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Janus, also known as Aether, was an Isu scientist and political leader of the Illuminat caste. Born in Feyan City in 2195 Isu Era, he was a childhood friend of Juno and an important figure in Isu society. Janus is credited for having created the first version of the Apple of Eden. He survived the cataclysm that destroyed his civilization by recording his conscience in a secret temple that was discovered in 2007, giving him access to a human body that he inhabited to interact with the world.

Using Cleon Vassalos as a receptacle for his consciousness, Janus infiltrated the Order of the Templars to retrieve artifacts from Eden in order to revive Isu Civilization and re-establish world control. He united in secret to the Instruments of the First Will that helped him in his endeavor.


Early Life[]

Little is known of Janus's childhood and youth. He was born in Feyan, in 2195 of the Isu Era, and grew up next to Juno, of whom he became a close friend. While still a youth, he became interested in technology, and in early adulthood he developed advanced equipment to improve the life of the Isu, as well as creating the first version of the Apple of Eden with the aim of increasing control under the Humans.

Human-Isu War[]

When Humans rebelled against their Masters, at first he was intrigued and interested in the evolution of those who were bred only to serve. And for a period of time he supported their Revolt, until his human servants tried to kill him while he meditated. Janus even got stabbed, but that did not stop him from using his Sword of Eden to annihilate them. After such events Janus saw that their evolution was leading them on a violent and odious path. He was somewhat proud, for Humans were becoming like the Isu, but he could not accept his Civilization to cease to rule the world and not ignore the fact that they tried to assassinate him.

It was when he discovered a massive wave of solar energy heading toward Earth. Along with Juno, Minerva and Jupiter, Janus planned to create some method to save the planet or the First Civilization. He also conspired with the old friend to rule the world after this and prevent Humanity from inheriting it. Jupiter and Minerva discovered and tried to stop them. Juno's conscience was arrested, but Janus escaped. Knowing that Minerva would not use the Eye and allow the disaster to occur in order not to free Juno, he transferred his consciousness, thoughts, desires, history, and personality to a kind of Isu computer in a sealed temple in the basement of present-day Jordan.

Return to the World[]

For millennia Janus was trapped in the digital center of the temple he built in the sappy, but that did not stop him from acting. From the temple network he accessed a satellite that allowed him to connect to the Animus servers at an Abstergo facility in London. Janus made a copy of himself and, through the Animus, implanted it in the mind of the Greek Templar Cleon Vassalos. From that moment Janus began to influence the decisions of Cleon, becoming a kind of "hallucination" that represented his conscience. Isu manipulated the Templar to find the temple in Jordan, open it and access the center of the place. Through direct contact, Janus himself entered Cleon's body and took complete control of it, suppressing the original consciousness of that body.

In this way Janus returned to the world and began to find a way to bring back the First Civilization as well. Still pretended to be Cleon Vassalos and a member of the Order of the Templars, Janus contacted the First-Will Instruments and took control of them, using them along the order to obtain artifacts from Eden and developing a way to resurrect their species to rule the Earth and the Humans.