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"Honored guests, thank you all for coming; despite the rebellion and massacres happening at this moment, I can give the audience the promise that the National Convention is doing their work to ensure the contra revolutionaries will be located and defeated. Only when the enemies of the state is removed, the French people will be granted peace and freedom!"
―Montrez to republican aristocrats, 1796
Jean-Jacques de Gambais
Montrez was the right hand man of Edward Walmart, and a strong ally of Saint Vierge
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9 September 1762


19 February 1796 (aged 33)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes (DLC: Time)

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Olivier Valldery

Jean-Jacques Philippe Montrez, vicomte de Gambais, aka Montrez, was a bisexual French aristocrat and Templar that operated in Paris during the French Revolution. He was a member of the revolutionary group of Saint Vierge, and an ally of the Luxembourg fighters. De Gambais' role during the Revolution was to influence the high power in the National Convention, and turn the regional policy to the Templars' advantage.

But also, Montrez helped Edward Walmart, his superior, to try locate the Hourglass of Eden. With this weapon, the Templars could control the time itself – and could therefore win wars, battles and any military action. This would make one nation of all. This would create the lasted peace the Templars wanted


Early life[]

Son of the comte de Gambais and the little brother of Samuel de Gambais; Montrez lived luxury from his first breathtake, and lived with no problems in his life. His father was French, but his mother was Austrian.

During his early youth, Montrez had a sister: Madeleine (1764). He protected her with his life, and during the family's trips to Austria she always stayed close to him. Their mother gave them the most proper education, and soon all of her children could talk Austrian just as good as French. 


"As a Templar, I will pledge my life to save those who needs to be enlightened. I will guide the people of mankind to their rightful place – and this must be done through a revolution. "
―Montrez gives himself a vow, 1779

American Colonies[]

As a 17-year-old, Montrez was inducted to the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order, and pledged his allegiance to François de la Serre. Same year, Montrez left for the Colonies – and to work alongside the Marquis de Lafayette. The Marquis had left France when Montrez was 15, however – but now, Montrez was old enough to join his ranks. Even though the young wanted to serve beside the Marquis de Lafayette, he was told by his father, who was a Templar, that he needed to turn the American Revolution into the favor of the Templars.

Marguerite Murat

Months before being transported to the colonies, Montrez was sent to Calais, where he met a woman named Marguerite Murat. She was dressed as a man, and acted like one too. The two people soon got a relationship. Also, she was a Templar – making Montrez more attracted to her.

Since it would take some time before he was to be sent, to the colonies, Montrez and Murat told each other secrets, they eat dinners and had romantic nights together. One night, Murat told Montrez that she was attracted to him, but that he had to know something about her: she preferred a man's clothing instead of a woman's. That was the reason why she had short hair and never wore something like a dress. Montrez told that he did not care about it, and that he loved her as she was. Also, he told that ever since the time when he went from a boy to a man (puberty), he embraced the fact that he was attracted to both males and females – but he was more attracted to women. Murat was happy be known with this, and they made love that night.

The next day, Montrez was sent to the Colonies, Murat gave him a kiss for the journey. The following year, Murat would be sent into the Army by her father – where she would be until 1785. She would be known with Marguerite LaVenduz and Alphonse Saint-Just.

Returning from the Colonies in 1783, Montrez met his family in Gambais. His mother had died of sickness the earlier year – and the letters telling this had somehow not reached Montrez. Samuel had left for Austria for a time: he had been married to an Austrian baroness. Madeleine had chose to be in the Army as well – to her father's protests. Even though she was now a skilled sword-woman. She swore her allegiance to the Templar Order in the age of 17, in 1781. In 1784, however, Madeleine left for the Colonies. She wanted to help Callum Kerr in his work to rebuild the fallen Order. And since she could not speak English, she could learn it from Marie-Jean LeFay de Bullion – Callum's second-in-command.

French Revolution []

Saint Vierge []

Saint Vierge logo

In 1789, Montrez was inducted into the order of Saint Vierge. They was a group that was created by Templar Marguerite LaVenduz. She payed men known as the Extremists, making the organization affiliated with the Templars. Marguerite used her network of companions and Extremists to spread fear in Paris. The group had the Extremist (with their own way of ranking) and LaVenduz' companions as their lieutenants.

He had worked himself up in the society and was now a politician. As a member of the Saint Vierge, he could work to shake humankind back to its rightful place.

Austrian Conspiracy[]

With the Austrian army advancing on Paris in September 1792 during the French Revolution, Austrian spies attempted to pass the plans for the defense of Paris to their compatriots. Danton and Robespierre were the big daddies of the French Revolution. A revolution about to be crushed by an Austrian army with spies all over Paris.

Montrez knew his father was the Spymaster: he was a conservative old man, and Samuel was undoubtedly a part of the spy-network. Samuel was being manipulated by his wife – who meant that the whole revolution was doomed. The French Assassins had no chance to find his father, so – in way to rescue the Revolution – Montrez gave the location and name of his father, brother and their contracts to an Assassin named Arno.

With the death of his father and brother, Montrez sat with the heritage of the de Gambais'. These money would be used to rescue allies, puppets or members of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order.

Locate The Hourglass []

With the Saint Vierge growing in power after the death of Germain and duke d'Orléans – Saint Vierge's headmaster – Montrez also rose higher in the society. Working with Edward Walmart and his network of associates, Montrez used his influence to find and locate possible locations for the Hourglass of Eden. Edward wanted to use this to win wars and create peace – but deep inside Montrez wanted to use this to somehow summon Juno by traveling long enough back in time to speak with her in person – to which LaVenduz agreed to.

Montrez worked with Edward's wife, Eveline Haddock; Alphonse Xaviér, a spy; Frédéric Treville, an executioner; Enok Jytte, a diplomat from Denmark. These people would help him in the control of Paris. Montrez was to be located near the Louvre Palace, talking with a politician or a French Army soldier. Under a dancing ball Montrez held to find supporters to gain money to locate the Hourglass, Montrez was killed by the Assassin Marie Anne Étienne and her helper Angélique Ingur.

Relationships []

"Through my life, I now understand that family is the one that should be the most precious to me – and for every individual. I should be ashamed of myself: I let my duty go before happiness"
―Montrez reflecting on his life, 1796

Family []





  1. Although the AC Canon wiki is not giving hints of the Vicomte de Gambais (in this fanon: Samuel de Gambais) is the son of Comte de Gambais, I am just saying he is. The reason is that the title of vicomte (viscount) is usually given to the son of a count.