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Jacques de la Noire
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Jacques infiltrating in Portobelo's palace
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December, 1720


November, 1771

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

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Michael K. Williams

Jacques de la Noire was a high-ranke Assassins that became active during the Caribbean Purge. He was stationed in Port-au-Prince and held the city under the control of governor for the Caribbean Assassins. Jacques protected by the Templars as well as through Jacques, the governor was holding the city with Jacques' Assassins. He controlled the city completely, every deal and every thing by reducing slavery as they could do, as well as having issued the Code Noir. He was killed in the house of the governor of the Templar-killer Eric Rackham in 1771.


Early life[]

Jacques de la Noire was born on the plantation of Matanzas by the name of James in December 1720 by slave parents. We do not know if Jacques was born between 1720 and 1721 but it is estimated that between these two dates roughly. Jacques/James passed from 7 to 16 years to work intensively in the plantation and was one of the few children survive to birth. He was employed to collect the sugar from the cane with the other slaves and a few times he could see his parents and stay with them fondly. His master's name was Hiram Johnson and was a brutal and violent man with slaves worse by treating the animals, He had come there after the death of the previous owner who had been killed in strange circumstances by Edward Kenway. He was in company with another man Robert LaGouze a Frenchman who sometimes came to visit the plantation. James hated to die for his master wanted to kill him. At age 15, Hiram sold James to the governor of Port-au-Prince, Pierre de Fayet. James could not even say goodbye to his parents, but he promised himself that one day and kill Hiram Johnson would return. James was transferred to Port-au-Prince directly into the governor's seal. Its name was changed to Jacques and he had to adapt. If Hiram was a brutal and violent master Pierre was even longer. Pierre was working slaves all day and some of them died as well. Jacques until 16 years he had developed strong muscles and was quite capable of even fight with their bare hands.



One day in 1737, Jacques was wandering through the garden of the governor's seal. He knew that before the building was holding a kind of torture, Pierre torturing a member of the Maroons to know where was their hideout. In fact for a while 'to years, slaves were ever released by a black man with hood, a rifle and a machete that he had a strange knife out of his sleeve. Jacques knew that his name was Adéwalé and was the captain Experto Crede. Why the governor had taken serious measures. Jacques hid in a bush to see for himself torture. But soon after started, Jacques felt a big shot and saw the guard at the gate to fall brutes struck by multiple bullets. Jacques Pierre saw running away from none other than Adéwalé himself. He was there to kill de Fayet. With all the soldiers who were going to in the battle to protect de Fayet, Jacques he took advantage. Jacques climbed quickly on the wall of fence and crossed over. Freedom. But as soon as Jacques got up a bullet passed just a few centimeters away. Jacques went to look up where they shot and saw that the sniper had identified. There were no other nearby guards only that because the other had gone to protect de Fayet. Jacques remained secretly attached to the wall while the sniper was for its location. The gunman went where it was Jacques but the darkness he could not see it well, and Jacques had the element of surprise. The man was at one meter from Jacques. Jacques left his refuge and punched him in the face to man. The guard remained dazed and Jacques took advantage, he snatched the gun from his hands and then stabbed him in the chest with his bayonet. The guard fell to the ground and died in a short time at the feet of Jacques. That was his first victim and Jacques There Were thing but normal. Jacques ran from the area always armed with a rifle and put it on his shoulder. Jacques went in the direction of an area at the beach, from where the fighting noises and gunfire. Jacques arrived in the area and saw Adéwalé who had just at that moment cut brutally stomach de Fayet. Adéwalé walked away from the corpse of de Fayet and just saw Jacques got in fight position. Jacques said he was not there to fight but it was an ally and brother. Jacques would have had a new life and would no longer lived in chains...


