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James at 22
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1st of January 1991


22nd of January 2014

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ACFanon: Bow Down

ACFanon: Operation Vengeance

James was a strange boy and his place of origin was never truly known, most assumed he was born in the US as his first recorded location was the Oklahoma Training Camp. He had potential seen in him by Benjamin Laurence who trained him vigorously despite his age only being of 7 at the time. In 2000 during The Great Purge he was told to evacuate by Benjamin and Benjamin ordered his brightest pupil, Roderick McLeod, to assure of James escape. After James escaped the camp and was brought to another Training Camp in Texas Roderick trained him like Benjamin had until he was 12 and could be inducted into the Brotherhood. After his induction he was sent to Victoria, Australia to assist the Brotherhood there. When James had arrived in Australia he joined a team of Assassins slightly younger than himself and supported them on the missions they performed.

During a Templar plot James assisted his team as they traveled to Sydney to contact William Miles who had arrived there for support. During this trip James was captured by Abstergo agents and the leader of their team, Mason Stephano, was killed. James managed to escape Abstergo and they met William who told them of how a Piece of Eden located in a First Civilization Temple was what the Templars seeked and they had to destroy it.

Early Life[]

"I don't have a surname" -James replying to Benjamin

Not much his known of James descent, as he never showed a surname, nor did anyone think he knew it. His first recorded appearence was him at the age of 5 being brought to an Assassin Traning Camp in Oklahoma by a Japanese Assassin, Kazumi Tochigi. When he reached the age of 7 he was trained by Benjamin Laurence in the arts of freerunning, fast combat, firearms, and the Hidden Blade.

When James reached the age of 9 the Great Purge began to take place. He was told to evacuate by Benjamin and was helped by Roderick McLeod to escape. After they escaped Roderick brought James to a Texas Training Camp to learn further in his training. After 3 years of further training he was inducted into the Brotherhood and sent to the place of descent of Benjamin, Victoria, Australia.

In The Brotherhood[]


"I don't take the hood off" -James telling his new team members not to try and take his hood off.

When James was sent to Australia he was stationed in the Greensborough Training Camp. There he was taught under the director directly as Roderick had asked for. Until the age of 15 was it until James was sent to the Training Camp stationed in Kilmore where he met his team consisting of Jesse Varnado, Mason Stephano, and Eve Laurence. James knew the history of Eve's elder brother she had only seen in her infancy but he did not talk of him for unknown reasons. During this time from his arrival to Australia he always wore his hood on to drench shadows over his face.

Templar Plot[]

"Good, I was getting kind of bored of sitting in this blood" -James replying to Eve saying they can leave the Abstergo Offices now.

When James was 22 his team had done many missions by this point. He had achieved the rank of a Master Assassin by this point but still chose to stick by his team, it is believed he did this as he wished that Eve carry on the Laurence legacy.

A Templar plot had hatched in 2013 to remove the Assassins from Southern Australia, until December of 2013 it was unknown why. During this time James and his team returned to Greensborough training camp to ask for help which was not given to them and on their way out the camp was struck by an ambush. Similiar to the Great Purge soldiers began to flood the camp taking out the Assassins and unlike the Great Purge Abstergo began to put the subjects of its Animi Training Program to use. The subjects of the Animi Training Program were nicknamed Abstergo Assassins by the Assassins because of their simular style of combat and some even using Abstergo crafted Hidden Blades. During this ambush James was captured and Mason split from the group to go after the Mentor who had arrived in Sydney.

When Jesse and Eve tracked down James it was to an Abstergo building in Epping, when they arrived the building seemed empty. Upon further inspection they found all Abstergo agents and Doctors brutally murdered by what looked like a Hidden Blade, when they found James he was just sitting on a chair as corpses surrounded him. Jesse and Eve being disturbed quickly left with James.

After following Mason to find the Mentor they found Mason on the road being attacked by Abstergo Assassins, they managed to fight off the Abstergo Assassins but Mason was dying from a bullet wound and died there on December of 2013. They continued their way to the Mentor where they learnt that the Templars were after a Piece of Eden located in a First Civlization Temple in Tasmania. The team then sought to destroy it.

Piece of Eden and Death[]

After a month of searching across Tasmania they found the Piece of Eden and entered the Temple in the rural area of Tasmania. After entering the Temple Abstergo Assassins revealed they had been following them as well as their Master Templar, Laura Elya. After brief dialogue Laura demaned the Piece of Eden where James demanded that the orthers run and he grabbed the Piece of Eden where he caused himself, the Abstergo Assassins and Laura to be restrited to their current position. The others ran and James then caused the Temple to crumble down on itself causing him and the Templars to die.

Personality and Characteristics[]

James was mostly mysterious and shrowded in secrets, he was only known mostly for being a talented fighter, and a very selfless person. Though it is said he, like Roderick, admired Benjamin and took after him making him the selfless and courageous person he was. Though he stayed in shadows and did not reveal his own life to others, he continued to help others when they needed him, to the point of sacrificing himself for his team.