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Jacques Dorian

Jacques Dorian was a French Assassin during the begin the XIX century in the Restoration.

Jacques was born three years after the events of the French Revolution, French-Austrian Arno Dorian by the murderer and his wife Elisabeth Leroy. Jacques although knowledge of the Order of the Assassins, never wanted to be part. His life took a turn in 1816, with his mother's death. Jacques joined the Assassins, beginning a long and bloody crusade against the Templars, who had killed his mother.

In five years, Jacques, like his father before him, completely destroyed the influence of the Templars on France, freeing Paris from their control. In those years, Jacques understood the true meaning of the creed, embracing the ideals of the Assassins. It is also the main murderess of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Early Life[]

Jacques was born in Saint Denis August 1, 1795, by the murderer French Arno Dorian and the noblewoman fracese Elisabeth Leroy. Elisabeth when she learned the Arno divorced and moved to Versailles. Jacques received the best training that you could get at that time. Also, it was formed in fencing and sciences. Jacques secretly trained in combat and parkour becoming very adept at moving easily in urban areas, thus Jacques grew up never knowing the existence of the war between Assassins and Templars.

Meeting with the father and union of Assassins[]

In 1813 the residence Leroy came the hooded stranger. Elisabeth gasped when he saw the hooded, and had a private conversation with him. Jacques was confused and did not understand what was going on. When his mother told him to enter the room, Jacques saw in his face the unknown. Elisabeth explained to him that it was his father. Even more confused Jacques wanted to get out but Elisabeth told him to stay put. Patiently for his father who was named Arno, he explained who he was, told him about the war between Assassins and Templars. Also he added that he had come so that Jacques had become an assassin. Jacques said that there had to think a bit. Jacques did not want to become an Assassin because he wanted a normal life. Jacques refuses the offer of his father, and he told him that if he tried he would have found in Paris. Once Year went Jacques and his mother quarreled bitterly, for the fact that Elisabeth had never talked about Arno's son Jacques. A month later the robbers came to rob the house, and Elisabeth died during the robbery. Jacques deeply saddened and moved by a thirst for revenge, went to Paris to join the French Assassins. Once arrived to the city, Jacques followed the directions of a letter from his father, who took him to the lair of the Assassins. Arno said the words of initiation and marked it the ring finger of the right Jacques. Then Arno gave Jacques a concealed blade and a ghost blade. Jacques knew he had to wait before starting his revenge.

Apprenticehood and Waterloo's battle[]

In the following years, Arno soon began Jacques's Assassin training. He began to physically a tune himself, climbing among the structures of Paris and learning the basics of combat and assassination. In between, he studied the Creed, the tenants, the Assassin's history, their philosophy, and their war with the Templars. Months of training such as free running across the buildings of Paris or training Jacques with many weapons his father had used during his early days as an Assassin. Such as his fathers old pistols and swords. He also accompanied Arno to his meetings with the rest of the Order all over French. Jacques was equipped with a vast arsenal from his father, becoming an excellent assassin. In June 16, 1815, Arno accompanied by Jacques went to Waterloo to attend the clappers between Napoleon Bonaparte and British armies of the Duke of Wellington and Prussian Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. Father and son arrived on June 18 at Mont-Saint-Jean near Waterloo shortly, at the beginning of the battle. Their aim was to kill Napoleon, an old friend of Arno that was in possession of an Apple of Eden. Mel in the middle of the clappers Arno and Jacques rode the battlefield strewn with dead. While Arno drove the horse from behind Jacques counterattacked anyone attacking them. Arrived near Napoleon, the Retired Emperor recognized Arno and used the apple to kill the horse and levitated in air Arno. Jacques took advantage and shot him in the hand of Napoleon knocking the apple. Jacques took the apple, and through it managed to escape with his father. Returned to Paris on the advice of Assassin's Jacques promoted from apprentice to Assassin (with three degrees from simple assassin).

