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"Welcome to your grave, bastard."
―James, right before he stabbed a Abstergo Agent.

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James is a member of the Assassin order, who has ancestors of those who sworn a promise to keep the Order going, though, he is not the best Assassin out there, but is noticable for defeating the Templar's and helping the Assassin's many times.

The Beginning[]

Early Life[]

James was born in Janurary 5, 1989 with his mother and father. In his life, like other people, he attended school, highschool, and is currently in College. Though, James does not have a goal in life, beside's freedom to all people. When Jame's was about 5, he used to play with toy swords, daggers, shields and more. His mother was afraid that he might turn out as a killer, though, without her knowing, this was actually his father's plan to get him into the Assassin Order. By the time he grew up he got into bad situations, used to be bullied and more. Though, Jame's had been planning to beat them up, but he just couldn't help being mean. When James turned 19, he worked at Abstergo Industries helping people's lives viewing their ancestors memories. Jame's was always wondering what it would be like in the Animus. at 9:00 PM, the owner of Abstergo Industries told him to go to sleep in his work room. He was very tired of all the work he went through, and he instantly went to sleep. A few hours later, Abstergo Agents kidnapped Jame's and quickly put him in the Animus, very confused, he was trying to break free and ask questions but was overpowered, when Jame's was in the Animus, the owner of Abstergo turned on the Animus, time period setting, and Jame's was viewing the genetic memories of his ancestor Adelardus Oeab' Azemar. Once the Animus was finished, he asked the qustion why he was forced in the Animus, the owner said that he did that in order to find the location of the Apple of Eden, he was more than confused, but was forced to be kicked out of Abstergo Industries, and he returned to his home. He was then telling his father everything that had happened.

Into the Assassin Order[]

The Secret of Abstergo[]

After he had told his father everything, he was very surprised, and that's when his father, said that it's time to show him the truth about Abstergo. James wanted to know everything, because he said to his father that it was like a nightmare when Abstergo kidnpapped him and put him in the Animus. His father was telling a organization called the Templars. He told him that the Templars we're seeking to create a new world with the Apple of Eden help them succeed in their goal. According to Assassin's he said, that the Assassin's we're beginning to think that they we're actually using that to create a devastating world where no one has to make they're choses and only go with the Templar's, Abstergo guards would be everywhere holding restriced area's, and much more. Though, he told to James that this plan was Interrupted by the Assassin's centuries ago. James could not believe but understood what his fahter said. His father then told him that did they tell them anything Apple of Eden, with James replying he said yes. His father was shocked that he said they both must hurry to Abstergo to collect the Apple of Eden.

The quest for the Apple[]

James' father showed him his secret room, where he kept guns, knives, daggers, shoeknives and much more, James was then introduced to the Assassin order. James' father gave him his father's black Assassin jacket with hoodie and red lining designs. His father then told him to inflitrate the Abstergo place, though asking if he's going alone, his father will be in there with him, acting as if he's a subject viewing his ancestors memories. Though, his father had failed to inflitrate the owner of Abstergo Industires who was already weilding the Apple. Jame's was then put inside the Animus, and viewed all of Adelardus Oeab' Azemar's memories. By the time the Animus was finished. He found dead bodies lying on the floor, and his father killing Abstergo Agents, his father shouted to him to chase the owner, but before he left he gave him the Hidden Blade. Though, he did not know where he wen,t but his father directly known where, then, James was heading for the owner, and the Apple.

Attempt to rescue the Apple[]

James was heading straight forward the path the owner led to, but when he saw the owner's body running right through a door, 4 Abstergo Agents abushed James with electrical Security Guard sticks. Jame's was afraid of getting nocked out, he was going to run away, but strangly, he felt the brave emotion of Adelardus, and he was forced to fight, when he was about to begin, he gained a new ability called Eagle Vision. James attacked the guards amazingly with Adelardus' speed, killing techniques and more. He used a dagger to stab 1 Guard, he then used a gun to shoot 2 Guards, and finally used the Hidden Blade to jump of the Guard and stab it through his head. Jame's was then onto the owner. The owner was then on a elavator and controlling 14 Guard's and Agent's to quickly kill Jame's. Jame's himself thought he was hopeless, but was wrong. Adelardus was again re-awakened in Jame's, he quickly went through all of the Agents, stabbed them, shot them, and shoeknifed them. Within seconds, all of the Guards and Agents fell to the ground. The owner had already left the room and is at the highest place inside the building, Jame's was surrounded by 20 Guards and Agents, the owner used the Apple to force the power through the Guard's and Agent's more. But still, nothing even touched Jame's with Adelardus' speed, strength, and agility. He once again killed all of the Guard's within seconds. He then leaped for the Apple to snatch it from the owners hand, but failed to do so. His hand was severly half burnt through the Apple's power. Jame's, even with Adelardu's power was hopeless to the Apple. That's when, his father came up, and tried to stab the owner, but just like Jame's failed to do so. When the owner was distracted with trying to kill James' father, Jame's quickly holded his shoulder and stabbed him with his Hidden Blade massivley. The owner, was almost killed, he tried to get up. But he was shot in the head by Jame's father. His father then picked up the Apple, but felt a little bit of a strange emotion.

Jame's father possessed[]

Jame's father, grabbed his gun. And shot a direct target to his son's shoulder. Severly injured and confused, he than ran for Jame's and tried to stab him. But, they we're both pushed beside the open window where they could fall to their death. Jame's father grabbed his Hidden Blade and tried to stab his son. But before he even stabbed him, Jame's kicked the Apple down to the ground. Jame's fahter was then back to normal and asked what had happened. Jame's was confused wether this was his real father or not, but before he could figure out, he looked outside the window, and the Apple had dissapeared. Questioning his father, he said that it must of been the Apple's controlling his father's mind. In the end, Jame's father thanked him for at least stopping Abstergo's plan. And they both returned home.

