"After living in Nouvelle Orléans, I now know how to create my own company and fool everyone. Madeleine is too busy to create a Rite that she will never discover my conspiracy before it's too late. My associates know what to do, and soon Caribbean will be in my power!"
―Orpheus to himself, 1775–1778
Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus
J-B Orpheus
Orpheus retrieving an artifact from Isle de la Juventud, where Lucia Márquez had found a Piece of Eden
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September 1733


19 October 1778 (aged 45)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Jean-Baptiste Georges-Louis-Yves de Orpheus was a man coming from the poor districts of New Orleans, and a Templar of the Louisiana Rite of the Templar Order – later Master Templar of the Caribbean Rite. He was the mastermind behind the Orpheus-consparicy, and the boss of Edward and Marcus Rockmail. He was married to Jeanne de Orpheus, but they never had a consummated marriage: Jeanne was unable to have a child, but Orpheus did not left her side for that.

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Born and raised in the gutter of New Orleans, Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus was thought to never make it to the puberty. The part of his district was riddled with crimes, diseases, and terrible conditions – so it was very little chance to survive. Orpheus was the youngest of a family of six: mother, father and four children. When his brothers one by one had to bite the dust, Orpheus needed to take care of his family. His father took his son to the docks: here he could serve as a longshoreman.

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