"Aye. Times have changed and they'll keep changing along wit' the world. There is no way for a few men to control it, nor should it be allowed. […] Shamed to admit I used to think like them. Now I stand against the Templars, sword drawn opposite theirs, ready to strike back. This is my redemption. My name is James Denton, and I am an Assassin."
―James C. Denton[src]
James Denton
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Templars (1704 - 1715)
Crew of the Lady Jay

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Silent Night

James C. Denton (1696 - unknown), colloquially known as J.C., was a British Templar-turned-mercenary and pirate, and a member of the Assassin Order. Early in his life, he joined the British Army, and once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies. However, a quick end to the war and the promise of gold and glory seduced him into a life of a mercenary; it was as a mercenary that Denton first encountered the Assassin Order and the life of a pirate, and became embroiled in their struggle when he met Daniel Barrett.

James was also the half-brother of Leonard Denton, Abigail Denton, Jane-Austen Denton and Thomas Denton, the father of Anthony and Aurora Denton, husband of Daniella Santino, and descendant of Assassin Emilio Venier; through this line, he was also an ancestor of Aaron Bryant.


Early lifeEdit

The great-grandson of Victoria Denton, then-Templar Grand Master, a descendant of Assassin Emilio Venier, James was raised with Templar views of control and peace, concepts he didn't much care for.[1]

James was born in London, Great Britain to Ewan McAvoy, a Irish man while his French mother was married to Andrew Denton, a Welsh Templar, James was a charming and charismatic individual who aged to become a fairly reckless young man with a penchant for law-breaking and violence. James was the oldest of five children, his brother Leonard Denton was born in November 1697, sister Abigail in March 1700 and twins Jane-Austen and Thomas in January 1701.

As a teen, Denton was forced to follow the principles by which the Templars stood for, though he rebelled against his father many times, but when he was arrested for attempting stealing a painting from King George I of Britain's royal gallery at the palace and his father managed to convince the King not to have him hanged for the crime, Denton promised Andrew that he would live up to his family's legacy and eventually attained the rank of Master Templar in the Order at age 19 in 1715, through hard work, determination and subterfuge.

Betrayal of bloodEdit

"Once, perhaps we were brothers. No longer. Good-bye, Leonard, No one will mourn you."
―James, to Leonard before killing his brother[src]

On December 7 1715 in Havana, Cuba, James was paired up with one of his brothers, Leonard whom had yet to become a full member of the Templar Order and charged with silencing Richard Burke, a Templar and a captain in the British Navy and an old friend of James's who was selling secrets to the local Havana rebels trying rid the city of its invading forces. During the mission, a beautiful native Cuban woman named Daniella Santino caught his eye with an enlightening love song. After talking to her and asking her to meet him back there later that night to which she agreed, he spotted Burke in the corner of the bar and started a brawl. Not long into its initiation Burke made an escape attempt, only to be caught by Leonard and subsequently executed with his own falchion. The Denton brothers took Burke's Templar ring from his finger, departed and headed back to the harbor where their ship the Sparrowhawk was docked. By the time they reach the port they found their ship on fire and group of Templar recruits who claimed to been sent to kill Denton for the murder of Burke and to James's surprise his brother Leonard turned on him as well and told him that killing him would be his true test into the Order given to him by Andrew. Before Leonard could attack James grabbed his wrist and twisted it with one hand while shooting a recruit in chest with his flintlock pistol. A brief brawl ensued between the remaining recruits leading to their deaths, James approached his brother and asked him why he had done this to which he responded he only did as ordered and that he didn't regret his decision, James gave his brother his last rites and then broke his neck.
After killing his brother and noticing that someone had called the port guards, James headed back to the tavern to meet up with Daniella. Just as he arrived, so did a squad of Spanish soldiers, and trying to avoid another conflict in her place of work, Daniella hired a group of courtesans to distract them while she led Denton out the back exit.

Following his evasion of authority Denton was still stricken with anger and confusion, he cast off the markings of his Templar status and tossed them into barrel and locked it in the cargo hold.


James: "We steal and we plunder..."
Daniella: "... we tear our enemies asunder..."
James: "... then we laugh..."
Daniella: "... at the King's last blunder."
—Denton and Daniella sing about their hate for King George Louis I[src]

When he met Assassin Daniel Barrett, the meeting was initially antagonistic, but things cooled when it was revealed to Jason that he himself was descendant of a Assassin, a fact his grandfather, William Denton, a former assassin later confirmed.


Guermillo: "Ay, what are you lookin' at? Lookin' for a husband or somethin'?"
James: "Nein, my friend, but I am lookin' for a whore's hole to stuff. Might you be interested, boy?"
Guermillo: "I'm goin' to make you regret those words."
James: "Good luck to ya, mate."
—Guermillo and James exchange words[src]

Anti-slaving in the BahamasEdit

Denton: "Guards are coming."
Ajani: "Yes, it seems that way."
Denton: "How's your appetite for swordplay?"
Ajani: "Hungry."
—Denton and Ajani after freeing the latter[src]

Some time later he met an African slave named Ajani, Balake, and Vakasa, along with numerous others at an auction in the Bahamas, where he killed their owner and freed them. After fighting off the city guard and soldiers he extended an invitation for then to join him as he was in need of a crew, it wasn't until Ajani accepted that the rest agreed and made their way to the ship Lady Jay.


He eventually became a full-fledged member of the Assassins in June 1719

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Born into nobility Denton's life was filled privilege and opportunity, but despite his polished upbringing James preferred the simple things.

Romantic lifeEdit

"This shouldn't take long. Wait... that came out wrong."
―Jason, to Anne Carter, January 1721[src]


The nickname J.C. is derived "JC Denton" from Deus Ex, another series that introduces Templars as antagonists to the main character, of which Bryant is a fan.



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