Search of the killers[]

Jacques in 1815 could finally start the search for the killers of his mother. Jacques remembered that his mother had shouted "traitor" shortly before she was killed. In addition to their butler, Jack Hinkel had disappeared. Jacques got in touch with a French spy named Thomas Vidoq and asked him to find where it was Hinkel. Jacques Vidoq waited until July 29, when Vidoq informed him that Hinkel resided currently Betty, Switzerland. Jacques immediately went on the road and came to Betty August 3. After knocking she opened an old Hinkel that when he saw Jacques, fetched a knife. Jacques was too quick for him, disarmed him and pointed to the throat his hidden blade. Hinkel asked him what he wanted, and Jacques told him that he wanted all the names of the men who had helped to kill the mother. A frightened Hinkel wrote the names on a sheet and handed it to Jacques. Jacques looked at the paper. After Jacques thanked Hinkel and shot him in the stomach. Jacques checked the list and read the five names: Denis Molinier, Duchesneau, François de Nogaret, Marcout and Didier Paton. Paton for precision Elisabeth had killed the mother of Jacques. Jacques had already heard of Didier Paton who was French spy who was previously an ally of the Assassins, but that he had betrayed them to join the Templars. Jacques, when he returned to Paris to Arno, asked what they would do with the Apple of Eden. Arno said they'd sealed in the secret crypt of Jacques de Molay at Paris.

Journey in England[]

From the information, I had learned she was discovered that Duchesneau was living in London, England. So Jacques left for London on August 23, arriving at their destination on September 1. Jacques went to the pub where he was going usually Duchesneau. She found him drinking in the company of some men red crosses to coats. Jacques realized they were Templars. Therefore when it passed close to Jacques Duchesneau, she recognized him and tried to attack the boy. He provoked a violent brawl in which Jacques was able to defeat all the Templars including Duchesneau. Jacques Duchesneau was about to kill but at that time the guards arrived. Jacques threw a smoke bomb and fled the area. Jacques saw a roof of a house, the guards take away only three men while the Templars were six included Duchesneau. Jacques was very pissed for not being able to kill Duchesneau. For this reason, he went to his house. Jacques Duchesneau found intent on packing. Jacques says, "Are you preparing the Duchesneau suitcases?". Duchesneau grabbed an ax and attacked the boy. The two began to fight. Jacques went upstairs to be immediately reached by the Templar. Jacques Duchesneau managed to impale and kill him. In his last words, Jacques Duchesneau asked why he had done this, and the boy replied that he was avenging his mother, only to see Duchesneau die.

First mission[]

Jacques returned to his father and told him what he had started and what he had done until then. Arno did not object anything, just said that he could continue his research but would also have had to do the missions that were entrusted. Jacques said yes and asked him to talk about his grandfather: Charles Dorian. Arno said that Charles had been killed by Shay Patrick Cormac, when he was eight years old, and that Cormac was killed in 1805 by Achilles "Dyami" Kenway, the son of legendary Colonial Assassin Connor Kenway. Jacques said that Arno had never tried to take revenge. Arno said that he would like but at the outbreak of the revolution had to think of something else. Arno also said he had sent a letter to Achilles thank him for having killed Cormac. Throughout the rest of 1815, Jacques handed in accompanying Arno around France. The January 1, 1816, Jacques was commissioned to spy on a Templar meeting to be held in Paris precisely in the Holy Innocents' Cemetery. Jacques went to the cemetery and lurking behind a tombstone could eavesdrop on the meeting. Jacques saw the Grand Master Alexandre Durand, Arnauld Moreau, Perrault, Simon Laurent and Denis Molinier. Jacques thought it well to kill all the Templars but then remembered that he was only there to spy on the meeting. Jacques returned to the den of assassins and reported what he had discovered. The Council entrusted him with the task of finding and killing the agents infiltrated the Templars.

