Jeanne Carter was a Templar agent of the British Rite of the Templar Order active during the 18th century in Europe and North America. She was born in the United Kingdom by the youngest son of Irene Carter, his grandmother had been a Templar in the Caribbean under Juana Puíg and Grand Master Laureano Torres y Ayala. In 1764, she collaborated with Robert Starrick and further around the globe for the Templar Order. She was killed in 1784 by Assassin Jacob Denton.

Jeanne Carter
Jeanne Carter
Jeanne Carter in her Africa atire
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June 20, 1742


August 28, 1784 (42 aged)

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British Templars

Caribbean Templars

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Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)

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Victoria Atkin

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jeanne Carter was born June 20, 1742 in London, UK. His parents Adrien (1708 - 1761) and Evie Carter (1710 - 1770) were American immigrants in England as his father had relations with the Templar Order since his mother Irene Carter was a member of them. Adrien never said anything of the Templar to his daughter and cut all relations with them not wanting to definitely take part in the struggle. Jeanne grew up in Carter's home in London and in good health, she attended a private school and had good relationships with other children of the city with which he played often.

In puberty Jeanne continued her school life and is recognized to be a collaborator and an intense thinker. As well as Jeanne had strange visions of a woman who spoke of the golden city and high silver towers of an ancient race of Humans come first. Jeanne never spoke to any of these visions for fear of being believed mad by others. But the visions inspired to stand out from other females that their sex was very limited in their society. Jeanne 18 years and then only by the males she was also attracted to women but more and more by males.

Joining at the Templars Edit

In 1761, Jeanne was like a 19 year old. On 26 April, she went out to do a commission for his mother to buy a thing. Jeanne bought this thing and then returned to her home. The door was open, and around the house was full of people and policemen. Jeanne thought the worst. She went into the house making their way and found himself lying on the floor in the living room of his father's body. The body had a stab wound in the chest from which flowed the blood of which was full the body and the floor. Jeanne wept for the loss of his father and was immediately taken to her room by her mother. Jeanne asked her mother what had happened. Evie said. While she was away, someone had knocked on the door and his father had gone to the door.

Judge McGovern

Judge McGovern

Evie was in the kitchen and had immediately felt the struggle noise, she had rushed into the hall and saw a hooded man Adrien stabbed in the chest with a strange blade coming out of the sleeve. Jeanne asked her mother why would anyone want to kill her father. Evie ducked his head down. "In fact there would be someone," she said softly. Evie explained to Jeanne that her father had had links with a group of people the Templars. Evie explained to Jeanne ideals of the Templars with which Jeanne was agreed in part and then told him of their sworn enemies of the Assassins. Evie told Jeanne that those responsible for the death of Adrien were the Assassins. Jeanne had decided to join the Templars seeks his revenge, and be helpful to a cause greater than yourself. Jeanne reported it to her mother. Evie went to his room to get something to give to Jeanne, Evie came back with a book in hand and handed it to Jeanne. "Your father's diary here there will be information you are looking for," said Evie. Jeanne picked up the diary and began to read it. He read the life of his father how his grandmother, Irene Carter, she began training him to be a Templar. On the death of Irene, Adrien had run away from his father's Templar and had traveled to England decided not to join the struggle between Assassins-Templars. Jeanne left his mother to go in search of traces of Assassins. Jeanne had read that the Templar in London there was a certain Judge McGovern. Jeanne walked in the McGovern villa. He arrived at from there knocked on the door and opened a servant. Jeanne said she wanted to talk to McGovern. The servant carried her into the living room and told him to wait there. Jeanne sat down and at that moment he entered McGovern. The man was about 50 years old and had a white wig head. McGovern looked at Jeanne. "You're Adrien Carter's daughter?" he asked. "Yes, sir" answered. McGovern said to Jeanne what he was doing there and she told him that she wanted to become a Templar to continue the training begun by his father years earlier with his grandmother. McGovern looked pretty convinced. "Well Jeanne" he said. "May the Father of Understanding guide you," he said.

Robert Starrick Edit

Samuel Wilson

Robert Starrick

The next few years of Jeanne had passed his training. She was trained as an assassin Order as Haytham Kenway, she trained in sword fighting, use of firearms, climbing, free running and sabotage. Jeanne was equipped with a sword, and a flintlock pistol that once belonged to his grandmother. In 1764 he was ready for its first mission. Jeanne was to meet with Robert Starrick in Westminster and then it would have been collected information to an ally of the murderers who have had to die: Leonard Waugh. Jeanne began his red military uniform, put on his temple necklace grandmother and went to the area. She saw a man in blue and white dress in front of a house and had a ring on his finger with the Templar cross, Jeanne was convinced it was him. Jeanne asked the man if his name was Robert Starrick and he said yes. The two shook hands. Robert and Jeanne went to the apartment that Waugh was then walk. They arrived at the door of the house Waugh. It was a regular house. Robert put their ears to the door to hear any cost noises that no one was there. Jeanne burglarized the door while Robert served as a pole to see the passing guards. When this was done the two went inside the house. Jeanne and Robert began to rummage everywhere, and after a long search they found what they wanted. A document with the information they needed, but they were reserved and were to be taken to the Grand Master. Robert has put the documents in his jacket and then hurried out with Jeanne. On the threshold of the door, however, she materialized Leonard. Leonard saw the two and fell to the ground a kind of package then took a gun and fired. Robert dodged the bullet in time and then jumped against Leonard. The two were thrown out of the house by breaking a window ending fighting in the street. The confusion, however, attracted the guards and one of them hit Robert in the head knocking unconscious. Jeanne saw the scene and ran away to avoid being captured. The next day he used his influence to go to free Robert in prison. Jeanne went accompanied by a guard who opened the door to Robert. "Thanks Joan," he said Robert stroking his face. Jeanne took Robert's hand and said it was nothing. "He, too, we take under our protection." He said that Jeanne turned to Leonard. The guard took them into a room where Robert picked up his clothes and documents as weapons. So Jeanne, Robert and Leonard left the prison and went on a cart. In transportation, Leonard has been linked with the front and Jeanne and Robert. Jeanne put a gun in your face to Leonard. "In documents what it is?" he asked him. Leonard was about to open his mouth, but suddenly the carriage stopped as if someone had landed on.

Robert and Jeanne went out and saw a hooded man on the roof of the carriage. Assassin! The assassin stabbed in the back and the driver then jumped against Robert. Robert ducked just in time to avoid the blade hidden in his chest, Jeanne drew his sword and attacked the assassin. Leonard got out of the cab with his hands tied and was about to flee. Robert took his gun and shot the leg, Leonard fell to the ground. The assassin managed to disarm and Jeanne addressed a flying kick in the chest sending her to the ground. Robert took his sword and lunged at the murderess. The two clashed their weapons for a while ', when the assassin of Robert tore the jacket with hidden blades. The documents fell to the ground as the wounded assassin Robert shoulder and then picked up the documents. The assassin put the documents in his suit and Jeanne behind him began to choke him with his arm. The assassin bent down, grabbing for Jeanne's arm and threw him to the ground like a karate move. The assassin fled, but Robert tried again to stop it. The assassin punched him in the face and then kicked in the stomach knocking him out. The assassin has reached Leonard and stabbed him in the neck, as he did so, he told Leonard "Leonard Nothing personal, but you can not compromise the mission of bringing with me, I would give it time to take me to the Templars and it would be useless, "he said this killed him. The assassin has risen rapidly on a roof and disappeared. Jeanne did not believe it. The assassin was the same as the description given by his mother three years before. The man who had killed his father.

