"In less than 9 days, my whole world change. I learned about my heritage and ancestry, I watched the memories of my ancestors, I learned the moves of an Assassin, I stopped an evil woman from taking over the world. I just hope my father would see this, proud of what I did. My name is Jake Miles, I am an Assassin."
―Jake after saving the world
Jacob Miles
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3 October, 2005 New York City, New York, United States



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Jacob "Jake" Wilks, later known as Jake Miles is the son of Desmond Miles and the 2nd Hero of Earth.


Early lifeEdit

Jake was born in October 3, 2005, in New York City. His mother was an aspiring artist and his father was a bartender in a nightclub called Bad Weather. Jake's mother lived in the New York City after she found she was pregnant and lived with her parents until she finally got her job as an artist. Jake lived a fairly normal life and was one of the smartest children in 2nd Grade. He was very talented in art and physical education and is good at the subjects though the only subject he is bad at is science. Jake went to therapy a few times a week due to having nightmares and strange dreams. Recently, he had a dream that he was on a mountain, it was sunset and he saw a woman dressed in white robes and had an eagle on her shoulder. However there was another woman who also wore white robes and angrily talked to the woman. They spoke in a language that Jake did not understand until they spoke in English. Just then, Jake looked to see the ground split in half with volcanoes slowly coming up. Jake ran as fast he could to avoid but it was in slow-motion and he realized that will not survive. Then a fiery pit of lava came upon Jake and the dream ended.


In December 22, 2012, 3 days before Christmas and 9 days before New Years Eve, Jake met his paternal grandfather, William. William told Jake about Desmond, the Assassins, Templars and Juno. Jake was very confused of the relevation and his mother allowed him to be with his grandfather in exchange for information. William agrees and takes Jake to Desmond's old apartment.

Relieving the memoriesEdit

Traveling to his father's old apartment, William tells Jake to not "mess around" in the apartment. Jake obeys his grandfather and sits down on the couch, watching the TV. Later, Rebecca tells William that the Animus is ready. William then tells Jake that the Animus is not a toy but a machine that is important. It will show him the memories of his ancestors, from their birth to the end. With the information stored in Jake's mind, he then goes on the Animus where he will relieve the memories of Connor Kenway and his son, Tommy.

A few days later, Jake finished the first sequence of Connor and spended his time, talking to the team. After that, he goes back to the Animus and relieves the memories of Tommy Kenway.


Like his father, Jake's ancestry came from his father's side which resulted Jake to have First Civilization DNA in his genes and able to wield the Apple.

In the Roman times, Jake's ancestors were Lucius who would have a son called Aquilus who was next in line.

In the Middle Ages, Jake was the descendent of legendary Leventine Assassin; Altair Ibn-La'Ahad who was the son of Umar. Altair would later marry his future wife and have 2 children; Darim and Sef.

Then in the Renaissance, Jake's bloodline of the Auditore started. The most notable of them all is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the former Mentor of the Italian Assassins. Ezio would then marry and have 2 children with Sofia Sartor.

To the 18th century, Jake's ancestor, Edward Kenway would have a child named Haytham who would be the Grand Master of the Templar Order and the father of Connor Kenway. Connor would then have a child named Thomas "Tommy" Kenway who was next in line of the Kenway bloodline. Thomas was born in the Order and was raised to be an assassin. At 16 years of age, Thomas became obsessed of destroying the Templar Order in Colonial America which somewhat prompted him to be the Mentor of the Colonial Assassins.

Characteristics and personalityEdit

Jake is a kind-hearted yet somewhat mature 7-8 year old boy. His kind personality was from his mother and his maturity was from his maternal grandparents. Jake is a talented young boy though he never brags about it and is confident of his ablities. Even though he never met his father, he was very sad to hear his possible death and wanted to meet him for the first time though it was already too late.

At some times, Jake would crack jokes to make people happy or keep them from being stressed out. When he was still in primary school, he, along with his friends would prank people for fun.

Despite being too young to understand the Assassin-Templar Conflict, he knows that the Assassins are good and the Templars are bad but wonders why the two rivals fight each other. While exploring more of his ancestor's memories, Jake comes to believes that the Templars actually wanted peace but is angered of their ruthless operations and the Assassin's wanted freedom for the people but is also angered after "watching" his ancestor murdering a young Templar in cold blood.

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