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"I realize now that everything I have been told, my entire life has been a lie, fabricated by the minds of deceitful men who seek to lead humanity into an age of tyranny and slaves. After all I've been through that has led me up to this point, I know who I owe my allegiance to; I know who AND what I am. My name is James Kaldwin, and I am an Assassin." - James after being inducted into the Assassin Order. - 1872.


Early life[]

James Anthony Kaldwin (1849-1924) was born in London, England, to parents, William and Elizabeth Kaldwin. James grew up in a life of luxury for the first 20 years of his life by his loving parents, whom, unknown to him were both high ranking members of the Templar order.


In his youth, James was tutored in the Templar's views and ideologies, as well as multiple forms of combat, language and free running.

A life changing encounter[]

"You fight like a devil. Where did you learn such skills?" - Nicholas commenting on James' skills.

On November 8th, 1868, whilst returning home from a ball, James witnessed an assault in an alleyway. He drove the attackers off and helped the victim, who introduced himself as Nicholas Baker; a master assassin of the British Assassin's, though he didn't tell James of the group he belonged to. Baker, after witnessing James' fighting skills, offering James' to join him in a meeting of individuals who promote freedom and equality for all, 3 weeks from that point.

The ambush[]

William: "Where are you going at such a time?"

James: "To meet up with Molly. Is it always necessary for you to pry in my personal affairs?"

William: "Just be careful, my son. The streets aren't safe tonight, I can feel it." - Adam warning James about the dangers of the city at night.

After 3 weeks of careful and considerate planning, James finally arrived at the meeting in an abandoned house. Only it turned out that the meeting was an ambush. Baker and all of the Assassin's had been killed. Before he could react, James was attacked by a group of Templar assassin's, he manage defend himself from 4 of them until they were able to overpower and subdue him.

Learning the truth[]

After being kidnapped, James was brought to a warehouse in the industrial district. The leader of the Templar's who kidnapped James was Samuel Grey; a business partner and co-conspiriter of Adam, James' father. Grey then told James about the secret war between the Assassin's and Templar's and their history. James, who's ideals were against Grey's, turned out to be a loose end to him and the Templar's. Samuel then had James thrown into the Thames River with the hopes that he would drown.

The sail to Europe[]

James awoke on the merchant ship "The Bermuda" on its way to france. Before he was about to drown, James was rescued by the crew. He was able to befriend the captain, Connor Faulkner, who gave him a sword and supplies for his journey through Europe.

Arriving in Roma[]

After 2 months of travelling, James had finallly made his way to Rome. He had heard of the Assassin's strong presence in Italy and decided to meet their mentor. James learnt from overhearing locals that a Templar had been terrorizing the citizens of Rome, he decided to followed the Templar with the hopes that he would get the attention of the Assassin's. He tailed the Templar agent in an alley where James pounced and stabbed the agent in the abdomen. The Templar was revealed to have been carrying an Apple of Eden. At this point, the Assassin's revealed themselves to him.

James finally met Petruccio Alobetti, the mentor of the Italian Assassin's, Alobetti knew of James Templar heritage and was initially suspicious of him because of this. However, upon handing the Apple of Eden without hesitation or worry, Peruccio finally accepted James as an Assassin trainee

Becoming an assassin[]

James spent the next 2 years in training as an assassin, until he was tasked with the assassination of a Templar called Francis Du Buontiq, hiding in France.

For the next 7 months, James searched for the Templar, until arriving in Paris, there, he was greeted by Alain Soivaunt, the mentor of the French assassin's who had revealed to James that a courier working for the Templar's had been spotted near the Sainte Merri church. James found and tailed the courier until he was able to pickpocket a letter from him which revealed that Du Buontiq was hiding in seclusion in the tower of Notre Dame.

That night, James was able to scale the cathedral tower, there, at the top, was Du Buontiq, sleeping, James plunged his hidden blade into the throat of the Templar, killing him, but not before he could reveal the Templar's plans to disguise a number of criminals as assassin's and let them cause chaos and terrorize the citizens, in order to slander the Assassin's reputation.

After the completion of his contract and test, James bid Alain farewell, and returned to Rome.

Induction into the order.[]

"Wear these robes with pride, you fight for freedom, equality and justice. Benvenuti agli assassini , fratello. (Welcome to the assassin's, brother)" - Petruccio inducting James into the assassin brotherhood.- 1872

Upon returning to Rome, James was inducted into the assassin order. Petruccio held a ceremony for him and represented James a second hidden blade as well as branding his left ring finger with the assassin insignia.

The pilgrimage[]

James left Rome after 3 weeks of being an assassin on a pilgrimage, taking the Apple of Eden with him to better understand it and the First Civilization.

James caught a ferry to Egypt, to meet the assassin's in Cairo and their mentor, Akhom Ibn-La Ahad. Upon his arrival in Cairo, James found the Assassin's headquarters with ease, but was greeted by a deserted building. A hooded man walked up to James and revealed himself to be Akhom Ibn-La Ahad. Akhom told James that the assassin's in Egypt were stretched thin and are few in numbers.

Akhom brought James to his home, where he lived with his wife, Halima, and daughter, Femi