Hunt at Versailles[]

Jacques remembered that encounter the Templar Grand Master Durand had entrusted to Perrault list infiltrators. Jacques Perrault reached the house, there infiltrated and stole list without the Templar noticing. The names were: David Bertrand, Thomas Roux, Vincent Garnier (that is a descendant of Alphonse de Marigot), Nicolas de Sant Denis and Mathieu Duval. All five of the Templars lived in the palace of Versailles. Jacques arrived in Versailles Feb. 19, 1816, with the purpose of killing his two primary targets: Mathieu Duval and Thomas Roux. Wandering through the town, Jacques met many shady men who worked for the two Templars. Jacques entering a brothel saw Duval talk of courtesans. When the temple was released from the brothel, Jacques followed him to the palace of Versailles. Jacques penetrates in eluding the palace guard Templar up to the room of the two Templars. Jacques murdered the two Templars with murder in flight from an internal balcony. Jacques asked where were the other three Templars, and Duval said he had left that morning to go to Paris. Jacques drove immediately to Paris, eager to kill Templars.

Hunt at Paris[]

Returning to Paris on February 22 Jacques discovered that Bertrand spotted staying to Hôtel de Beauvais. He waited three days before acting communicating its progress to the Council. On the night of February 25 Jacques infiltrated the building through the courtyard. Unfortunately it was discovered by the guards, but Jacques le killed all without the other guards put on alert. Jacques managed to enter the hotel and using the eagle eye spotted Bertrand on the upper floors to his room. After reaching the room, he killed the Templars at the door and entered the room. Jacques pointed his sword at the throat of the Knights Templar, asking him where they were Garnier and de Sant Denis. Bertrand said that the first was in Paris and the other in Sant Denis. Jacques Bertrand impaled in the heart with his sword. When he left the room he was seen by the guards, and Jacques alerted fled through the window. On October 3, 1816 Jacques was in the Cafe Theatre for a beer, he was especially happy because he knew where he was a coward Vincent Garnier. Jacques had discovered that Garnier had put enormous amount of food available to the aristocracy, and was planning a big reception at the Palais du Luxembourg. Seeing the party as an auspicious occasion, Jacques prepared to kill him and met his father Arno by the palace gates in the late evening. Arno said he would make a diversion while Jacques would kill Garnier. Jacques infiltrated the palace and is camouflaged in the crowd to reach Garnier. When he was brought Jacques Garnier killed your hidden blades. To his amazement Jacques saw that the man he had killed was a guard dressed as Garnier. He could not help but found himself roofs lean against the wall with Garnier and Saint Denis that kept him sidelined. Jacques managed to break free and kill de Sant Denis your hidden blades. Garnier fumegena threw a bomb, leaving Jacques to fight against the guards. Jacques helped by his father succeeded in breaking all the Templars and escape from the building.

Assassinating Marcout[]

Jacques found that Garnier had escaped to Serbia, and sent a letter to the Serbian Assassins to kill Garnier. While waiting for the response of the Serb brothers, Jacques focused to seek Marcout, one of the assassins of the mother. Reading his file, Jacques prepared for how to deal with his enemy. The murderess began traveling to Calais where he was Marcout. He arrived in the city January 1, 1817. Jacques likes the city a lot. Three days later, Jacques decided to take action. He knew that Marcout lived in a mansion known as the Palais de la Rivolution and often was at the port. Jacques reached the port and stationed himself at the mainmast of a frigate. From Marcout spotted walking with his escort. Jacques followed the escort up to the Palais de la Rivolution. He waited until the night before wandering. Jacques at 21:00 infiltrated the palace through the fogniaria network. After exploring the prisons saw some prisoners who were assassins. Jacques thus freed his comrades and other prisoners. He continued his research going up to the upper floors. Jacques circumvent the guards reached the main hall where there was Marcout. Jacques murdered Marcout with a shelter assassination. In his last moments, Marcout said that de Nogaret had become the parish priest of Notre Dame. Jacques resumed his journey to Paris.

