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Jason Killian
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June 7, 2050

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Jason Killian was created by Dr Jacob D. Killian on June 7 2050 as part of a superhuman cloning experiment. Dr Killian then dosed the clone with a super soldier serum that would give the clone superhuman growth, strength and speed. Within three months the clone grew into an adult and was christened as Jason Killian, the "son" of Jacob Killian.


Three years after the clone's creation, a group of soldiers broke into Dr Killian's lab. Jason managed to kill one of the soldiers by throwing him through a table. He is however unable to save Dr Killian as he gets shot. The clone is then sedated and taken to a base.

At the base, the soldiers reveal themselves as Templars, an order dedicated to creating a perfect world. The soldiers the interrogate Jason about a group called the Assassins. Jason says that he knows nothing about them. The soldiers then begin to torture Killian until a man stops them. The man then introduces himself as Aedus King, the "grand master" of the Templars. Killian simply asks what King wants. King then replies saying "you". Killian then responds by punching King and jumping out a window.