Augustin Dieufort

Jacques joined the cause of the Maroons and was explained by Adéwalé getting their hideout. Adéwalé then left forever Port-au-Prince. Following signs Assassin, Jacques was able to go up to the den of the Maroons. There he was greeted by their boss Augustin Dieufort with happy benevolence that Jacques would be another warrior for their cause. The months passed in training and combat, typically of the Maroons in both the sword, or knife or machete. Jacques was both three weapons expert so he decided to use them all in his arsenal future beyond a pair of flintlock pistols. Jacques later took the surname of de la Noire, because of his skin color to challenge the French slaveholders. In fact, the Maroons were planning to set off a revolution in Haiti. The next eight years of the life of Jacques passed in which he and his other companions Maroons freed many plantations and slaves could in their best. Jacques also made contact with the matron of the brothel La Dame en Rose, Bastienne Josèphe. Jacques de la Noire became among the Maroons caombattente a well-known treatise of the legendary Cudjoe. One day in 1745, Jacques was now 25 years old, he decided to return to Matanzas, to find out what had happened to his parents, free them and then kill Hiram Johnson. It had been years waiting for that moment. Jacques with a ship of the Maroons and many warriors sailed for Matanzas and arrived there on June 2nd 1745. Jacques went ashore with other warriors, they were dressed like French slaveholders and spoke with the 5 guards who came. Jacques said in French that were there to sell slaves. The captain was answering something. Jacques took his sword and planted him in the stomach, took his gun and shot him in the head to another slave. The Maroons killed the other three slavers and then raided the plantation, killing all who were slaveholders. No mercy for those bastards. Jacques with his sword killed 5 slavers and then along with other 7 maroons went right into the residence of Hiram Johnson. In the residence there were the real Johnson guards. The guards were 10 and were on the attack. Jacques cut the side to adjust and then designated the weapon on the chest of another.

His maroons killed the other in a hurry as they were driven by anger and unstoppable. Jacques entered the house by breaking the door and asked a servant where it was Johnson. The servant said he was upstairs. While the maroons freed the slaves of the plantation, Jacques went up until Johnson's room, where he found himself. Jacques took his gun and asked if Hiram recognize him. Hiram scared said no, Hiram took a sword from nowhere and pounced on Jacques. Jacques avoided the attack and shot him in the leg of Hiram. Hiram leaned against the wall moaning in pain and cried for mercy to Jacques. Jacques took the machete and sank in Hiram stomach. "Now you will experience what it means to suffer as innocent people who have drowned" Jacques said with anger and then pulled the machete, with a blood flood. Jacques left there the corpse of Hiram and after he returned from the Maroons. He was just then freeing the slaves. Of all but Jacques he did not recognize his parents but his nurse Jacqueline. The elderly woman embraced Jacques and after the boy asked him if he knew where his parents were. Jacqueline said she knew Jacques' mother had been sold in France in Paris while his father had died during a trip to Principe, Africa. Jacques was deeply saddened by the news of the death of his father and that he would never see his mother. Jacques continued his life as Maroons for their independence until 1747 year that would have been a breakthrough. Jacques in 1747 was visiting the city of New Orleans and met them a name Agaté man who was part of a Brotherhood which also Adéwalé was part. Jacques under indications Agaté was introduced in the Haitian branch of 'Assassin Order at Mentor François Mackandal.

Assassin Training[]

