. Isabelle would spent the rest of her life in a senior's home in Paris, not far away from her children. She would pass away quietly in her sleep on December 6th, 2011. Her children would bury her inside the Dorian Family Crypt inside the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris alongside her ancestors.

Personal Life Edit

Isabelle was an incredibly gifted individual who had a passion for learning, even in old age. Her mother described her in her journal as a "talented young woman who is willing to fight for everyone and everything."

Growing up, Isabelle was extremely extroverted, frequently doing homework and playing around Paris with multiple groups of friends. When her grandmother passed away, Isabelle would help her mother around the house and would finish every task her mother would give her.

After the Second World War, Isabelle would return to Paris, and marry her childhood friend Xavier Andreu in August 1951, in a small ceremony within a courtyard in Paris. She would give birth to the couple's first child, a son named Alexandre Christian Andreu on November 25th, 1956. Isabelle would later welcome a second child into the world, a daughter named Margaux Alexandra Andreu on December 15th, 1962. Isabelle and Xavier would remain married until Xavier's death in 2007.

Isabelle's children have stated that their mother was the 'best mother in the world.' and 'a super supportive woman who would help anyone.' Alexandre has stated that phone calls with his mother helped him get through the Waco Siege in April of 1993.

Trivia Edit

  • Isabelle is a name that means "God is my Oath"
  • All of the most vital documents pertaining to the Dorian Family were in Isabelle's possession by 1947.
  • Isabelle wasn't taught much about Juliette Dorian when she was younger, because the French Brotherhood had no documents about her after she left for Britain.
  • Isabelle's jacket had a metal plate on her left sleeve, protecting her Hidden Blade in close quarter combat.
  • Isabelle's Hidden Blade possessed a rope launcher, one which she barely used.
  • Isabelle was inspired as an Assassin by the likes of her Mother, Elise de la Serre, Arno Dorian, and Francois Dorian.
  • Isabelle was multilingual. She could speak and write in French, English, German, and Russian.
  • After her mother's passing in 1938, Isabelle considered Lydia Frye to be her Mentor.
  • Isabelle kept a journal, detailing the events of her life as an Assassin, which fell into her daughter Margaux's hands after her death.
  • Isabelle was an avid fan of baseball while living in the United States.
  • She was a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, and attended many games at Busch Stadium II while living in St. Louis.
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