Jason Hart
Jason Hart
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March 12 1995

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American Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Heritage (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Source (modern day)

Assassin's Creed: Salvation (modern day)

Jason Hart (born 1995) is a former Abstergo Industries employee turned Assassin. He invented the Animus 5.0 which was based on the concept of the Animus HR-8 with it being portable and be compacted into a suitcase for safety purposes.

Jason is a member of Hayley Yasutake's team, which concentrated on finding the Source of Eden before Abstergo Industries as well as training Horatio Pierce into a field Assassin through the Bleeding Effect. Jason provides IT and technical support.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jason was a former employee of Abstergo Industries. Using his hacking skills he discovered Abstergo secrets regarding the Assassin-Templar War, the Isu and the Pieces of Eden. This made him a target but before he could be eliminated by Abstergo he was rescued by the Assassins and the Initiates.

Jason, knowing he'd never be safe again, asks to join the Assassins. After being accepted, he provided tech support for the Assassins and the Initiates.

The Source of Eden Edit

In late 2016, Horatio Pierce's father mysteriously went missing. Hayley Yasutake was tasked with finding him and William Miles tasked Jason and another Assassin, Erica Boyd to help her. In 2017, the team began keeping tabs on Horatio Pierce and eventually discovered that he had been kidnapped by Abstergo Industries.

Hayley devised a plan, she'd willingly allow herself to be captured by Abstergo so she could rescue Horatio. Jason was tasked by Hayley to contact the Assassins to attack the Abstergo facility in Ontario in exactly 1 month.

When the time had come, Jason contacted the Assassins and informed them of Hayley's plan. Hayley's plan was executed smoothly and Jason and Erica headed to Minnesota to meet with Hayley and Horatio. Hayley then informed the two of the existence of Project Omega and the Sources of Eden, Horatio would later join the Assassins.

Horatio began reliving the memories of his ancestor Kenneth Ravensdale in the year 1768. Hayley and the other's monitored Horatio's health during these sessions. A few days later, during an Animus session Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus, confused, he asked what had just happened and if the Animus was glitching. Jason went on to tell the team that in 1769, Kenneth and Coahoma had conceived a child and due to genetic memory, the Animus focuses on the next ancestor in the bloodline. Hayley asks what happens now, if they can't view Kenneth's memories how would they find the next Source of Eden.

This would lead to Erica pulling up a historical record on the Assassin, Osyka and states in the 1790s he and his father came across the exact same Source that Kenneth and Richard were searching for in 1770 and that there was clearly more to the story. Hayley also states that they could use this to kill two birds with one stone and use the memories of Osyka to train Horatio through the Bleeding Effect.

Escape to New York Edit

A few weeks later, Horatio completed the first sequence of Osyka's memories from 1770 to 1787. Because of this, Hayley pulled Horatio from the Animus, Horatio was confused as to why she took him out of the Animus session. Hayley informed Horatio that staying in the Animus for too long is dangerous and that he needed a break, Hayley also stated that he should test out the new skills he's learned from Osyka.

Jason and Erica would stay in the hideout. During this time, the two would discuss each other's personal lives and what they did before joining the Assassins, Erica went on to tell Jason that she used to be a member of the Initiates before joining the Assassins. Jason told Erica that he used to work for Abstergo Industries and had a boyfriend during that time, although he wondered what happened to him. Erica asked him if he was homosexual, Jason laughs and states everyone always comes to that conclusion but informs her that he is in fact pansexual, someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Suddenly, Horatio and Hayley return from their training session in a panicked state. The two inform Jason and Erica that Abstergo's discovered them. It was only an amount of time this would happen, the team pack up their things and put them in the van and leave Minnesota. Hayley tells the team that there is a hideout in New York and that's where they'll be headed, Erica suggests that Horatio continue digging around Osyka's memories in the meantime.

During the 20 hour drive to New York, Jason monitored Horatio's vitals during his Animus session.

After arriving to New York, the team find out that Hayley has booked a motel. With the whole team confused, Hayley states that while it's not what they expected the motel is still a hideout either way. Before going to bed, Jason asked Horatio accompany him to get supplies while Hayley and Erica stay in the motel and keep watch.

In the city shopping for supplies, Horatio asked Jason if it gets easier. Confused by this, Jason asks what he means which prompts Horatio to bring up the fact that they were both both dumped head first into the Assassin-Templar War and asks if it ever gets easier, having to give up their former lives and their whole view on the world changing so drastically. Jason told Horatio that at first it always seems hard and that the longing for the life they had once before will never go away but everyday it gets a little easier and that it always helps they've given up their lives for the greater good. Hearing these words comforts Horatio and he thanks Jason for helping him out, building a bond between them.

Finding Arnold Edit

Weeks later, during an Animus Session. While watching a feed through Horatio in Osyka's avatar, they would see that a member of the Isu communicated directly to Horatio explaining that he must find and keep the Sources from Templar and Assassin hands. Horatio pulled himself out of the Animus to tell his team but before he could say anything, the team informed him that they already knew as they were viewing the footage.

Hayley is frustrated at the fact that "1768" was their last clue to finding Arnold and they still had no idea where he was. Putting the information together, Horatio realized that Osyka hid the second Source of Eden in a Temple in Mexico and that must be where Arnold had gone to. Erica applauded Horatio for his puzzle solving skills and the team immediately left for Mexico.

Horatio led the team to the Temple by remembering the steps he took as Osyka. There, the team arrived at the Temple to find a man standing outside the entrance. The man turned around to look at Horatio and the team and uttered the words "Son, it's about damn time".

To be continued...

Personality and characteristics Edit

Jason is an opinionated, witty young man. Like Horatio he dislikes the injustice in the world and feels an affinity for the Assassins. He was considered lazy and a slob by his peers due to his messy work spaces and him being unmotivated to do most things.

After becoming an Assassin, Jason became more serious and professional.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Jason is of Greek origins. In Greek the meaning of the name Jason is: A healing.
  • Jason stands at 6'0" and weighs 135lbs.
  • Jason is pansexual.
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