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Jacob Kenway
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Biographical information

March 1744


June 1770 (26 aged)

Political information

Caribbean Assassins

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Jacob Kenway was a criminal during the Caribbean Purge for Caribbean Assassins and a distant relative of Haytham Kenway and his son Connor. Jacob worked as a criminal for Victor Jensen budgeting in Kingston until his death in 1770 at the hands of Lady Concord.

He is an ancestor of Sorkin.


Early life[]

Jacob Kenway was born in Boston in 1744 where he attended the village school. Often he marinated Jacob school and was often involved in fights of roads and spent the time from age 16 onwards to get drunk in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. Jacob in 1762 found a job as a bartender there in the Green Dragon Tavern at Catherine and William Douglass, Jacob was paid well and also knew a young woman with whom he had a relationship.

In 1765, Jacob 21 year old walked the streets and in small opportunity was now the thief but secretly. In fact, when he went into action was put on a ski mask to avoid being recognize. Jacob went close to a highly placed man and reached out to get him in the portfolio, Jacob took the noble but saw it and yelled for the guards. Jacob ran quickly to the roofs of the city and eventually found himself on a Czech street, the guards came as Jacob entered a window of a house. Jacob came out of the roof and then returned to his quarters. Jacob had realized that day that had to change.

Work for Victor[]

Victor Jensen

Jacob embarked clandestinely on a ship to the Caribbean. After weeks of Jacob Trip arrived in Kingston but was found the last day of travel and put in chains in the hold of the ship. Jacob waited a bit 'and then he heard strange noises. He saw the door open and a man in red robes as an officer coming toward him. "What do you want from me?" Jacob asked the officer. "My name is Victor Jensen was here for information, but since I found you I may as well get rid" Victor said. Jacob the rope the two men prayed and Victor cut climbed the bridge but were blocked by two sailors. A sailor took a while one accepts a knife with which he threatened Jacob. Jacob grabbed the sailor's arm and slammed him against the mast and then disarmed. Victor instead dodged the blow and then sank a knife coming out of his sleeve in the sailor's throat. Jacob the sailor stabbed in the head killing him and Victor gave him compliments on his skills. Jacob told Victor that he had been in Boston and Victor told him that his cause could serve a man like him.

The two went to Fort Charles who was the general retreat of Victor. Jacob was officially recruited among men Assassin of Victor Jensen. Jacob in the months after he was trained in combat and acrobatic race along with other men and other women to become criminals affiliated to the Assassins. Jacob and his companions searched the streets of Kingston protecting its citizens from the clutches of the Templars and their allies. One day in 1768, Jacob walked the streets of the city and saw soldiers passing through there. The soldiers stopped Jacob before he could do anything or flee. Captain Jacob asked who it was and he told him to be Wade Bulmer (For unknown Jacob used a false name). The captain looked into his eyes Jacob and Jacob realized that the man knew that Jacob had lied. The captain drew his sword, saying that Jacob was a criminal. Jacob took his gun and shot him in the face and killed the captain, Jacob took his sword and cut the throat of a soldier to his left. The other three soldiers took their weapons and went to Jacob. Jacob parried all their shots and then wounded one in the chest and then cut the stomach to another. The advanced third with Jacob, but Jacob managed to hurt him first in the leg and then he planted his sword in the back giving the coup de grace.


Lady Concord

After that Jacob clash was closer to his actions. In June 1770, Jacob was now a 26-year-old and was in Fort Charles. There was Jacob who accompanied Victor to the courtyard where the second Victor wanted a discussion with him. Soon the officer came to the courtyard, accompanied by four gang-members including Jacob. The second was followed by a woman dressed in clothes blacks, Victor asked what was the fuss and the woman drove the assassin away and brought her in Victor stomach sword. Jacob upset by the sight as the woman threw the smoke bomb and then escape from the strong to the shore of the island. Jacob and other members of the gang-chased the woman who came to the beach where some of the sailors Templars engaged gang-members. Jacob fought as best he could do, but at the end of a sailor Morrigan-Templars stabbed him in the back causing him to fall to the ground. Then came the woman who had killed Victor and gave the coup de grace to Jacob.