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"I'm taking to take the heart of the Templars. And after that, I'm going to step on it."

-Jean-Jacques, 1774, Paris

Jean-Jacques François

Jean-Jacques Francois II was a French Assassin living during the French Revolution. He is one of the most influential Assassins; his most notable assassination was poisoning an entire party of Templars at the French Templar meeting, before killing King Louis XV. He is the ancestor of Trevor J Wilson, an American Assassin born during the American Civil War, and his descendant Charlie 'Frisco' Wilson, a modern Master Assassin in 2012.


  • Early life

Jean-Jacques was born in Marseille, France in 1754. His father Jean Jacques I was the current mentor of the French Assassins, but retired when his wife died, leaving him with his two sons. Jean-Jacques was trained from age 5, but never wanted to be an Assassin; he preferred to be a musician. However, in 1773, his 5 year old brother was wounded and his house was on fire. It was revealed that a Templar spy had been hired to assassinate his father, in an effort to deter the Assassins. Jean-Jacques rushed in to try and kill the spy, however, his eye was slashed, leaving him with a permanent scar. Angered by this, Jean-Jacques took his brother and headed to the Assassin's Bureau in Paris, where he left his brother in the arms of his cousin, Philippe Francois I. He then headed off to assassinate King Louis XV, where his father failed in 1757.

  • Assassination of King Louis XV

It was revealed in Issue 2# that King Louis XV was a Templar and had sent the spy to initially kill Jean-Jacques, instead of sparing him. In Issue 3#,in order to kill King Louis, Jean-Jacques killed a dozen of his men and his bankers, almost leaving the King bankrupt. Jean-Jacques then caught King Louis XV in his room; he demanded to know who the spy was. He tortured King Louis until he revealed who it was. Jean-Jacques finally stabbed him with his hidden blade, and gave him his last rites.