Francis Carroll

Lord Francis Carroll

The mission had failed. Robert and Jeanne went to break the news to the Templar Master, Mr. Carroll. Carroll was standing rigid and stared out while Jeanne and Robert were standing waiting for his judgment. Carroll turned to them and looked at Jeanne. Carroll gave him a slap in the face. Robert could not accept it. He knew that Carroll was of the old school and say that the Templars were not better than the females but not males Templars would have done that if it was the Grand Master himself. Robert took his knife and pointed it at the Carroll stomach. "Do not try to touch it," Robert said with hatred. Carroll looked at his face. "You should do so with the assassin not with me boy," she replied. Robert knew he would be trouble and that perhaps would directly killed but he did not care would not let him hurt Jeanne. Jeanne put her hand on Robert's arm. Robert pulled the knife away, and Carroll was free again. "You know that does not smooth pass Mr. Starrick" Carroll said. "Yes sir," he replied. Robert would have been flogged, 20 lashes. The day was Robert was made to strip and put against a wall. The performer started .... "You bastard I hate it," cried Robert. He was in his room with Jeanne who was medicating wounds. "Goddamn son of a bitch," he yelled again this time because he had hurt a wound. Throughout the Robert punishment had not screamed only once and that it had struck Jeanne that all other Templar leaders. "You were very brave," said Jeanne. That night the two had a night of passion. Robert had a passionate relationship with Jeanne ended in 1765, but for an unknown reason. Jeanne, however, was officially introduced in the Order Templar by Judge McGovern which a discussion with Lord Francis Carroll also had. Jeanne obeyed only to McGovern and not to Lord Carroll. For a period of 1765 Jeanne went to Scotland and received a letter in which McGovern told him that he was training a young Frederick Downcastle.

Eric Scott-Astire Edit

Andrew Oneco

Christopher Gist

Jeanne was obsessed with the search for and kill at all costs Eric Scott-Astire. He had killed his father that miserable Assassin. It would suffer the punishments of hell. Jeanne for 1766 possible news tried to Eric and then finally heard from brother Christopher Gist that Eric was on a mission in Sunderland. Christopher Gist was a Templar Rite American who had served during the Seven Years' War alongside the Master Templar Shay Cormac. Now Gist had gone temporarily in England and Jeanne wanted to help him in his mission. Eric Scott-Astire was an Assassin of Irish-Scottish ancestry born within the Brotherhood in Dublin in 1730. He had already killed several Templar in Scotland and Ireland and had to be stopped at all costs. The city of Sunderland had been over a thousand years under the protection of the Assassins through a Viking who had killed all the Templars in Norway. But by 1729, the city was passed again by the Templars through Quintina François de Bullion. Now there was Eric Scott-Astire head of the guild of Assassins of Sunderland and Jeanne would give hunting. Jeanne and Christopher went around the city seeing how despite Quintina efforts in freeing the city from the Assassins was not complete in part and noticed several gang-affiliated members to the Assassins. Jeanne and Christopher had to find out where he hid Eric and what was the best way if you do not interrogate his own man? Jeanne proposed his idea to Christopher and he said that he agreed. So they waited that night came and took up positions behind a dies of church saw in the distance a gang officer. When the gang-officer passed Jeanne went behind him and put the gun to his temple. The gang-official stopped short by putting his hands to the sky.

Rogue gang

The Assassin-gang

Gist stood before him, grabbed him and slammed him against the wall of the church holding it. "Where do you hide your boss?" Jeanne asked. "No," he replied. Gist gave him a punch in the face. "So," he asked again. "I will not speak," said the officer. Jeanne took the knife and drove it into the officer's side. The officer fell to the ground clutching his hand on the wound and moaning in pain. "Answer the question" still Gist said. "Kill me as well, finish what you started Templar-dog!" said the officer. Jeanne said Gist to leave him there to bleed to death. "Wait," said the officer. "Do not leave me here if you have to kill me and I will tell you what you want," he continued. Jeanne nodded. "Eric is a strong city," he said finally. Jeanne looked Gist and told him that we would go immediately. "Get out and be seen by a doctor," Gist said the officer. The officer went away from the area. Jeanne and Gist went to the fort which was at the far end of the city. The fort was made of stone and very full of guards. Being night the guards at the door did not see well and Jeanne Gist and they were able to see the area for any route of entry. Surrounded by strong there was an aqua river and the right side of the fort a drain from which you could enter. Jeanne and Gist swam for water drainage and entered the fort. Jeanne went on the wooden pier-platform.

Fort Sunderland

Fort Sunderland

Here was a soldier, Jeanne stabbed him in the back, grabbed him and threw his body in the water while Gist joined her. The two continued their way by killing the guards not to raise the alarm. They hit the other body part of the strong and spotted the captain of the fort which was to be Scott-Astire. Jeanne took his sword and thrust it in the Scott-Astire back. At that moment he realized that it was not Scott-Astire. guards emerged from all sides armed with guns by pointing them out of Gist and Jeanne. Scott came out between the Scott-Astire file sword in hand alongside the officer who had interrogated them. "The daughter of Adrien Carter" Scott-Astire laughingly said, "what an honor" he continued. A soldier ran with the gun toward Jeanne, Jeanne grabbed the barrel of the gun and used it to parry a bayonet thrust launched by another soldier. She put down both bayonets, took his knife and inflicted to the throat of a soldier and then struck the other head again with the knife. Gist fired by one and then cut another through shoulder. Jeanne took his sword and fought as he could dodge the blows and then strike back with its arms or banging against the walls guards. Gist kicked a guard and threw it into a pit and killed three others with the sword. Eventually the soldiers were all on the ground dead. Jeanne had killed 28 men. She felt bad as Gist had killed 30. Eric Scott-Astire took his sword and attacked. Jeanne immediately intercepted the blow and tried to attack itself but Scott-Astire gave him a punch in the face sending her back. Gist attacked the Assassin, but Eric gave him a double kick in the stomach, sending him to the ground. Jeanne and Eric clashed their swords for a while 'time going for a wooden structure near a always inside the stronghold. Eric swung his sword to the stomach of Jeanne but she dodged the blow and then inflict the Eric shin sword. Eric cried out in pain. Jeanne smiled. Took the life of Eric would be his. Eric peppered with bullets Jeanne putting in difficulty. Eventually Eric struck the hilt of the sword of Jeanne making him lose. Eric attacked with the sword again but this time Jeanne ducked and then kicked him in the back causing him to fall to the ground. Jeanne took his knife to kill him but he immediately stood up and kicked him in the hand by punching the knife away. Gist came and punched in Eric, Eric dodged and then grabbed him by the arm, sending him ahead. Gist went again to the ground while Jeanne attacked barehanded Eric. Jeanne lashed his series of punches as Eric parried most of them but received other. Eric extended his hidden blade and started to stab Jeanne's head. She blocked his wrist just in time with the blade a few centimeters from his eye. Jeanne struggled as he could to keep the wrist like Eric who was anxious from the kill. Jeanne pushed down to earth and managed to push Eric far from her. Jeanne took his gun and shot him in the shoulder at Eric. Eric shouted as he extended his hidden blade and Jeanne struck in the right shoulder. Jeanne shook very strong teeth. Eric grabbed the wrist that had struck and then gave him a knee in the chest. The breath went out of Eric's chest. Jeanne took advantage. He took a rifle with the bayonet, the bayonet stuck in his chest, Eric gave the feet and knelt. "Do it if you have a little 'will," Eric said. Jeanne pulled the trigger.