Carlo Antonelli

Jacques spent a lot of time to work out in the free running, pickpocketing, combat, stealth and other techniques. Him when he began training had already 27 years so for 30 years would have ended for good. Jacques was very good at stealth and preferred to act in that way rather than enter the fray but if he had to do had no hesitation. Jacques became a formidable swordsman trained in New Orleans, Haiti and then to Tulum by Claude Dimanche. Finally on December 1749 he had taken place his very first official mission that would have introduced into the Brotherhood. His job was to infiltrate the palace of Portobelo and kill an Italian commander affiliated with the Templars Carlo Antonelli, a cousin of Juan Antonelli. Carlo Antonelli had come from Italy to America and had been trained as a hunter of Assassins for Caribbean Templars. It had to be stopped at all costs. Jacques would have to infiltrate during a Templar-ball and kill him. On the appointed day, Jacques arrived in Portobelo that was in turmoil for the feast of the patron saint of the city. Jacques with his outfit from Assassin walked the streets of the city with the cap placed on the head, and every time they passed the guards he avoided. Jacques arrived at the palace gates. He saw how the guards were only invited to enter their carriages, Jacques studied a plan to find an entry. He turned for several minutes around the palace and eventually found an open window. He climbed up the building to enter it from the window. Jacques went into a room where there was no one at that time and was happy, Jacques hid behind the door and entered a guest. Jacques stabbed him in the chest and deposited him on the ground. Jacques closed the door and changed his clothes but kept the door closed. The guest who had killed had to be a soldier because he had a red jacket of Royal Navy. Jacques put the corpse in a closet, and then closed the closet so as not to find the body. Jacques then left the room and went to join the party. He noticed how everyone was busy talking to each other. Jacques spoke with other guests and said his name was John Grey a captain in the British navy. So Jacques went unnoticed for the whole party. But at some point Jacques saw a man in armor and in red dress. That was Carlo Antonelli. He was standing with his sword at his side and was talking with two of his bodyguards. Carlo looked around among the guests and then went away. Jacques unseen followed him through the crowd of guests up in the garden. There, Carlo was joined by another man Jacques recognized as Eugiène Blaise. The two Templars talked to each other and after a while 'But Eugiène went right from the party, Jacques saw him get out of the gate on his carriage. At that time Charles was alone and aloof. Jacques came out of his hiding place and walked toward him with air to do nothing. Carlo even spared Jacques. Jacques when he was behind Carlo snapped his blade concealed and buried in the back of Carlo. Carlo moaned in pain from the wound and Jacques deposited him gently to the ground and closed his eyes as it breathed her last. Jacques wished he had showed his presence to make a fair fight, but it was too late. Jacques he heard voices on the other side and ran away from the scene of the crime to climb over the wall and run away from the party. Jacques then went back to the lair of the Assassins. He was officially inducted into the Brotherhood from Mentor Claude Dimanche.

Caribbean Brotherhood[]

Jacques so it was officially a member of the Caribbean Brotherhood. He soon made the acquaintance of the other members as: Opia Apito and his son Condor, Upton Travers, Victor Jensen, Josephine Travers, the daughter of Rhona Dinsmore, Delaware and then Songui. Jacques became a very active member and influential in the Caribbean during the French and Indian War. Jacques knew that the influence of the Templars there was already reduced and he killed the sleeper agents. It happens that in April 1756, Jacques was in Kingston and received via a pigeon a letter from Upton Travers in which he asked Jacques to kill for him a woman affiliated with the Templars known as Mme. Magdeleine. Jacques accepted the mission and he prepared for it. So April 16, 1756, Jacques went to Magdeleine house in Saint Pierre. The house was of medium proportions and outside did not involve any guard. Jacques knocked on the door and after a few seconds he opened a servant. Jacques saw in the eyes of the servant surprise and then anxiety, adrenaline. The servant pulled a knife, but Jacques did not give him time to do anything because they stabbed him in the throat and put it on the floor. "Reginald who is it?" He asked a female voice in the other room. Jacques closed the door behind him and then extended your hidden blades. A woman of average age stood at the threshold of the door where the voice had come. That was Magdeleine. Jacques walked towards Magdeleine and she shouted something. Jacques was about to kill Magdeline but then he heard the click of a gun. Jacques felt 'that there was a man behind him who was pointing the gun at his head. "Stop right there or I'll kill you," the man said. Jacques raised his hands and sheathed concealed blades. The man grabbed him by the wrist and shifted the gun. Jacques flicked your hidden blades, took off from the trajectory of the gun, and then inflicted knife concealed the man's head. Jacques turned to Magdeleine and saw her running up the stairs screaming for help to other servants. Jacques decided that he would not kill other servants if not stun them. As he climbed the stairs he was against a boy of about 15 years. Jacques grabbed him regardless, and threw it away from the stairs, the boy fell to the ground stunned. Jacques arrived at the top of the stairs and saw Magdeleine run into his room through the right corridor and left was a woman of about 30 years and the other side another woman about 24 years. Both armed with a knife. The 30 year-old tried to stab Jacques but he dodged the blow and grabbed his arm bringing it behind her back. The woman screamed and dropped the knife. Jacques threw it on the floor and then punched him in the hand of the 24-year old making him also drop her dagger. Jacques grabbed her and slammed against the wall, stunning. Jacques after kicked the bedroom door Magdeleine, breaking it. Jacques went in there and saw Magdeleine standing at the end of the room. Jacques took his gun loaded it and pointed it out to Magdeleine. "Last words?" Jacques asked.