Murder at Notre Dame[]

Having reported to the Council of the Assassins, Arno was commissioned to track down de Nogaret, discover its secrets and finally to kill him. But before resuming his investigations, the Council commissioned Jacques to deliver the documents to an ally in Madrid, Spain. Once executed the mission entrusted, Jacques received a letter from Serbian Assassins in which they said that they were able to kill Garnier. Thus met with Arno in front of the church, on March 30, 1817, contrary to expectations of Jacques, had come just to suggest that he study the environment to plan his murder. Following the advice of his teacher, Jacques took advantage of several opportunities epsying. After retrieving the keys to the secret door, he gave her to a monk who allowed him a pass to enter the cathedral. Once inside the cathedral, he saw Jacques de Nogaret talk to Didier Denis Paton and Molinier. Molinier said that someone was hunting and that he everyone to go around with his escort. Shortly after Molinier and Paton went, Jacques followed Nogaret fi inside the confessional, in which he killed the Templar. Jacques left the confessional was attacked by the guards, but Jacques was able to defeat the guards and escape from the cathedral. Returned by the board, he told him what he had done. The Council promoted him to seven degrees from Murderess simple.

Mission a Saint Denis[]

Jacques passed their six months with his father and accompanying him on his missions. Jacques checked the list of the Templars who had to kill were left six killed including the Grand Master. Therefore November 6 Jacques was commissioned to kill Perrault. Jacques discovered that Perrault had recently moved in Saint Denis and therefore also lived in the city Molinier. He arrived in the city on November 29 with the intention of killing Perrault. Arno through a letter he advised his son to investigate Perrault before killing him. Jacques investigated the Templar for about three weeks to find evidence to blame. So, December 24, 1817, Jacques infiltrated the catacombs the refuge of Perrault. Jacques wandered the tunnels for about an hour in which killed all the guards he met. At last he reached the main hall where there was headquarters of the raiders. Jacques accidentally stirred a skull drawing caution guards. He forced to fight Jacques brought down a bridge, plunging many of his enemies in a vacuum. The Murderess could not fall holding on to an outcrop of rock. Jacques With great effort he managed to get back and walked around the catacombs again, to reach its target. Jacques killed all the guards Perrault and then begin to duel with the Templar. Eventually he managed to Jacques kill Perrault, and escaped from the catacombs. In the six months after, Jacques passed them by establishing a new guild of Assassins in Saint Denis. Also met a young woman named Anne, with whom he made friends. One day Jacques remembered why was there: kill Molinier. He noted that it was the first time since the death of his mother, who was happy again thanks to Anne. Jacques accuracy after investigations found that Molinier was conducting some chemical experiments in his laboratory. May 30 1818, Jacques went to the palace where they were carrying out the experiments. From an observation point eyed several opportunity. Jacques used a secret passage to enter the monastery. Once inside the Assassin infiltrated the lab and saw Molinier talk to the Grand Master Alexandre Durand. He waited for the Grand Master was gone and then assassinate Molinier. Molinier on his deathbed said he had heard about him and that Jacques was pleased to be able to kill the murderess mother. Jacques did not answer but stabbed Molinier lung and blood spurted all over everywhere. Satisfied Jacques set fire to the papers of the experiments and destroyed various liquid samples. After the Murderess left the area. Jacques after he got home he found Anne waiting for him. Jacques asked Anne get engaged with him to follow him to Paris, and Anne agreed.