Support in France Edit

Annie Rouillé render

Annie Rouillé

After the murder of Scott-Astire, Jeanne returned to England while Gist made his way back to the Colonies. Jeanne spent the rest of 1766 to rest from the mission in Sunderland, as well as Eric's death had brought the total control by the Templars of Sunderland. Jeanne in March 1770 he received a letter with his brother Templar Louis Philippe II, duke of Orléans, in which he requested to join him to take control of Calais by the French Assassins. Jeanne from England took a ship that led directly to France. Once there he took a horse and drove to Calais where he was to meet with his contact a young woman named Annie Rouillé. Jeanne walked the streets of the city looking like they were full of Assassins and their affiliates. As in America there as in France the cities were controlled by gang-criminals. Jeanne went to the meeting point and waited a bit '. After a while 'minutes approached a woman in orange robes. The woman introduced herself as Annie Rouillé, Jeanne knew at once that she could not be Annie Rouillé. First did not answer the description given in the letter, according to had to have at least 30 years old and Annie had 23 and the third the most shocking thing was the ring finger left-branded with the coat of arms of the Assassins. Jeanne thought quickly. She punched him in the face to the woman and then ran away. She immediately saw many gang-members chase and eventually found himself in a blind alley. Jeanne made the climb, climbing on the roof of a house by losing its tracks pursuers. Jeanne pulled himself up on the roof and paused to catch his breath and realized that there was someone behind him. Jeanne took the gun hidden in his boot and turned it shooting aiming the gun on her figure. She was a woman. The description was of Annie Rouillé. The woman said it was a Templar saying his name was Annie Rouillé and that she was to be Jeanne Carter. Jeanne said yes it was her. Jeanne was astonished and attracted by the beauty of Annie and hoped that we could relate to her once freed Calais. The two shook hands and then Annie said she was lucky to find it right away because the assassins but they had attached to both.

Louis Philippe 20

Louis Philippe II, duke of Orléans

Jeanne said it was the same for her. Annie said she had to hurry to go to the residence of Louis there to Calais. The two women ran between the roofs of the city up to the Louis's home. Jeanne came through the window, along with Annie. A young man of about twenty years entered the room and greeted them. Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans. Through his father, Louis Philippe was a member of the House of Orléans, a cadet branch of the French royal family. His mother came from a more distant cadet branch, the House of Bourbon-Conts. He was born at the Château de Saint Cloud, one of the residences of the Duke of Orléans a few miles west of Paris. After his grandfather's death in 1752, Philippe d'Orléans inherited the title of Duke of Chartres. Louis was in full battle array. He had worn the clothes from the official military with a rifle behind his back, two pistols and a sword. "Welcome sister Carter" Louis said holding out his hand to Jeanne. Jeanne shook it and told him he was there to help them. Louis said he had a lot of work to do as the city was full of assassins and gang. The Templars had to kill the gang boss so would weaken the very assassins and then they would give a final attack at their lair. Louis fact had ties also with the king and had his orders several top-ranked soldiers. Louis told Jeanne that she and Annie were those best suited to a type of murder and instructed to infiltrate the hideout of gang-affiliated-Assassins and kill the boss.


The gang-leader

The assassination was fixed for March 19 and that day Jeanne and Annie went into action. The two walked quietly Templars to the area of the hideout of gang-affiliated-Assassins. Annie would run for the roofs killing as potential snipers while Jeanne would infiltrated and would kill the gang-leader. So Jeanne walked stealthily moving from bush to bush to the hideout of the gang while Annie wiped roofs by snipers. At one point, Jeanne was hidden in a bush when he saw the gang-leader. The gang-leader was hooded with orange clothes and a hook-hook as distinctive weapon. Jeanne took his sword and went out of his hiding place while the assassin was shot. Jeanne raised his sword to end the life of the leader-gang but it rolled to the side taking his hook and so dodged the attack of Jeanne. The assassin swung his hook for Jeanne's throat but she stopped just in time the blow with his sword and remained still well, pushing their weapons against the other one o'clock. Other gang-members were coming down the street and Annie came down from the roof murdering two gang-members. Jeanne finally pushed the assassin as he soon returned to the attack. The two clashed their weapons indefinitely but eventually stopped the assassin Jeanne's sword in his hook, pulled the sword from Jeanne's hands jumped to 4 meters from her. Jeanne took his gun and fired hitting the assassin's shoulder. He did not scream but swung his hook to the face of Jeanne. Jeanne is getting down a wound to his cheek just below the eye. Jeanne cried out in pain. The Assassin attacked again. Jeanne go right of stood up and kicked the Assassin leg, just after Jeanne at assassin tripped him, sending him to the ground. "Annie," cried Jeanne. Annie, which until then had fought with the gang-new acquaintances turned to Jeanne and gave him his sword. Jeanne took the fly sword and inflicted at assassin, killing him. Jeanne threw a smoke bomb on the attackers and later fled followed by Annie. The following months passed as the guards of Louis hunted him, captured and even killed the gang-members and 2 April 1770, the gang-affiliated-Assassins was completely routed. This had greatly weakened the French guild of Assassins of Calais and the final move was to attack the Fort Aquil. The attack took place on 10 April 1770. The Louis soldiers marched to the strong and led by Annie immediately began the attack. While the Templar militia tried to break through the door, Jeanne and Louis climbed the defensive wall. The wall had just 6 meters high and was not at all a problem for Jeanne and Louis climb and reach the walls. There, Jeanne took his sword and killed a rifleman as Louis with his rifle fired at a brute. Jeanne killed three other guards as Louis two, Jeanne came down from wall and assassinating an agile, then opened the door to the Templar militia.