Going into the Memories[]

4 years since 2008, which is now 2012. Jame's now 23 Is outside in the Park sitting on the bench with his father. Until, he see's somebody who feels like they don't belong here.

Jame's stood up and walked toward's that person. His father asked why, and he said that he feels something amiss. Jame's went and talked to the person, when he asked his name, that person pushed him on the ground. His father saw it all and went to Jame's. Everyone noticed, and Jame's asked why he had done that. The person replied in saying, "You need to die". Jame's, without the person looking activated his Hidden Blade. But, he could not cause a comotion with people all around him watching. But it went the other way, the person took out his gun and targeted at Jame's while he was on the floor. Everyone screamed and ran, and that's when Jame's used his Hidden Blade as an attempt to stab him, but failed to do so. With the person grabbing his arms and throwing him to the ground. Jame's fahter quickly used his dagger and slashed the person's right arm. He had a large scrape on his arm, the person then went insane. He was firing everywhere with his gun and injured 6 people, and killed 3. Jame's tried to stop him but the person ran away. Jame's couldn't find him anywhere and he just vanished. Jame's father was very confused. And he said that It's time to leave.

Gathering information[]

Jame's and his father returned home. And they would probably never return to the Park. Jame's father asked him if he had known this person. Jame's, replied saying no. Jame's, before his father, was questioning where has his mother been. Jame's father, wouldn't answer. Jame's wanting him to get it out, but he said that It's better that he doesn't know. Jame's wanting to get it out of him, but he wouldn't answer. But quickly, Jame's father said, "Jame's.....I want you to spy on Abstergo Industries seeing if that person was apart of it." Jame's was still questioning his father about his mother, but his father demanded him to check on it. Jame's was a little mad, but went for Abstergo. Jame's was walking out on the roads of his town looking for Abstergo. Though, Jame's was getting a little tired of using his father's Assassin clothes. And thought it would be alright to go in the store, with his hoodie off. Jame's bought new clothes, with black jeans, and a white and red Assassin jacket. Jame's quickly went into a dead end, where nobody could see him, and he was in his new Assassin clothes. Jame's was then focused to go after Abstergo, when he finally found the facility. Jame's climbed up the highes bulding, and he saw the person talking with a new owner of Abstergo. But Jame's accidently made a noise on the glass roof, and the person saw Jame's, and went insane again, he shot 8 shots in the glass, but Jame's was surprisingly not injured at all. Until, he shot 37 shots on the glass roof, injuring Jame's and eventually the glass roof collasped.

In The Animus[]

Jame's found himself inside the Animus. When a Abstergo Guard turned on the Animus, Jame's was again unable to move, and was viewing the memories of his ancestor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. By the time the Animus was finished, Jame's was out of the Animus, and he was alone in the normal Abstergo room. He was looking for anyone in the facility, but everyone was gone. He looked outside and it was normal. He went room to room to look for anybody that wasthere. Until, he found the owner of Abstergo, arguing with Jame's father. He was hearing every word that came out of their mouth. And he heard that his mother was actually kept captive in somewhere far away from Abstergo. He didn't hear the rest, they we're about to walk out of the room, Jame's quickly went into the Animus, but the owner and his father saw him get into it. Jame's, fooly stuck in the Animus again, the owner turned it on and he was viewing the rest of Ezio's memories.

The Animus was finished with Jame's, and he got out of it. He found his father talking with 4 hooded people and told them to go on a mission. Jame's quickly went out of Abstergo and talked with his father what he had told them to do. Jame's father replied saying that he should be in the Animus. Jame's was arguing with him that he should not be inside the Animus, his father replied saying that he needs to be in the Animus so he can view more of his ancestors memories. Jame's still said that he should not be in the Animus, his father demanded that he should go in. Jame's refused and said no. They we're fighting for a while, until a Abstergo Guard knocked out his father from behind. Jame's activated his Hidden Blade to stab the Guard. He was succsesful, but a Guard from behind almost beat down Jame's to death with his Guard stick. Jame's was knocked out fully, and was put inside the Animus, this time, for a long period of time.

Jame's was viewing another of his ancestors, Gabriel Walker. A pirate Assassin who lived on the Carribean Islands, Jame's saw all of what Gabriel had went through into viewing all of his memories. The Animus was finished, and Jame's had gained new abilites from both Ezio and Gabriel. Making him a highly new threat. It was 10:30 PM, and Jame's had instantly escaped Abstergo. Until, a hoodied man, bumped into him. Saying that he should come with him.

To be continued...

List of James Smith's Ancestors[]

(WARNING! This section contains spoilers. If you do not want to see this list and wish to continue on reading instead, the user who made this Fanon page suggest that you do not read this section)

Adelardus Oeab' Azemar (1170 - 1269) Male, Levintine Assassin

Ezio Auditore da Firenze (fanon) (1459 - 1524) Male, Italian Assassin of Renaissance

Gabriel Walker (1691 - 1762) Male, Assassin of piracy

Ahtahkaksiaq "Samuel" (1753 - 1826) Male, Assassin of Colonial America

Extra Assassin's[]

Aelianus Paulis (233 - 334) Male, Assassin of Rome

Ayame Hiroko (1349 - 1400) Female, Assassin of Old Japan

Kawatakoose 'Alderick' "Robert" (1767 - 1830) Cousin of Ahtahkakisiaq, French, Native American, and Assassin of Colonial America