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Japanese Rite Of The Templar Order
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Organizational information

Nobuhide Oda

Leader's title

Head Master



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Historical information
Date formed


Date collapsed


Date reorganized


Additional information
Notable members
  • Nobunaga Oda
  • Mitsunari Ishida
  • Junkei Tsutsui
  • Hidenobu Tsubara
  • Masanari Nozo

The Japanese Rite Of The Templar Order, is a rite that was formed by Nobuhide Oda, and Masahide Hirate, that operated from 1534 to 1600, where they collapsed after The Battle Of Sekigahara, Before reforming at Osaka Castle in 1615. Only to be defeated again, after they lost Hideyori Toyotomi.

Early History[]

Early Days[]

Birth Of Nobunaga[]

After Nobunaga's birth, Nobuhide wanted his son to succeed him after he died. At the time, Nobuhide was constantly being defeated by the Imagawa clan, especially at the Battle Of Azukizaka. Nobuhide did not what know what to do, so his retainer, Masahide Hirate, advised him to form a Templar Order.

The Rise of Nobuhide[]

Nobuhide, taking his advice to heart, formed a Templar Order.

At first, it was just Nobuhide and Masahide, but as time went on, they recruited more and more members each day.

Nobuhide then appointed himself Head Master, and Nobunaga would become the next head master of the Templar Order after Nobuhide.

Death Of Nobuhide[]

Nobunaga becomes Head Master[]

In 1551, Nobuhide passed away due to plague, leaving Nobunaga to carry his legacy. At Nobuhide's funeral however, Nobunaga threw the incense at his father's coffin, and walked away. Thus, he then became known as the Fool of Owari.

The Devil Shibata[]

After the Funeral, Katsuie Shibata, enraged at Nobunaga's behavior, rebelled. but was eventually defeated by Nobunaga, And was recruited into The Templar Order as a enforcer for Nobunaga.


Head Master[]

The Head Master is like The Grand Master, except he or she controls almost all the templars from within the order.

  1. Nobuhide Oda (1534-1551)
  2. Nobunaga Oda (1551-1582)
  3. Katsuie Shibata (1582-1583)
  4. Mitsunari Ishida (1599-1600)
  5. Hideyori Toyotomi (1600-1615)

Grand Minister[]

The Grand Minster is the Head Master's main adviser.

  1. Masahide Hirate (1534-1553)
  2. Sadakatsu Murai (1553-1582)
  3. Toshiie Maeda (1582-1583)
  4. Yoshitsugu Otani (1599-1600)
  5. Harunaga Ono (1600-1615)