The attack

The soldiers-French-Templar stormed the fort immediately began to kill the gang-members and Assassins. Jeanne, Annie and Louis fought all three alongside each other against their enemies. The fort had three officers who were the assassins as well as the leader who was in the war cabinet. Jeanne began dueling with the first Assassin-officier and finally she shot him in the head. Annie instead fought with the second Assassin officer and managed to kill him with his dagger. Louis managed to kill the third Assassin officer before shooting him in the stomach and then the chest. Jeanne went to war cabinet along with Annie and Louis. Louis broke down the door with a kick and immediately the three assassins entered. Sitting at the table was a man dressed as a businessman and did not seem at all an Assassin. "Who are you? And you carry out functions for the Assassins" Louis said threateningly pointing a gun at him. He said only that he was an ally and that the Brotherhood headed that strong. Louis waited a few moments and then shot him in the face to the man, killing him instantly. Following the Templars they took the strong control and Louis will put to direct the Annie herself as she was the new Templar-leader of Calais (Annie then would be replaced by the three Templar: Marguerite Murat, Joséph Iscariotte and Shamar al-Djin). Jeanne stood there in France for other months as Louis left for Paris for her real business remained in Calais with Annie. One afternoon Jeanne went in accommodation Annie. Annie was putting in place his clothes when he noticed Jeanne and greeted her. Jeanne greeted in turn and told Annie he had to tell him something important. Jeanne confessed his true feelings toward Annie. Annie stood to listen and eventually kissed Jeanne. The two had a night of passion in which consummated their love.

Searching in Spain Edit


Renardo Suero de Torres

Jeanne lived with Annie for a few months of 1770 then Jeanne decided to travel to Spain to know more about the life of legendary Master Assassin Aguilar de Nerha. Indeed Aguilar during the Spanish Inquisition had kept with him a Apple of Eden. So Jeanne and Annie for 1771 they traveled together to Barcelona. There they made contact with the Grand Master of the Rite Spanish: Renardo Suero de Torres. Renardo Suero de Torres was a nobleman from the royal court of Spain as well as a nephew of the Grand Master of the Rite Caribbean Laureano Torres. Jeanne and Annie met with him in his little estate outside Barcelona. Renardo the ushered into his private living room. Jeanne and Annie sat on a couch while Renardo an armchair while he did bring a drink. "What can you tell me of Aguilar de Nerha, Grand Master Suero" Jeanne asked Renardo. Renardo drank all of his drink and then looked at Jeanne. "He was a Master Assassin who recovered an Apple of Eden over 300 years ago," said Renardo. "All his knowledge is the legacy of the Brotherhood," he continued. "It will be up to you to find something," he concluded in the end. Jeanne Renardo thanked him and asked him if they were strong the Assassins there and Renardo said yes and that was just because of Aguilar that the Assassins were so strong. Jeanne absolutely had to know more about the knowledge of Aguilar on the pieces of Eden, he had after 1492 for Asia and certainly made many trips had been dealing with other pieces of Eden. The two months later went to Jeanne who focused along with Annie and Renardo find information about Legacy of Assassins. One day Jeanne was in his office with Annie when from window entered a figure. Jeanne took the gun race saw that he was an assassin and shot him as Annie took his sword. The assassin fell to the ground. The threat had been neutralized. Seconds later came into the room, armed with a sword Renardo. Renardo saw the assassin injured on the ground and pointed his sword to the throat. Renardo asked the two women if Jeanne had said something and said no. "Why are you here" Renardo churches. "We know of your plan, you will fail," said the assassin and spat in his face to Renardo. Renardo smote the sword in the throat. "NO!" Annie shouted. "There might be helpful because you killed him," asked Annie. Renardo said he did not deserve to live. Jeanne was to investigate herself to find out where was the place where it was enclosed knowledge of Aguilar de Nerha. In June 1771, she had learned from an informant of a possible three meeting two Assassins Masters in a public building in the city outskirts. The meeting was to be held June 6 at approximately 12:00. Jeanne went there for one hour, Annie set out to go with her, but Jeanne refused, saying he did not want to lose his partner. Jeanne to 11:30 went to the area to study it. In the building there was still none of the assassins as Jeanne saw that there was only one entrance like a door that allowed to pass at least two people at a time.

James Sussex

James Sussex

On the ceiling, there was a sort of circular window without glass from which came the light that illuminated all over. Jeanne devised a plan. She would be stationed on the hole from which it would hear all the conversation. To 12:00, Jeanne went on her own hole and into the room came a man. The man had clothes of an assassin but blacks while the second had them white and unlike the first was not wearing the cap. When the two began to talk Jeanne learned. The Assassins had discovered the research of Jeanne and wanted to get rid of her and Annie. He according discovered from the conversation that there was a kind of library hidden beneath the Cathedral of Cadiz and in the library there were discoveries of Aguilar. At the right side inside the cathedral, there was a lever. You had to operate like that opened a passage for the library, the library was also defended by a guard. "What about Carter and Rouillé" asked the assassin with hood. "One of my agent is doing at the moment work with their housing," said the other. Oh No! Annie was in danger. Jeanne thought quickly, she had known what she wanted now was to save only Annie but before she would take the lives of those two. Jeanne took his sword and dagger, fell down and murdered them both. Then she ran as fast as possible towards his quarters and Annie. Jeanne arrived at the door of his quarters and found the door open with some strange noises inside. Jeanne immediately entered and saw that Annie was fighting with a man dressed in black. Jeanne knew him, had traveled on their ship for Spain. The man turned toward Jeanne with his long sword and tried to impale there on the spot. Jeanne drew his knife and swerved just in time the weapon and then kicked for the man's stomach. He stopped in mid-air on foot and then threw away all Jeanne on the table. The man pointed his sword to the neck and Jeanne was about to cut his throat, Annie smashed a chair on his back making him fall to the ground. Annie Jeanne helped him to his feet and asked the man. The man did not say a word if you do not break free from the grip of Jeanne and jump out the window. Jeanne went into the street but he had disappeared. Jeanne stayed with Annie for the rest of the day and then the next day he said what he had discovered in Renardo.

He told him to go to Cadiz and find the knowledge of Aguilar and Jeanne got ready for the trip. For the day June 19, 1771, Jeanne had come to the city of Cadiz along with Annie. They arrived to the cathedral and found it guarded the entrance by four gang-members. Jeanne knew that she and Annie if they could take off very well. Jeanne took his two guns and fired two gang-members. The two left them drew their swords and came toward her, Annie stepped out behind them and stabbed in the throat one. The more distracted by the killing of his companion was in turn killed by Jeanne. Jeanne and Annie entered the church. To the right side, Jeanne spotted and then pulled the lever. The sound of gears, a wall opened to a staircase descending into the depths. Jeanne and Annie went down quietly. At the end of the scale they found a door and opened. They found themselves in a room of average dimensions full of very old books but kept in good condition. A man dressed in blacks came up behind them and turned to him with swords ready. The man who was an Assassin in his right hand an ax. Jeanne did not understand what they expected the guardian. The warden immediately swung his ax to the Annie's arm. The ax struck the target and severely injured that Annie dropped the sword to the pain. Jeanne was not expecting it. The warden was really fast. The guardian swung the ax for Jeanne's head, she looked down but he received a knee in his face that he threw it on the ground. The warden stepped forward to give the coup de grace to Jeanne. Annie, however, had a knife and planted it in the Guardian thigh. He doubled over, did not scream, he removed the knife from his thigh and turned to Annie as to want to kill her. Jeanne recovered quickly and gave him a kick in the leg that had been wounded, the guard stopped a moment as if in pain but do not let it show. Annie took advantage. Annie took a knife and stabbed him in the Guardian in his chest. The guardian took a gun. "NO!" She cried Jeanne. Gunshot. Annie fell to the ground as did the same guardian. Jeanne took the diary of Aguilar de Nerha and then took off from there Annie for assistance. Jeanne went running to the Templar hideout and shouted immediately medical assistance. Three doctors took Annie and carried her to the infirmary, Jeanne tried to recover from the adrenaline.


