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Jason Sullivan
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February 1980,
Denver, Colorado, United States

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Jason Sullivan (born 1980), also known as Subject 13 of the Animus Project, was an American Assassin who was kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and forced to relive his grandfather's memories in the Animus.


Early Life[]

Jason was born in Denver, Colorado on February 1980 to Jack Sullivan, a high ranked Irish-American Assassin and Karin Czamanski, daughter of the Jewish Master Assassin, Henryk Czamanski. Jason was raised without any knowledge of the order, due to his father's concern for his family's safety. It wasn't until Jason was 14 when his father finally told him about his assassin origins. Jason was eager to learn the ways of the Assassins so his father decided to train him.

Training as an Assassin[]

Jason started off pretty slow with his training, but improved shortly after. Jason was taught how to fight, including hand to hand combat, knives, swords, and later on, guns. He was also taught how to freerun and well as performing the Leap of Faith. Jason would continue his training for several years until his father thought he was ready. He was officially initiated into the order at age 19.

The Great Purge[]

Aside from his Assassin training, Jason continued with his academics, majoring in Computer Sciences at Denver University. Jason was at the top of his class, always being critically acclaimed for his work ethic. On October 25, 2000, Jack was assigned to meet with the mentor in Dubai. Jason didn't want his father to go, but he went anyways.