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"Get done with it, lady Concord. Yes, I have heard about you. I am impressed, but you will never break the Assassin Order. Bet either way: end my life – I have nothing left to live for. "
―Jackie at her deathbed

Josephine Travers aka Jackie Charlotte was a Caribbean Assassin the daughter of Upton Travers and a prostitute, whom died during childbirth. She was the niece to the deceased Vance Travers, and also the mother of Ruby Travers.

Josephine Travers/
Jackie Charlotte
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The Bounty-Hunter (as a 22-year-old)
Biographical information

April 1719


July 1770 (aged 51)

Political information

Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Voice actor

Susan Glover

Biography []

Early life[]

Being born outside of marriage by Upton's one night stand, Josephine was soon trained in the ways of the Assassins by her father. The Assassins was in charge of Nassau, so Josephine had no limits. When Edward Kenway removed a group of outlaws in the early 1700s, the mansion in Nassau – close to the swamps – was under no guard: since then it had served as the base of operations for the Brotherhood in the Bahamas. Josephine was born and raised in these surroundings, and was expected to be the new master of Assassins – forcing to live up to a high expectations from her father.

The daughter of Upton, Josephine, had carried Ruby with a drunkard that drowned short time after he became known with the fact of Ruby's existence. Forced to not be a failure in the eyes of God, Ruby was to married to a merchant that was loyal to the Assassins. Ruby fled her home when she became known with this fact – much to the anger and disappointment of Upton and Josephine. Ruby refused to marry a man just because he was loyal to their cause. She fled Nassau at the age of 21 in 1760, vanishing from the records. With Ruby gone, Josephine now needed to find another successor. Josephine chose to build a farm for her father on the other side of the New Providence island – giving him peace and an easy life at the end of his journey. Then she built herself a brothel, and took the name Jackie Charlotte.

Caribbean Purge[]

Jackie organized all crime in the Caribbean. She was a black marketeer in the Bahamas and the chief fence/supplier for the many pirate crews of New Providence Island. That was also the reason for her codename: she sought a bounty and was also a hunter after goods.

When Ruby one day returned to Nassau in 1768 – there was some document's that needed Ruby, and the man that was to be delivered the papers needed to see Ruby in person – she approached the base of operations. She had disguised herself as a merchant when she saw a woman dressed as a prostitute. He had red hair, and flowers in her hair. Jackie stood in front of her. Her mother. Ruby asked Jackie what she did there. The bookkeeper answered instead: "I am terribly sorry. When she came in here, she asked me to be inducted into the Assassin Order. I thought she was you for a moment, and referred to her as – "

Jackie interrupted: "He thought I was you – my daughter. He referred to me as Ruby Travers. I knew he had some sort of contact with you now. And here you are." Jackie wanted to hug Ruby, but she refused to accept it. "I never want to see you, mother!" Jackie was stunned. Ruby continued: "You and grandpa wanted me to be married. You felt that I needed to not step where you had stepped wrong. So, I left. If you did not wanted me as I was – or what I would become – and trust me to take my own decisions, you did not deserved me – neither of you." Ruby told the bookkeeper to fetch the papers she had come to sign, then she continued teaching her mother: "I have been quite a success without your help, mother. I lead my own network, and we support the Assassins. Grandpa was a smuggler, so you can tell him I am carrying his legacy further." The bookkeeper came with the papers, and Ruby signed them. Before leaving the building, Jackie tried to talk sense to her daughter. On her way out, Ruby yelled: "I never want to see you again, mother! You stabbed me in the back – you did not defended your own daughter's rights to choose a husband. Goodbye … forever!"

When the man that was to collect the papers came into the shop, Jackie was still there. "I'm here to collect the papers, Mr. Cockram." The bookkeeper came with them. "Where are the boss? Did she signed these?" Jackie said: "I can endorse that Ruby was here, but she left."


Left heartbroken by her daughter, Jackie hired two women Marie and Anne to find girls for her brothel. A man named Quill Pee wanted a job there, and Jackie accepted.

Lady Concord and Shay Cormac anchored the Morrigan outside Nassau and disguised themselves: Concord as a man, and Shay as a simple sailor with a large coat. Concord's suit was large enough to hide her four pistols, two swords and her smoke bombs – the last given from Shay. The two Templars was accompanied by Christopher Gist and three other Templars – of whom one of them was a brute. At the beach, Gist – dressed as a captain – paid the harbormaster and asked for Jackie. The man laughed and said that "not even that whore could manage six men at one time!" Gist took no notice and asked again. The harbormaster showed them way to Jackie's brothel.

The owner presented himself as Mr. Pee. The old man asked what the men wanted, and Gist answered that they wanted a "special" job. The man thought they wanted a mission from the Bounty-Hunter, and fetched Jackie Charlotte. The woman was standing protected by Marie and Anne. "What do ya want?" asked the Bounty-Hunter. One of the Templars did immediately drew his pistol and tried to shoot the woman. Marie was fast to think however, and placed herself in front of Jackie. It did come to trouble immediately. Mr. Pee was knocked down by Concord; Gist shot a guard that was on his way against them; Shay used his sword and dirk to kill Assassins dressed as prostitutes; the fellow Templars used their weapons to make their way to Jackie and Anne.

Inside the office where Jackie executed business and transactions, Anne grabbed a sword and killed one of the Templars from the Morrigan. Jackie used her legs to kick one of the Templars out of a window – and out to the ground outside. The last Templar used his blunderbuss to shoot at them both at same time. Anne was killed, while Jackie was wounded. The Templar – of whom was the brute – took Jackie down to Concord, Shay and Gist. The old Mr. Pee had been shot. Jackie came to herself, but wished she was dead when she saw the Templars in front of her. Concord took her pistol out of her holster, but faltered for a moment. She saw disappointment in Jackie's eyes. Shay told Concord to pull the trigger, and so she did.

Shay told the Templar-brute to take control of the network Jackie used. The brute was tasked to use this as an outpost in the Bahamas. The American people mumbled – soon something would happen – and the Templars needed all the protection and influence they needed.



The Travers-family


Caribbean Assassins


Jackie Charlotte's enemies were Templars


  1. It is believed that Jackie had a relationship with Edward Stoddard, but since he is even younger than Ruby Travers, he is not the last-mentioned's father.
    • Even if Jackie had a relationship with Edward, he was far more younger than herself