Aguilar's journal

She paused a moment, the guard was dead? The library was closed? Yes, the library had closed but we would have to return. She soon returned to the library while Annie was cured. Jeanne rearranged the road before and eventually found the entrance to the library closed. She pulled the lever, but it stopped half way and the door did not open. Someone had to have it sealed. At that moment he noticed a big trail of blood. The guardian! Jeanne followed the trail and took her to a town alley. The watchman was sitting on the ground in the dust and clutched a hand to his chest from which came the blood. Jeanne had to put an end to this abomination. She took his sword and stabbed the guard in the head, killing him immediately. Then Jeanne went back to the Templar hideout and went to the infirmary. "He'll do?" Jeanne asked a doctor. "Yes, it is a strong woman," he said. "She is his sister, a friend of hers?" She asked the doctor. "No actually would be my companion," said Jeanne embarrassed at having to reveal on sexual orientation. "She is a lesbian Ms. Carter?" He replied the doctor. "Absolutely not are bisexual," said Jeanne. "Now excuse me I have to go," he finally said, and left. Three days after Jeanne was joined by Renardo together and analyzed the Aguilar diary. It was written in Spanish and Renardo read it. The most important thing was written: he spoke of a sort of Forerunner site in Africa exactly in Egypt at the El Karak area. El Karak distanced several miles from Cairo. Aguilar had found a site in the Apple of Eden and left her there. Jeanne then decided who would later traveled to Egypt to find this piece of Eden soon as Annie would recover.

Adventure in Egypt Edit

The Concord

The Concord

For August 1771, Annie had fully recovered from all that fighting had with the keeper if he had left a scar on the stomach. Jeanne also had a scar under his right eye, if she had obtained in battles against Eric Scott-Astire 5 years ago in Sunderland. Jeanne and Annie were ready to travel to Egypt and 30 August 1771, Renardo accompanied them in his carriage. The two Templars loaded their bags and themselves after saying goodbye to Renardo and after the ship departed. Jeanne and Annie remained for a bit 'of time on the deck of the ship called, Concord. Jeanne came back immediately to mind name. She had known from the archives of Templar history, a Master Templar named Lord Concord who lived in New Orleans and had adopted a poor young man, Eugiène Blaise. In addition to the Caribbean his brothers had already started from 1770 a Purge for destroyed the Caribbean Assassins, in which were using two their puppets-killer, Lady Concord and Eric Rackham to remove the members of the Brotherhood from the cities. Jeanne for the day he passed in his cabin with Annie. Them for the next day, Jeanne went on deck to see the navigation while Annie remained below deck in their cabin. Jeanne looked at the sea in mind the adventures that would be for the future.

At one point a man mostly a white boy approached him insulting, saying that the noble sissies slacker could not stay on deck. Jeanne replied said she agreed but did not understand why then he was there on the bridge. The provocation attracted other sailors who began to incite a brawl between the two. "Let's see if you know the get away with punches sissy" said the boy dismissively. The boy swung a series of punches to the face of Jeanne and she parried them all. "Now it's my turn," she said. Jeanne gave him a punch in the abdomen, another in the chest, another in the stomach and two in the face. The boy fell to the ground stunned, holding his hands over his nose that was broken maybe. "She extended Quill guys," said a friend of sailor Quill, rival of Jeanne. Quill friends came forward to stepping barrel Jeanne. One tried to strangle her from behind, Jeanne elbowed him in the stomach and then pushed him to the ground. A second swung a punch for Jeanne's head, she stepped in and gave him a kick in the chest, putting him out of action. A third and fourth they attacked simultaneously. Jeanne dodged all their attacks and then filled them with fists. Jeanne remained standing, looking around us in search of other enemies. Quill took her by the arm and pointed a knife at the chest. "So what about" Quill asked, Jeanne broke free of his grip, grabbed his wrist, twisted it. The knife fell to the ground with Jeanne blocking even Quill. "What the fuck is going on here?" a man asked, making the space between people. "His men wanted a captain lesson and I date him," Jeanne said to the captain and immediately walked away. Jeanne went down to his cabin where there was Annie. "What happened up there?" Annie asked. "There was a lot of turmoil," Annie said. Jeanne told him what he had done and Annie told him he had done well to gain respect. Annie was a sheet where they transcribed Aguilar the pages of the diary, in which he said of the Apple of Eden in Egypt and location. In fact, in diary they had left him in the hands of Renardo. Jeanne approached Annie, touching her breasts. The two made love and for the rest of the day they stood in the cabin. It passed a normal month that the Concord made its long journey in the Mediterranean sea. No more fights occurred between Jeanne and Quill Gorm-Sussex as the boy always kept far from Jeanne and Annie. To the end of October they were supposed to arrive at the port of Cairo.

Naval battle 2 ACIV

The naval battle

On 4 October 1771, Jeanne was on the deck of the ship with Annie when the lookout spotted a ship in sight. He had a black flag. Pirates! Immediately the captain made the escape maneuvers from the ship which was always behind them. Wherever the sailors were preparing to struggle and armed themselves mostly cutlasses, swords, muskets and rifles. The pirate ship fired a broadside against the Concord, the Concord was a merchant ship and had only a few guns that employed against the enemy ship but did not do any harm. Jeanne saw a storm and ordered the captain to go there. "It 's the only way," said Jeanne, "to get away and stay alive." The captain did as he was told and sent the ship in the storm. The tempest pushed to the right and left many sailors and the ship's cargo and Jeanne remained attached to the bulkhead with Annie. At one point a giant wave turned the ship and Jeanne fell into the sea. No, it's not possible! Jeanne thought. I am about to die she told herself. Jeanne sank lower and lower in the deep. Everything went black. Jeanne opened her eyes. She was in the water stands still with the air in the mouth.

African mercenary 2

African Slaver

Immediately he began to swim very fast to the surface among the wrecks and the pieces of Concord falling down and floating corpses in the water with sharks that eating them fiercely. Jeanne sprang to the surface now taking a big breath of air. With what little energy he had left quickly swam to the beach on the coast. Jeanne was upset she could not believe that Annie had died along with the crew of Concord, she was the only survivor. Jeanne left the water, walking on beach sand and then fell there maybe no longer in the body. Time passed. Jeanne did not know how. She opened the eyes. Before her was a black man dressed in blacks dressed in a clover hat. "This here is alive," he shouted to the little distant people that Jeanne had not in his field of vision. Jeanne fainted again. She awoke on a cart. He moved his head in all directions. He was traveling in a chariot, pulled by horses and around the chariot were camel riders mostly men of color armed scimitars and rifles. There were 4 cars in front of the one where she was. Jeanne, however, did not understand what they were men. Jeanne noticed that their hands are tied and even feet. Fuck! he thought within himself. Beside her on the wagon there was a black man with a gun, what they had found. "Where are you taking me?" Jeanne asked. The man did not answer, and even looked at her. "WHERE I BRING?" She yelled thrashing. The man pointed his gun at him. "At the slave market," he said. "In which, however, the city" again asked Jeanne. "Trail bordering Libya and Egypt, in Benghazi" he said. "There were other survivors but me you have found someone else?" Jeanne asked, hoping that Annie was there, or at least still alive. The African looked at her, "You are the only one still breathing, everyone else on the beach were dead," said the African. Jeanne had been destroyed. His mistress, Annie Rouillé and the men of Concord were all dead, Jeanne was the only survivor. Jeanne shut himself in his grief for the whole journey to Benghazi. From there it would have to at least try to run away, then make another road bang and finally get to Cairo. Then from there would have to find someone to accompany her to the El Karak area which was very remote and almost unknown was the way. The Aguilar diary pages were lost in the storm, but Jeanne remembered. In the ruins of El Karak there was a passage that would have access to a crypt and there was the Apple. After their day of travel arrived in Benghazi. Jeanne was astonished by how it was different there in Africa.


