Isu Cannons

Isu cannon

An Isu cannon was a weapon created with the technology of the Isu people. Their creators was the scientists Hephaestus and his apprentice Consus. The Isu cannons used a Cube of Eden as battery. The human hybrids that was trained by Durga to control the cannons, was unaware of the effect when fired. Durga led many attacks with these weapons, and the result was mass destruction. After the blast had hit a spot, it would create a radioactive place like the Chernobyl disaster. Loki, a member of the First Civilization, had got the news of the results, and then chose to steal the Cubes and its plans. By doing this, the Isu lost their powerful weapon – and Loki was expelled. Because of the complex creating of the Cubes, Hephaestus and Consus, gave up on creating new ones without drawings.

As told earlier, the Cubes was used as batteries; and the Cubes that still exists, have been locked away – or not yet discovered. Abstergo means the Cubes are too dangerous to be used today. But if a nuclear war breaks out, Abstergo will not hesitate to create cannons such as these – able to handle the Cubes' power.

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