"What means more, Jason? Saving a life? Or taking one? What does more to truly save people?"
―Aiden, discussing joining The Brotherhood with Jason, December 2016

Jason McElling, born 1986 to an artist mother and a criminal father, joined the Chicago chapter of the Assassin's Brotherhood in the late 2010's. Having become a Paramedic only a few years prior, he was called to the scene of a shooting, in central Chicago. He found himself caught in a conspiracy, that eventually led to his cooperation with the Vigilante known as The Fox, and his induction into the Assassin's Brotherhood

Early Life Edit

Born to a Scottish mother and an Icelandic father, Jason lived a strange life. Neither of his parents earned very much through legitimate means, though his mother tried her hardest to live an honest life. His father, on the other hand, earned large sums from his work with the gangs in the area. This fact was not kept secret from Jason, and he was in fact trained by his father and his affiliates to defend himself if need be, through the usage of hand to hand combat and weapon skills, but something about it made him strive to not follow in his fathers footsteps. To help people, instead of hurt. As such, he chose to pursue a career in medicine. Namely, paramedicine, in an effort to help people as soon as possible. He continued to practice his combat skills, honing his skill in Escrima, a Filipino martial art, as a meditative outlet for the stress of being a Paramedic.

Growing up, Jason was withdrawn, having Asperger's Syndrome, but still managed to make a few close friends, and eventually found a partner during Highschool. A girl by the name of Ashlynn, with whom Jason eventually married. She supported his career, but worried for him, the things he saw in the field. She became more concerned after learning of Jason's work with the Chicago vigilante and the Brotherhood.

Garneau, The Fox, and The Brotherhood Edit

The Beginning Edit

After working as a Paramedic for several years, Jason was called to the scene of a shooting in central Chicago, finding there a string of shot up vehicles, filled with suited individuals, all riddled with bullet holes, and all very clearly DOA. Parked next to one vehicle, however, was a clean, black SUV, with several other suited individuals, who appeared to be storing a body in the trunk of their SUV. Upon noticing Jason and his fellow Paramedic as they arrive, they were less than friendly. One of the men, looking directly at the ambulance, made a call Jason could barely hear, before hanging up, and telling his cohorts to open fire. 3 other man fired into the ambulance, killing the other Paramedic, as Jason scrambled, just making it out of the vehicle. He ran down a nearby alley, followed by gunshots, barely missing, one however, grazed his left shoulder.

As he continued to run, the men followed him down the alley, utilising torches in an effort to keep track of him. In a blink, and with a deafening boom, all of the surrounding lights turned off, followed by only 3 gunshots, and the sound of bones breaking. Jason looked back, to see his assailants grounded, and a man in a long coat standing over them. The lights around the area came back on, and the man held his phone up to his ear. Jason's phone began to ring. Still clutching at his bullet wound. Carefully, he answered it. A raspy voice on the other end telling him he had two options: Either throw his phone to the side, forget everything that happened and move on, or save the number and wait for another call, to learn everything he wants to know. Something called to Jason. Some inner part of him demanded he learn more about what happened, so he saved the number without a second thought. The call hung up, and the man lowered his phone, as all the lights turned back off briefly, and when they returned, the man was gone. Jason stumbled back to his ambulance, riddled with bullets, and with his wingman's corpse still in the passengers seat. Jason climbed back into the drivers seat, and activated the radio, and called for assistance, before climbing into the back cabin to tend to his gunshot.