Ojeda Al-Jahad

The sandy streets, very strange Asian palaces and described how he had heard Jeanne by his confreres who were there. Jeanne was taken there by slavers and put the rod with the other slaves. Jeanne was no longer his weapons and even more his vestments, from the blacks woman's dress. The auction began. He came the turn of Jeanne. Many buyers were fascinated by the beauty of Jeanne, and if the contended for some time. In the end though Jeanne was sold to a businessman turkish named Ojeda Al-Jahad. A Ojeda's guard took Jeanne from the auction and took her inside a cage wagon together with other women. While Ojeda got into a cab and went, the guard followed the carriage carrying the wagon-master's cage. They came to a sumptuous palace, Ojeda had been able to buy thanks to its rich business of slavery in the organization known as The Turk. Jeanne knew that she and the other women were concubines. In fact they were all 7 courses in a room where they were dressed and made up as concubines. Jeanne would never have stayed there and moreover would have never made love with that bastard Ojeda. They waited for a while 'as they supped too. Jeanne decided to escape that night which was Oct. 6, and by midnight on October 7. In the evening Jeanne was brought into the room by two guards Ojeda. Ojeda was sitting in the midst of pillows on a bed. He motioned with his hand to his men and the guards came out. Jeanne made a plan. She would have to seduce Ojeda, then he would have stunned or locked, lock the door and then run away under cover of night. Jeanne did so and made sex with Ojeda for hours before falling asleep. An hour after midnight, Jeanne got up from the bed, took the key of the room and closed the door, the key broke in the lock. Jeanne turned to Ojeda. He did not want to kill him. She took the rope and tied it tight to the bed both hands and feet and gagged him so well could not alert the guards. Jeanne saw the many weapons on the wall. She took two pistols, a rifle, a sword, a dagger, a few poisoned darts. Jeanne taken, a man's suit of Ojeda and saw the mirror that was fine with cap and scarf to avoid being seen in the face.

Digweed's Fate

Jeanne escapes from Ojeda's manor

Jeanne remembered one of his enemies, the Assassins for how she was dressed. Jeanne presses also a gold casket for the journey as well as a water bag. Once this was done, Jeanne jumped out the window, ran on the roofs of the building up to the barn. There, he found no one but the warden. Jeanne him stunned depositing it on the ground. Jeanne did not kill the innocent. The man had not done anything. Jeanne took a horse and galloped to the gate. There were two guards who were talking among themselves. "Still," said a realizing Jeanne. "Where are you going," he always asked the same guard. Jeanne became smart, "I have to bring an important letter to the mother of Lord Ojeda" it said. "At this hour," said the guard. "Yes, the boss told me to do it secretly, without telling anyone." Jeanne said. "I'm going to ask personally," he said. "You better wait for dawn and then ask him. He very angry if you wake up at this time and then confirm you something true that instructed me to help me, just for the stupidity of a suspicious guard." Jeanne said, trying to fool the guard. "Okay," the guard said. "Go," he said leaving the passage. Jeanne galloped as fast as possible with his horse on the road to the border between Libya and Egypt, it would not be far away. Jeanne found the will to live feeling the wind on my face. He had to continue his mission to retrieve the piece of Eden without Annie but alone it would have been more difficult. For the next few days Jeanne galloped on his horse in the night as the day resting in the possible shelters that found for the journey. The road was desolate and sandy in the middle of the wasteland that was both Egypt and Libya. Jeanne did rest well the horse because if it was going to die she would frigate and would no longer have a means of transportation. To October 21, 1771, Jeanne was on a kind of rocky hill to sleep when she was awakened by gunfire. She got up from her makeshift bed, took the rifle and peered toward the gunfire. Below her were the color mercenaries who were shooting at passers. Jeanne did not understand the reason of the clash but he had to go. Jeanne dressed quickly, armed himself and went to his horse. A black mercenary stepped out from behind a rock, while Jeanne went down the other side. The mercenary attacked Jeanne and the two rolled down a few meters. The two fought in the sand while the horse shrieked. Jeanne finally broke free from mercenary and went straight on his horse then galloped away as fast as possible. A group of mercenaries threw themselves in pursuit of Jeanne. She ducked whenever those opened fire on her and managed well to avoid all the bullets. Who were they? And above all they wanted from her? Maybe they were affiliates of the Assassins. In any case, I'll kill them all thought Jeanne. A bullet went to break the horse that ruined forward. Jeanne fell to the ground but got up immediately and took his muzzle-loading rifle. The mercenaries who were around 14 surrounded her with their horses. Jeanne fired three of these before the other descended from horses. The other mercenaries attacked Jeanne. She dodged the blow of one and then pitched his sword into his chest, killing him. Another tried to hit her with an iron rod but she ducked and then inflicted his sword in the stomach to another mercenary. A mercenary swung an ax to Jeanne she parried and then kicked another mercenary who was coming from behind. A mercenary Jeanne pushed to the ground and she pulled out his gun and shot him as he fell. Another mercenary went toward her as if to finish it, Jeanne took his second gun and shot him, killing too. The remaining mercenaries, who were 7 pointed their guns on Jeanne and made prisoner.

