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Jack's Rook's

The Rook's were originally founded by the assassin Jacob Frye to comeback the Templar controlled gang the Blighters in 1868 but at some point in 1888 prior to the Autumn of Terror Jacob's formal pupil Jack now under the title Jack the Ripper took the Rook's from Jacob though fear and intimation.


Autumn of Terror[]

During the Autumn of Terror the Rook's now under the command of Jack the Ripper is ordered to spread fear in London especially in borough of Whitecapel. But the Rook's reign over London came to halt when Jacobs sister Evie destroyed many of the gangs operations in London.

The Great Gang wars of London[]

In 1889 through 1890 civil war between the Rook's became common when the Fryes began reclaiming the gang. But while they were fighting with each other the Templar gang the Blighters return and join in the gang wars between the Rook's creating even more chaos all across London.

Downfall of Jack's Rook's[]

In 1890 the gang losing many of its operations the assassin Samuel Frye killed many of the gangs lieutenants. After the loss of many of the Rook's lieutenants and their leader Jack the Ripper going into hiding the gang joined the rest of the Rook's in the war with the Blighters.