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Jauque Raubtier Adler
Biographical information

February 21, 1923


July 16, 1972

Political information

Nazis (formerly)

Real-world information

Jauque Raubtier "Jack" Adler- (1923-1972) was an assassin during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Jauque was originally born into the Nazi Order. It would be not until years later, after he was captured, that he realized who Hitler actually was. Starting as a skilled fighter, the level of trust was the one thing he had to prove.


March 7th, 1935

Jauque was twelve years old at the time when he was recruited by the Hitler himself. Jauque's father was a captain in the German army, and believed in Hitler greatly. He vowed on many an occasion that he would sacrifice his own life for him. Jauque was raised to believe too, although he never did. The thought of pledging his undying allegience to someone made him sick to his stomach.

After two months of relentless training, Jauque had to undergo a test of his strength. The torturous action Jauque had to practice was the one thing he feared most: the test of power. Not just any power, but the capacity to murder without thought. Shoot first, ask questions later. Without thought, Jauque felt he would always misjudge someone or something.

July 16th, 1938

When it came time for his final judgement, the hold of Nazis was attacked. After three years of training, Jauque felt he was ready to fight. He ran to the door of the hold. There were countless locks on the door, and Jauque knew how to open all but one. When it came to the final combination, Jauque panicked. If I stand here and try to open it, they could flank me, but if I open it, I might be caught.

Jauque stepped back aimlessly, without even thinking. His back slammed up against a hard, bulky surface. Jauque froze. He turned around slowly, and there he was. A tall man dressed in white, with a hood covering his eyes. Through the dark shadow on the man's face, Jauque a slight look of confusion. The man tilted his head slightly, and continued to observe him.

Through instinct, when one of the Nazis approached the man Jauque yelled in terror, and the white-garbed man spun around quickly. His wrist pressed against the cold barrel of the Kalashkinov, and bent it with ease, and wripped it out of the soldier's hand. He punched the Nazi in the stomach, kicked out his knee, and pressed his hand against the soldier's forehead. After hearing the slight click and slide of the gadget on his wrist, Jauque suddenly knew what it meant; the Nazi was dead.

The tall man stepped back, and Jauque froze. His rifle hit the ground, and his knees too. The soldier's lifeless body sat there, on its knees, its arms hanging at its sides, and its head upright. Jauque inspected the hole in the man's head as blood slowly dripped into its eyes. Jauque looked up, and saw a whole squad of soldier running at them. He heard a bullet hit the metal wall, and flinched at the familiar yet frightening sound.

Jauque felt an arm wrap around his stomach, and soon after seeing the soldiers, all he saw was a field of smoke. The arm pulled, and Jauque knew; this man was an American soldier. With nothing but adrenaline, Jauque ran, faster and faster, into the dangerous, untrustworthy world.

July 17th, 1938

"Who are you?! What do you want with me?!" Jauque screamed. Finally miles away from the hold, it was safe to converse.
"You are but a mere child. You did not deserve that fate."
"That's not true! My life was fine until you rucke showed up. Du bist erbärmlich!"
"Don't raise your voice with me, boy. I am your elder. Speak with respect."
"Respect? For a schwein that kidnaps children? Hah!" Jauque insulted.
"Perhaps I was a bit, plötzlich, with my actions."
"Sudden? That's the understatement of the year."
"They have filled your head with liegt."
"You know nothing of truth."
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."