African mercenary 1


The man who had attacked Jeanne on the hill was their leader and introduced to Jeanne as Sekou. Jeanne who had been tied to the land Sekou asked what he wanted from her. He said that the men who paid them to bring Jeanne to Cairo and they would. Jeanne wondered if these men had their hoods and he said yes. Sekou laughed saying that Jeanne had made a big mess already in France and then in Spain, and his employers wanted to stop for a while '. In particular there was one named James Sussex who wanted to capture Jeanne. Jeanne was deported by the mercenaries in Cairo and arrived there on November 5 to be delivered to James Sussex and Egyptians Assassins. Jeanne was taken to an inn in Cairo and Sekou informed her that James Sussex and assassins would soon arrived in a few minutes. Jeanne was sitting and linked only to blows with 3 mercenaries while three others were guarding the building and then Sekou was always inside the inn, but the counter. Jeanne jumped up and used ropes to strangle a mercenary and use it as a human shield, going further and further behind. The other two took their guns and pointed them to him against. One of them fired for Jeanne hand but the bullet went to hit the rope breaking it. Jeanne got rid of it right away and then jumped out of the window. Jeanne quickly ran behind with 5 mercenaries including a furious Sekou. Jeanne found herself in a bind. A mercenary pointed his gun saying that the race was injured just after the others came. Sekou told his men to take Jeanne. Jeanne kicked by one, then grabbed the head of another and slammed against the wall, breaking it. Jeanne gave a knee in the chest to another, then pushed another against the wall. He fought like a tiger. A mercenary who was pointing the gun fired, Jeanne ducked and the bullet went on the wall. Jeanne ran towards what, took the gun pointed to him again and shot him, killing him. Jeanne took his knife and inflicted in Sekou chest fell to the ground wounded. There remained 4. Jeanne ran to one, stabbed him in the throat. Another had taken the sword and swung toward Jeanne. Jeanne parried and then disarmed him. Jeanne now had two weapons. I tore the stomach of a mercenary and then stabbed him in the head the other. Now he remained only one. The mercenary had taken the rifle and fired at Jeanne. Jeanne was wounded in the arm and sword lost. She cried out in pain. Jeanne threw the dagger to the mercenary, the knife is planted in the abdomen of the one who died. Jeanne took his sword, two pistols, and then walked to Sekou. Jeanne took his sword and inflicted in Sekou chest, who died between gasps of death. The confusion, however, had attracted the guards was coming. Jeanne hurried up on the roof of a house by losing their tracks. Throughout the month that followed, Jeanne remained in the city and tried to hide someone who knew the way to El Karak. Much of his contacts to hear that name already refused despite the big top of money that Jeanne offered him. All they considered it a cursed place, and to be avoided.

Mileena Djuric

Mileena Djuric

But for 11 December, Jeanne found a willing woman. His name was Mileena Djuric. She was a seeker. Mileena informed Jeanne that she had already gone there and that he had explored the Egyptian ruins of whatever had been there before then and had not found anything. "You take me to El Karak and I shall know well how to reward you," she said Jeanne turned to Mileena. Mileena accepted. The expedition would be small, fixed for December 15. El Karak from what I had said Mileena was at least two weeks of travel. Mileena had the cronies, 30 mercenaries all of Portuguese descent, Italian, Dutch and English as well as Africans. Jeanne said she would give him all the money I had to reward them. Jeanne knew that if you gave him the money then would be left with nothing and could never go back and throughout the trip would be useless. December 15, 1771, Jeanne's expedition set out from Cairo and for the following 14 days headed for Cairo. Strangely, the expedition was never attacked it by Assassins it by bandits or by slavers. December 28, 1771, Jeanne's expedition had almost reached El Karak. For that occasion they were traveling at night so they would arrive first. At some point, however, he felt one shot. An mercenary fell from the horse. Jeanne looked near but darkness covered his sight and saw almost nothing. Another shot, another dead. Mileena yelled to his running, the whole expedition began to gallop like mad with Jeanne in their midst. Jeanne turned around and saw the pursuers, he could not tell them apart. The group rode very strongly and felt the shooting of the attackers on the Jeanne's group. Two bullets went to sign and two mercenaries of Jeanne died. Just. Jeanne took from his jacket a bomb. Mileena had they donated before leaving and now he would use. Jeanne lit the fuse of the bomb and threw it behind him. The thunder of an explosion resented in the night. The Jeanne group continued to ride until two hours later they stopped a moment. They had suffered 4 losses. Mileena complimented Jeanne for the way they had handled the attackers. Jeanne accepted the compliments.

Tariq al Din

Tariq al Din

The group camped, slept five hours of sleep with patrols and by dawn they resumed immediately after the march. Jeanne asked Mileena as missing, Mileena said that at about 16:00 PM would arrive in El Karak. By then the group arrived in El Karak. The group penetrated in the main ruins in the area and the center found a nice surprise. A black man with a turban on his head, and armed with a sledgehammer was waiting for them. Jeanne did not understand who he was and maybe it was there for them. From shelters came out of the snipers who aimed their weapons at the Jeanne group. Jeanne could see that they were all the eastern people. Mileena pushed Jeanne behind cover with her while the uproar broke out. The snipers began firing at the mercenaries who in turn returned fire but were much more exposed so early died in at least 8. Jeanne stood up while remaining behind the shelter while Mileena returned fire. "They are the same who attacked us last night," said Mileena Jeanne. "Take me to the main room there is the passage," said Jeanne to Mileena. Mileena fired against an aggressor and then get out of his shelter and take Jeanne with him in the middle of hell fire. The two women ran through the rain of bullets dodging everyone although many of them they passed very close. After the race they fell back behind cover, Mileena got up quickly and said to Jeanne to follow. The two made a free running on a kind of hill full of rubble and ruins and eventually found a sort of small rock building which they entered. Mileena saw that the attackers were coming toward them and she stood behind a shelter shooting against. They were assassins. Jeanne thought quickly and focused a great deal, she flipped a sort of sixth sense that allowed him to locate the passage. Jeanne pushed with all his might a brick that did open the floor, with the stairs. Jeanne told Mileena to follow. The two went down the stairs quickly and then shut the passage. Jeanne and Mileena stopped to catch his breath. "Well come on," said Jeanne and walked through a dark corridor followed by Mileena who had lit a torch. They arrived in a room that the center had a pedestal, Jeanne went to the stand and saw that on it was the Apple of Eden. Mileena remained entranced in watching Apple. Jeanne grabbed the apple. Suddenly, the ceiling began to collapse and Jeanne and Mileena fast ran toward the exit. Jeanne and Mileena managed to get out of the crypt just in time while it was collapsing.

Apple of Eden

Tha Apple of Eden

Once outside, however, they found themselves surrounded by their attackers. Jeanne did not think a moment, looked up at the top the Apple and used it to block them all. Jeanne used the apple which expelled a burst of energy that sent everyone on earth except Mileena. Jeanne was astonished by the enormous power of Apple and thought of all the things they could do us the Order with the artifact. The head of the attackers, Jeanne identified him as the man who was armed with a stick in the midst of ruins and turbaned. Jeanne made him levitate in the air using the Apple. "What's your name?" Jeanne asked. "Tariq, Tariq al Din" he said. "Who sent you?" Jeanne asked. "His name is James Sussex we had paid a large sum of money to find you and kill," said Tariq. Jeanne knew what to do, go back to Cairo and from there take a ship for Europe but would not be easy as the first leg, but now she had the Apple. "What else do you know about the decisions of the Assassins?" Jeanne asked Tariq. "Another man would have to reach there in two days, here in El Karak" said Tariq. Jeanne made him settle on the ground with the apple and then I fainted. Jeanne told Mileena they would do an ambush to this man and he would be captured or killed by Tariq. Mileena asked Jeanne what he had in mind. Jeanne said that Tariq would wait for the man at the entrance of El Karak and would pretend that his men were inside with their two prisoners. Jeanne would control Tariq that he would kill the Assassin. Mileena told Jeanne that it was a brilliant idea.

