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“Avert your eyes.”
Jaxaay Bologne de Saint-George
Jaxaay Bologe de Saint-George.png
Biographical information

October 18, 1987 (age 30)

Political information

French Assassin Brotherhood

Real-world information

Alain Vitus Ndoumbe Nkotto

Voice actor

Jacky Ido

Jaxaay Bologne de Saint-George, The Count of St Germain, is a modern day Assassin situated in the heart of Paris, France. A nobleman, philanthropist, and high-ranking member of the Parisian Brotherhood, he is known by both his associates and enemies as the Last Chevalier, colloquially as Jacques, and maxim of St.G.



Born in Paris, France, in the Saint Germain-des-Prés in the 6th Arrondissement located on the River Seine, the quintessential Paris neighborhood, Jaxaay was born with many silver spoons. Jax is the only son of French bourgeoisie François Bologne de Saint-Georges, a wealthy painter, virtuoso violinist and fine arts socialite, and Elisa Claes, a Belgian heiress and philanthropist.

François was an Assassin Brotherhood affiliate, whereas he would provide information, news, and secrets to them in exchange for protection. A high-class artisan and artiste, François did not believe he had the "aptitude or archaic drive" to follow his hereditary calling of contract killing, like his father.

Vision Loss

Barely three years old, Jaxaay was left unconscious after he lost his balance and knocked his head against a cabinet. Blunt trauma to his head was severe enough to cause a cerebral contusion (brain bruise), where by definition, there is some degree of bleeding into and swelling of the brain tissues as a result of the trauma. It provoked a malfunction in the occipital lobe of the brain which controls his vision, giving him severe cortical blindness.

Suffering from a complete loss of his own visual sensations, clarity, and vision, Jaxaay has grown up into a world which he cannot remember. Still having the abilities to perceive light but not static objects, with a lack of visual fixation and tracking, Jaxaay grew up with depression. Jax was in denial of his visual loss, known as Anton–Babinski syndrome, as he could actually see when he focused hard (which, unbeknownst to him, was the emergence of Eagle Vision). Visual and ocular hallucinations would haunt him throughout his childhood, no doubt garnered from an inherited benevolence of precursor races.




A tranquil and laid-back person, Jaxaay is a secluded individual who has a strong sense of right and wrong and an idealistic worldview. Worried about the future, and what those who seek to exploit it will do, he cares deeply about the Assassin cause and has pursued and supported the cause with selfless devotion and altruism.

Born a wealthy child beneath an illustrious Chevalier family, the bourgeoisie lifestyle is something he has always revered. Remarkably giving and charitable, Jax helps the needy by funding homeless shelters in and around Paris, and also helps the increasing numbers of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals. His public image is that of an inherently rich philanthropic, munificent, humanitarian: the perfect facade which covers his true purpose as an Assassin.

With an innate taste for melodic and pianoforte composition, Jaxaay adores classical and traditional music, especially when heard live and unaltered by technologies. Private lessons as a child also helped him hone his taste, and despite his loss of sight, he still plays instruments today, favoring the piano. Jax is not fond of electronic and computer-made music, though, as he does not appreciate the lack of skill required to make it.



Jaxaay - Cocles Machine Gun.png

The peak of human innovation, the Cocles Machine Gun is the epitome of Assassin disposition and genius. Made from a simple idea of making a fully automatic mounted hidden machine gun, the Cocles is a state-of-the-art piece of weapon conception. Utilizing modern societies access to 3D printing and stereolithography, Assassin were able to forge this unusual firearm.

Using the schematics of the traditional hidden, retractable xiphoid blade, as well as concepts by Sir Alexander Moncrieff, Leonardo Da Vinci, Givi Motorola and countless other Assassin affiliated craftsmen of time, the Cocles was made. Christened with the agnomen of the Great Roman war hero, Horatius Cocles, this weapon was made for one who would give his all to protect his cause.


A modern white cane for those who are blind or visually impaired, Guenièvre is an enhanced exotic weapon. Crafted from the skilled fingers of the Assassin's finest innovators, this cane is secretly a hidden scimitar-like melee weapon.



Eagle Vision

“I see what others miss; I see situations before they are done.”

Jaxaay is one of the few humans of the twenty-first century who possesses the inborn gift of Eagle Vision, a heightened sense of extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, premonition, intuition, and what mystics would call, a sixth sense. By using this ability, he could perceive enemies, allies and objects of interest at a distance and through walls, but only for a limited time.

This astonishing ability has proved itself immensely helpful for Jaxaay, as he can see -possibly better than eyes- unmistakably when used. As he exercised this sense more and more, especially when frustrated, Jax matured alongside the gift, learning to emit it in short spans. Utilizing this, he can fundamentally see, albeit shortsightedly. Throughout his years of using this ability, and undergoing various conditioning, Jax is able to use Eagle Vision for a very lengthy time. When under stress or danger, this sense is notably enhanced.

The vision also presents a psychological, cerebral awareness of Jaxaay and his immediate surroundings. When in a state of attentiveness, he is able to detect danger. The greater the danger or how close the threat is increased his reactionary response, and enables complete 20/20 acuity vision in a full 360-degree radius. Jaxaay's Eagle Vision is ever evolving but is currently at near mastery, and is second nature to him, becoming a precognitive endowment.


Blinded at a young age by a genetic, Eagle Vision related defect, Jaxaay was forced by his situation to learn how to echolocationally move. Using his tongue and mouth muscles to make clicks which rebound off of objects in its path, Jaxaay can move around the environment naturally albeit with a slight ticking noise. Entirely self-taught, this skill developed within himself -coupled with his third eye via Eagle Vision- has fundamentally given him sight. When he emits the clicking, he is able to recollect and translate it into a visual description.


Vocal training from the most talented singing coaches has given him the ability to impersonate voices of others. With prior knowledge and practice, Jaxaay can imitate voices in a near-perfect way. However, he needs to practice heavy; he cannot simply hear and repeat passer-bys.

Facial Recognition

Alongside his impeccable sixth sense capabilities, Jaxaay is able to see, analyze and remember any face he meets in passing, even many years later. This astonishing ability allows him to single out individuals, even when they are hidden in crowds.


Due to his illustrious private homeschooling, Jaxaay has become proficient in several languages of the European Union, becoming semi-fluent in fourteen of the twenty-four official languages by age twenty. French was the first language he mastered as it is his native tongue, followed by German, then English. The other languages which he can speak in when needed for meeting foreign dignitaries or for other situations are listed as follows: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Swedish.


  • Enoch
  • Baphomet (1166 - ????)
  • The Comte de Saint Germain (1712 - 1784)
  • Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745 - 1799)