Meeting With The Fox Edit

A few workless, and sleepless days later, in the dead of night, Jason received a call. The same raspy voice from the night of the shooting on the other end once again. He was told to go to Lincoln Park, and wait. Cautiously, he did exactly that. Standing at the waterfront, Jason received another call, guiding him to the parking lot, where waited once more, before receiving another call, guiding him down another alleyway, past the L. Jason sat down for a short period, waiting for the next call, which never came. The man from the night of the shooting appeared in person instead. A long brown leather coat, a grey mask covering his mouth and nose, and a cap obscuring his eyes. He stood there, in front of Jason, with his phone in his hand. He revealed he knew Jason's name, address, and marriage records, clearly in an effort to warn Jason, if any of this information left their meeting. He then sat down, and proceeded to tell Jason about it all. About the work he has been doing, to save his sister. He revealed how deeply the corruption runs, through the Mayor's office, through gangs like the Viceroys, and the Chicago South Club, and through the companies such as Blume, and Abstergo. He talked about groups, such as DedSec, and a global organisation they work with, known simply as The Brotherhood, dedicated to maintaining the freedom of mankind. The man revealed that he has been working with these groups for information about his sister, and as such, had been tasked with killing the man Olivier Garneau, who was at the time, the CCO of the Montreal based company Abstergo Entertainment. The man revealed Garneau to be a member of another organisation: The Templar Order. A group dedicated to stripping mankind of freedom. After explaining it all, the man got back up, and began to walk away, saying he will be in touch again. When asked what his name is, the man said only two words: The Fox.

Induction Into The Brotherhood Edit

After a few years of working with The Fox, a man Jason eventually learned was named Aiden Pearce, and helping him shut down a human trafficking ring, he was officially introduced to a member of The Brotherhood. A man by the codename Deacon, who explained what The Brotherhood is, in more detail, and elaborated on what they are trying to do. It was at that time that Jason was officially offered a place in The Brotherhood. An offer that, years prior would have troubled Jason, but now he happily accepted, as a new chance to help people, and ensure the world remains good. After his work with Aiden, Jason's mentality had changed into one wherein a small evil to prevent a greater one is worth it. He eventually inducted his wife, Ashlynn, into the order as well, who became his field partner. He has worked as a field agent, specifically in recon, and silent dispersal, as well as a medic in several Assassin operation centres throughout the US. On more than one occasion, he was tasked to use an Animus, to sift through ancestral information stolen from Abstergo. It was through these Animus sessions, and genetic sequencing, that Jason learned he is descended from a Nordic warrior, by the name of Baldr Erlingson, one of the first to settle in England from Norway. Through the Bleeding Effect of these sessions, Jason became more skilled in open and aggressive combat, and became fluent in the íslenska language. Upon being inducted into The Brotherhood, Jason was trained in stealth, free-running, and the usage of the Hidden Blade.

Skills and Equipment Edit

Prior to being inducted into the Assassins, Jason was already extremely skilled in the Filipino martial art of Escrima, which encompasses bladed, blunt and bare-handed combat. As such, he was already very skilled in hand to hand, and knife combat. Due to his paramedic training, he was already a very capable driver and medic, able to aid most injuries swiftly. Due to his Aspergers, he struggled a lot with inter-personal communication, but found it relatively easy to lie, due to the necessity of it during his early life. Due to personal interest, he also found himself very capable at picking locks, a skill initially picked up as a hobby. After meeting and working with Aiden Pearce, Jason eventually became a somewhat skilled hacker in his own right, and was able to notify the San Francisco arm of DedSec of Aiden's capture all the way from Chicago. Aiden also taught Jason how to properly use firearms properly, focusing centrally on handguns.

After joining The Brotherhood, Jason quickly learned how to effectively sneak, and blend into a crowd, and to use a Hidden Blade. Free-running took longer for him to learn, but he eventually became somewhat capable. Due to his time in the Animus, reliving the genetic memories of several prolific Assassins throughout history, these skills became augmented, and through the reliving of his own ancestors memories, he became fluent in the Icelandic language, and a much more capable combatant.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason has a scar under his left eye due to a hard fall early in his paramedic career
  • He has had to defend himself several times on the streets, and as such, does have a few cut scars on his torso and arms
  • Growing up, he greatly enjoyed the solace of writing, as a way to communicate when speech wasn't working
  • Before becoming a paramedic, he considered becoming a bodyguard
  • It is possible Jason's father had done work for the Brotherhood without even knowing
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