Comparison with Paton[]

Jacques returned to Paris where he was reconciled with his father and presented him with Anne. Throughout the rest of 1818 Jacques handed it to Anne, or carrying out missions for the Council. In the last months of 1818 the Council called Jacques. The Council asked him to kill two other Templars Arnauld Moreau and Simon Laurent. Jacques said he would do what he could. Jacques spent three months searching for the two Templar but without success. On 2 March, 1819 found that the auctioneers were vilifying the Assassins publicly, this risked undermining the existence of the Brotherhood. Jacques spent a whole month to try and kill all the auctioneers. The last though auctioneer Jacques questioned him and found that paid them was Paton. Jacques thought that Paton had gone mad because doing what he was doing would also endanger the existence of the Templars. Therefore on April 10 he decided to end his life once and for all. Jacques went to his house, but saw that it was also a goal of the Templars. Jacques was able to defeat all the Templar with sword and concealed blades. Jacques walked into the room Paton saw him exit the window. Therefore he jumped after him. After a short chase Jacques managed to reach Paton and began with him a brutal duel. Eventually Jacques managed to pierce Paton. In his final words Paton said he wanted to take revenge of the Templars is that of the Assassins. Jacques said that though he had no reason to take revenge on the killers because they had helped him. Jacques returned by the Board to announce the outcome of the mission. Therefore Jacques was promoted to Master Assassin. The same day, Jacques came home and had a carnal relationship with Anne. Anne became pregnant with great surprise. Jacques spent a month on the tracks and Laurent, and finally discovered that the Templar was in Troyes.

Journey to Troyes[]

Jacques left for Troyes and was very enthusiastic because the Renaissance Assassin Giovanni Borgia was in Troyes for a mission. He arrived in Troyes 5 June 1819. Jacques began to discredit Laurent before the public, corompendo officials, and auctioneers. Jacques went into action the next day ie on June 6. with the help of two apprentices, Jacques managed to enter the house of Laurent evading guard Templar. Jacques and the two apprentices literally found the villa guarded by many Templars. Unfortunately, the team was discovered, taken prisoner and brought in the presence of Laurent Moreau and the Grand Master Durand. The Grand Master heavily provoked Jacques telling him that he would flay alive to all the plans that he had messed up. Therefore Durand he put them in prison. The same night, Jacques was freed by his father Arno. Father and son went to retrieve their two brothers, but found them both dead. The anger grew like a wave inside Jacques and swore that he would put an end to the three Templar lives. Arno and Jacques reached the rooms of Laurent and they entered. Jacques reached a dormant Laurent and stabbed him in the chest flinging blood everywhere. Laurent died suffocated by the blood in his sleep. Jacques inferred on the corpse of man but in the end he was stopped by his father who told him he had to leave. Once back in Paris, Jacques took a little break from the Assassins to be with his wife Anne.

Mission at the Court of Miracles[]

The January 11, 1820 was born the son of Jacques and Anne who decided to call Damien. The following month he was in charge of killing Jacques Moreau. Jacques he was very happy because he wanted to end the life of the Templar personally. Moreau was in Paris but the Assassins did not know where. Jacques waited a full six months before we know from the informers of the Templar position. Moreau had hidden in the sewers of the Court of Miracles. Arno told him that he had already gone to kill the Roi des Thunes in 1791 and that he could accompany him. Father and son arrived at the court of miracles August 7. Jacques and Arno found the sewer entrance and we went deep. As they descended the stairs she heard mocking voices Jacques someone. Without even not be went down the stairs the two Assassins saw three guards torturing a civilian. Into a rage Jacques assassinated by a soldier with rope dart and even before they fell threw a knife in his mouth at the second guard. Immediately after Jacques shot in the head last guard who had remained. Jacques was astonished by the brutality I did not think the civil and freed. The man thanked him and ran for the stairs. Meanwhile, the two Assassins walked many tunnels and then get to the main room. Jacques Moreau saw protected by many Templars. He threw a smoke bomb and killed Moreau. once the smoke cleared Arno and Jacques attacked the guards decimandole in no time. Unfortunately Arno had received a dagger in his shoulder and Jacques had to bring the father out of the sewers. Jacques returned to the lair of the Assassins and took care of Anne in his father's wounds.

