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James Dorian
Biographical information

December 21, 1802
Paris, French Empire


July 12, 1878
New York City, State of New York, British America

Political information
  • French Brotherhood
    (1813 - 1867)
Real-world information
"Everyone else said that I was crazy that I recruited 14 year old kid that is next in line to be grand master of the Templar Order!"
―James arguing with Gideon Borgia

James Dorian (1802-1878) was a Master Assassin of the French Brotherhood of Assassins. He has been working out of Paris mostly his whole life but came back to learn that Templars has recently join back into power and taking over Paris again. He was the first son of Arno Dorian and Lucile Kenway, and the elder twin brother of Joseph Dorian and the younger brother of Adélaïde Dorian. He was also the father of Caroline Dorian and the adopted father of Gideon Borgia, and also the husband of an unnamed assassin and also the uncle of Antoinette Dorian and the grand-uncle of Ethan Arno Frye.