Shay Patrick Cormac

Magdeleine remained impassive. Jacques pulled the trigger and shot echoed through the house. The body lacks of Magdeleine life fell to the ground. Jacques put his gun and went into the corridor. It gives the 30 years he was recovering and seemed frightened at the sight of Jacques. Jacques realized that those were allies of the Templars and could not leave them alive, or otherwise would have been possible murder witnesses. Jacques was fighting to kill them if the Assassins or let them live for consciousness. The first prevailed. Jacques spent his time to trace the Templars who have operated in the shadows of the Caribbean Sea during the Seven Years War. After arriving in Kingston in 1760 he had spent the last five years in the field of education and defend Havana for more plots Templars - Jacques knew that Victor Jensen was the new manager of Kingston. In 1765, Jacques for the months in between he trained for a while 'time the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, and he made the acquaintance of two members of the Caribbean branch: Josiah Advisor and Samuel. In 1768, Jacques took a ship that took him to Boston. Jacques had learned that during the 1756 war there was an Assassin-turncoat named Shay Patrick Cormac and decided to track him down. Jacques saw his ship docked at the port the Morrigan why he was there in the city. Jacques walked around and finally found a man in blacks outfits and with a dirk and dagger, lurking in a secluded corner. Jacques pulled his sword pointing it over Shay. Shay knew that this was an Assassin and extended his hidden blade. Shay threw himself on Jacques trying to stab him, but Jacques dodged the blow and knocked hard alongside Shay. Shay cried out in pain and then swung the blade concealed for Jacques's head. Jacques leaned down and swept Shay with his body. The two went to the ground. and Jacques took up the sword will soon rise again, Shay had taken his weapons and threw himself on Jacques. Jacques parried all shots from Shay and clashed their weapons for a while 'time. Eventually Jacques injured Shay at hand. Shay lost his dirk and then extended the hidden blade and stabbed Jacques forearm. Jacques screamed in pain and kicked at Shay's arm with which he held the sword. Shay also lost his sword. Shay took a gun and shot him in the leg by Jacques. Jacques cried out in pain and he also took the gun. But Shay grabbed the barrel of Jacques gun with one hand and with the other blocked his wrist. Jacques struggled to remain so, and the extended end of the hidden blade, broke free an arm and stabbed Shay alongside. Shay yelled acute pain and Jacques was lured by rumors of some British soldiers were coming. Jacques shot him in the head to one of the soldiers and then ran away from the area.


Eric Rackham

In 1771, Jacques had been commissioned directly by the Council to protect the governor of Port-Au-Prince because if he died in Port-Au-Prince would no longer be the Assassins but by the Templars and the Assassins not this could afford. Already in 1770 there had been many losses because of two puppets-killer of Templar Order: Lady Concord and Eric Rackham. Jacques had studied the appearances of both, and could very well recognize. Jacques in November 1771 was in the accommodation of the governor to talk with it some things regarding Carlos Blanc, the Jacques's partner. After the two of them went into the garden and there Jacques recognized in a man Eric Rackham under roof who was about to kill them both. Eric fired upon the governor but de la Noire threw him to the ground saving it. Eric grabbed his second gun and fired a guard who was coming. Jacques extended the blade hidden on Eric and Eric was able to lock it in time for the wrist. Eric wished she have there the apple of Eden and knocked hard on the Jacques's chest. Jacques de la Noire rolled on the ground and went against Eric de la Noire with his hidden blade ready. Jacques leaped on Eric, sending him to the ground before he could kill the governor. Jacques is straddled by Eric ready to kill him, Eric at all sad to die took the knife and stabbed him in the stomach. Eric got up quickly and saw other guards arrive from all sides. Eric saw Concord and Marie attacking the guards and gave him a nod of thanks. Eric stabbed in the chest of de la Noire with the sword.

  • Jacques: It seems to have gone wrong Templar.
  • Eric: Oh shut up.
  • Jacques: Oh you were silent dog. Templars you have no idea even of what you do. Enslave the human race, you have no conscience're crazy.
  • Eric: Illuminate the human race does not enslave. You like Assassin in your life you have committed many evil thing and killed many people. At the end you are not better than us.
  • Jacques: (Laughter) Nothing is true, everything is permitted. One day maybe you will understand these words and their true meaning.

Jacques succumbs to his injuries. Now with the death of de la Noire and the governor, the Templars had taken control of Port-Au-Prince.