Final battle[]

Two months after the death of Moreau, the Grand Master Durand had remained without followers it allies because Jacques had killed both. For this reason Jacques Durand knew dovava die and so without permission of the Council, prepared to kill the Grand Master. Jacques Durand discovered that he was hiding in the French countryside and quaesto traveled to the countryside. Aiivò in the country on September 10, near an abandoned mill where there were the Templars. Jacques studied the area and passing behind attacked the guards behind. Although most of the guards all fell under the blows of Jacques. During the clash Jacques received many wounds. Durand Jacques threw a knife which struck in the side and then fled on horseback. Jacques drew his dagger and began pursuit of the Templar. During the chase some Templars and guards tried to hinder Jacques but he unhesitatingly killed them all, without ever stopping. Unfortunately Jacques lost sight of Durand but he knew that the Templar went to Paris. Jacques returned to Paris, the next day to find that Durand was hiding at the Tower of the Temple, the fortress that the Templars used it as headquarters years earlier. When Jacques went there, he found that the Grand Master had put him under strict supervision of his best mercenaries. But this was not enough and stop the Murderess, which bypassed security and reached its target on the terraces of the main tower. There he tried to implement its first attempt to assassinate him, failing because you Durand defeated him in a melee. Jacques lost consciousness for a few minutes and then wake up. Jacques knew that beneath the palace there was the crypt of Jacques de Molay, and Durand wanted appropriated the Apple of Eden. Jacques reached the crypt to find the corpses of assassins to guard the place and Durand wield the fruit of Eden. The clash turned out very hard, because the power of apple foiled many of the targeted attacks of Jacques. He finally managed to disarm Durand, causing a reaction that destroyed most of the building of the crypt. Remained buried in the rubble, Jacques undertook a great effort and managed to break free. Jacques Durand reached him dead and took away the apple of Eden, and then put it back where the Assassins had hidden. Jacques reached the dying Grand Master again to give him the coup de grace. Oddly, both were able to access the memories of the victim. In his last words, Durand revealed the reasons for its actions and cursed the Assassins. Released from the mind of the Grand Master, Jacques left the crypt.

Assassinating Bonaparte[]

Arno assassins creed unity (2).jpg

After the death of the Grand Master, Jacques became a very important figure in the French Brotherhood, making his father proud. April 21, Jacques left for St. Helena's Island to kill Napoleon Bonaparte. Jacques came to the Island of St. Helena on May 3, 1821. Jacques decided that this would be his last mission before thinking only to the family. When he arrived on the island Jacques noticed that Napoleon was always under close supervision by a small contingent of British military and that he should kill him without being seen. On the morning of May 5 Jacques he infiltrated the home of Napoleon and poisoned the lunch of the former emperor. The poison would kill Napoleon in six hours. In fact it is eavesdropping a conversation between two doctors Napoleon was feeling bad. At around 5 pm Jacques went into the room of Napoleon. Bonaparte recognized the Assassin and tried to call for help. Jacques put a finger to his mouth, saying that no one would come to help him. Jacques then flicked his blade concealed and buried in the breast of Napoleon. Jacques saw for the last time Napoleon and went out of the window. Jacques returned to Paris around the beginning of June.

Later life and deaths[]

After the murder of Napoleon, Jacques returned to Paris and left the Brotherhood devoting himself to be alone with his family. In 1822 she gave birth to twins whom they named Thomas and Marie. Three years after their last child was born they named Elise. Jacques and Anne in 1826 abruptly cut off all ties with the Brotherhood and moved to an unknown location in France. Jacques died September 22, 1882, on a country bench where he had moved close to his wife Anne.


  • Jacques initially as the father wants to take revenge of the Templars who killed his mother, but unlike his father, Jacques acts mostly also for the interests of the Brotherhood.
  • Jacques is always judged as violent and brutal when in fact it was very hasty to eliminate his enemies. Manifested brutal when he kills the guards are torturing civilian or when killed Napoleon.