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" I am Suryawarman, as long as I can breathe, as long I could fight, as long as I have will.. I'll vindicate this Islands of Nusantara from the cold-blooded Templars."

Jaya Suryawarman Ibn Al-Hikmah

Jaya Suryawarman ibn Al-Hikmah a.k.a Surya (June 29th 1329- February 19th 1393) was a medieval Nusantaran (Indonesian) Assassin , and a Ndoro (Mentor) of Assassins Order branch in Central and Eastern Java.Known to his Well-oriented and successful achievements to protect the apple and cleanse the Templar influence in Majapahit Empire .

Early Life And His Family Background

Surya was born in June 29th 1329, in a small district of Solo, Central Java. Raised by a Javanese father and an Acehnese Mother, Surya is very obedient and conform to their parents primordial traditions and customs. His father, Budi Dharma Al-Hikmah is a high-ranked Javanese Assassin and loyal to his mentor, Wisnu Ali Wardhana. His mother, Cut Aisyah bin Az-Zahir was an Acehnese noble who migrated from Aceh to Java in 1327 after a barely death of his father in 1326. Both of their parents had a Middle-Eastern ancestry.

Surya was born in "middle-class" parents, although his father have a royal bloodline of Syailendra Dynasty in the 6th century, and his mother is a daughter of Muhammad Az-Zahir, A Sultan of Samudra Pasai kingdom in Aceh, but in the recent time they had lost the throne of their own bloodline.Also, Cut Aisyah's grandfather was Sultan Malik Al-Saleh , the founder of the first Assassin Order in Nusantara and widely known as a founder of Samudra Pasai, the first Sultanate in the Islands of Nusantara. According to the Abstergo research, Malik Al-Saleh was a grandson of Egyptian Assassin, Darim Ibn La-Ahad . Since childhood, Surya is enlightened by his mother's wisdom and its family 's principles.

"Remember, son.. All humans are created not only to be free in their will, but mainly to be free their minds" -Cut Aisyah

"All free men did not hear the truth, but they see the truth, everything we already heard can be lies, but everything we already saw ...can't be lies" -Cut Aisyah

"Wise men did not learn what they knew, but learn what they didn't"

"Patience,'s a key to eternity"

Because of that principles is conformed into Surya's life, his personality is more open-minded, virtuous,and self-established. That makes his traits is very different than his friends.

Also, Surya learned martial-art ,weaponry, and acrobatic training by his father, Since 14 years old Surya mastered in all of that abilities.

The Death Of His Father (1349)

While Surya back on his way home, Mentor of Javanese Assassins, Wisnu Ali Wardhana tapped his shoulder slowly on the back of his spine.

"Surya, come with me quickly", The "Ndoro recklessly grab his hand

"Neng endi (Where?) Where are we going?and who are you?"

" There will be a plenty of that time later to introduce myself, we must hurry to your father's home!", the Mentor replied.

"I' m on it! Old man!", Surya said cynically.

After they arrived, Surya's home is full of chaos.A conflict between the Majapahit Bhayangkari elite soldiers and the Assassins filled his home with bloodshed.

" Some of the Majapahit officials may have been plotted to kill your father, your father is a wanted man in this city.", The Ndoro said.

"It will not be happened as I'm on his side, old man", Surya replied and start to draw his keris dagger to battle.

And at the end, the Assassins successfully subdued the incoming Bhayangkari soldiers . Then , Rama Wijaya, an Assassin whose at the same rank of his father bring a corpse to Surya

" I'm sorry child, I 've done my best to protect your father , but it's too late.. unless, I saved your mother" Rama said.

The death of his father motivates him to join of his father's creed, and hoping to avenge the mastermind of his father's death. Then ,Surya moved with his mother to the city of Magelang, Central Java.

Joining the Creed (1350)

In 1350, Surya begs The Ndoro to join the Assassin Order

" Ndoro (Mentor), I would like to join your annihilate their ruthlessness when they killed my father"

" I accept your beg, child. But try not to avenge! Our creed is based to seek peace, not revenge..tommorow meet me and my companions in the gardens of Borobudur Temple the for the intense training, be ready !

And at 1351, Surya is officially initiated as an Assassin.

Activities With The Order (1350-1356)

Clues of Budi Dharma's Death (1350)

After joined the order, Surya realized there are a Templar intervention behind his father's death. The Ndoro told Surya the truth behind of that incident, and he clarify that his father kept the Apple of Eden ,an ancient artifact created by Those Who Came Before , the Assassins believed they created the garden of Eden and their cradle of civilization beneath the Prambanan Temple .

Unfortunately, someone has stole the Apple after his father's death. And Ndoro heard some rumors from Assassin informants that a new Mahapatih (General) in Majapahit Empire hold a strange gold object while supporting his campaign to expand the empire to all of Nusantara under the authority by king Hayam Wuruk .

This general known as Gajah Mada , the finest Mahapatih in Majapahit Empire, a loyal general to king Hayam Wuruk . His successful military achievements in the last 3 decades makes him very well-respected by the kingdom officials and every instance of Majapahit Empire.

Undercover in Trowulan (1353)

Without no doubts, while Surya reached the Intermediate rank of Assassin in 1353, Ndoro sent him and Rama to an undercover project in the capital city of Majapahit Empire ,Trowulan . When the project is on progress,Suradi Pratama, the chief of Assassin informant of Trowulan gave a blacklists of 6 nobles,officials,and generals to be eliminate, such as:

1. Krishna Bumi Tunggal : A Mantri (Minister) from Probolinggo, Assassins revealed of his corruption,scandals, and bribe in some officials.

2. Bima Trunojoyo: A General from Tumapel, Assassins revealed of his slaughter of innocence, and injustice actions to the citizens of Tumapel.

3. Dwi Subroto: A Dharmmadhyaksa (Religious Official) , Assassins revealed of his crimes such as human trafficking.

4. Varna Suwarman: A Dharmmadhyaksa (Law Official) from Trowulan, Assassins revealed of his injustice law enforcements, such as the humiliation and execution of prostitutes,gamblers,homosexuals,and renegades.

5. Dewi Tri Saraswati, A beautiful Bhre (Duchess) and noble of Majapahit Royal family.Assassins revealed of his abuse to use the Kingdom's financial income to fulfill her beauty treatments and lavish parties, and excecute any women who stand in her way, especially for any woman who match her beauty.

6. Siwa Ramatunggal: A bounty hunter of Majapahit empire, Assassins revealed of his link and a blueprint to the Majapahit Templars. This 6 targets are secretly joined the Templar order and spread the principles of Templar ideology into Majapahit bureaucracy system.

In a year, Surya and Rama successfully eliminate of those 6 targets. Also revealed of its blueprints to find the Grand Master Templar . (to be continued)