Egypt Assassin

Egyptian Assassin

They waited until 31 December 1771. On the appointed day Tariq had to wait at the entrance of the area. Jeanne was hiding behind a shelter near Tariq while Mileena was hiding on a hill with a rifle in case anything went wrong. At one point, Jeanne saw a man on horseback who was going to Tariq. The man reached Tariq and got out of his mount. Man and Tariq shook hands and Jeanne could hear tell Tariq "Welcome ... yes everything went as planned." Jeanne came out of hiding and used the Apple of Eden to lock in place Tariq and the Assassin. Jeanne approached them while Mileena down from his position. "Even you, sends you imagine Sussex?" Jeanne said to the Assassin. It did not answer. He pulled something out of his robe, Jeanne could not believe his eyes. A Sword of Eden. The assassin addressed the Sword of Eden to Jeanne and activated. Lightning hit Jeanne sending her to the feet in the air. Jeanne was completely stunned and Apple of Eden rolled away. Jeanne saw Tariq grab the apple. Jeanne immediately shot to the shoulder that Tariq dropped the apple, Jeanne immediately grabbed the apple and kicked at Tariq. Jeanne saw the assassins battle with Mileena. Jeanne ran towards them to kill the assassin. A clash between the Sword of Eden and Mileena flicked sword lightning which hit everybody including Jeanne sent them to the ground. Jeanne is stunned shoot more than ever and stood up. He saw lying on the ground and ran to Mileena. Jeanne saw that she was dead. No. Another innocent and dead friend. Jeanne stood up and saw the Egyptian assassin crawl on the floor. Jeanne put away place the apple and then drew his knife. Jeanne walked toward the assassin, crouched beside him. Jeanne grabbed his head, and I slowly sank his knife. The assassin died drowned in his own blood. "Rest in hell bastard" said Jeanne at Assassin. Jeanne gave her the last rites to the body of Mileena and later buried him, did the same with the Assassin's body and the body of Tariq. Jeanne was destroyed by that experience in Egypt. He had lost all his friends of that adventure. Jeanne returned to Cairo and from there took a boat to Calais and arrived there Feb. 18, 1772.

New Life Edit

Jeanne was in need of a little 'rest and unwind from the business of the Templar. Jeanne also had procured two new pieces of Eden for the Templars. The French sent the Templars Sword of Eden in Scotland for further analysis while kept the Apple of Eden with them in Paris. Jeanne bought a house in Calais and went there to live. Her for months to come trscorse a normal life with the money he was ragalati by his friend Duke, Louis Philippe of Orleans. Moreover Jeanne knew a man from whom she was very attracted, and her name Zachary Flemming. Jeanne with him had an affair in which Jeanne became pregnant. Jeanne gave birth to a baby in January 1773 called as his father: Zachary Junior Flemming, Jeanne grew the following months his son with love and tenderness along with her husband. But one day Zachary told Jeanne that had to tell him something important. Jeanne told him to speak. Zachary explained that in fact he was not a merchant, but an Assassin of the Colonial Branch of the Assassin Order, he had been sent to France to kill their own Jeanne. But instead of doing so fell in love with her. Jeanne listened to everything in silence and then said to Zachary to leave, Jeanne then returned to her room to see if there was Zachary Junior beds but there was not. Jeanne took his sword and ran out. Jeanne saw Zachary run away on a horse with a bundle in his hand. Jeanne threw herself immediately after her. But Jeanne came only to the port to see Zachary starting on his ship The Belgian Bastard, with his son. Jeanne soon returned to his house in his closing pain and spent the whole night crying. The morning after Jeanne woke up and discovered that even the Apple of Eden was gone. Jeanne knew that Zachary had acted in that way not to make their son a rather Templar Assassin, and take away the Apple of Eden from the Templars and Jeanne. Jeanne lived in France until December 1773, December 18 received a letter from the American Templar William Johnson in which invited her to come to America. There should have addressed the Colonial Assassins who were raising the Purge of 1763, Jeanne immediately made the suitcases and traveled to America ready for a new adventure.

War in North America Edit

AC3 William Johnson render

William Johnson

Jeanne arrived in North America for 5 February 1774. At the port of Boston was immediately welcomed by William Johnson and his partner Thomas Hickey. Hickey took Jeanne suitcases and loaded them into the carriage after Jeanne and William climbed into the cab while Hickey led her to Johnson Hall. Jeanne sat in a bedroom of the Johnson Hall, and for the afternoon was to visit the Grand Master Haytham Kenway with the young Templar-assassin Callum Kerr. Jeanne shook hands with Haytham and immediately Callum. She was astonished by the beauty of Callum and was immediately attracted. Jeanne, William and Haytham went in the office of William, to talk about Templar-business. Callum and Hickey instead remained outside in the garden to do target practice. Haytham took an oath to Jeanne serving and then the three spoke of the situation in the Colonies. The Templars would support both sides of the war, with John Pitcairn in the British Army and Charles Lee, the Continental Army. By the end of the next war that would break out the Templars would have had to keep control over the colonies did not care if they won the British or the Patriots. Jeanne agreed with this decision and then she walked out of the Johnson Hall to see Callum and Thomas shoot with their guns on the mannequins. Jeanne asked if she could do she and Thomas said yes and handed him the gun. Jeanne took the gun, loaded it, pointed it at the head of the dummy and fired. The bullet took the head of the dummy. Thomas and Callum were struck by the precision of Jeanne. The trio was joined by William and Haytham that they were discussing. Haytham then sent Jeanne to his quarters at Fort George in New York. Jeanne agreed. So she packed up her stuff and brought it to Fort George. In the following months Jeanne was not long between Boston and New York helping Haytham Kenway with Templar-business and supported Callum in training. In July 1774, however, Jeanne knew in the middle of a workout with Callum by the same Haytham that William Johnson was killed. Jeanne was shocked by the news, and he was sorry to die. Callum told Jeanne that there was an Assassin on the road for a year that he had seen during the Boston Tea Party. Jeanne was curious though this Assassin. In October 1774, she played a role and poisoned the patriot William Molineux.

Callum Kerr 2

Callum Kerr

In April 1775, there was a battle between Lexington and Concord, where John Pitcairn supported by Callum helped the British to fight the rebels. Unfortunately, the British lost the battle and Pitcairn and Callum came out unworthy. Moreover, the friendship between Callum and Jeanne was getting more and more strengthening. Jeanne and Callum fought together in the British Army against the Continental Army for the following months. In June 1775, came the news that John Pitcairn during the battle of Bunker Hill was always killed by the Assassin under Callum eyes. Jeanne could not believe that after all these years, the Assassins were returned to active. The Assassin in charge of the two losses was a certain Connor Kenway. For the rest of the year Jeanne continued to fight the Continental Army in the British Army along with Callum. In 1776 the Templars put on a plot. Thomas Hickey would have murdered General Continental Army, George Washington and the Templars in his place would put Charles Lee. For June, the Templars began the plot and managed to get a conviction Connor Kenway death. During the execution of Connor, Hickey would assassinated Washington. But something went wrong as Hickey was killed by Connor. The plot failed as Callum went to the Caribbean to kill the remaining Caribbean Assassins of the Templar-turncoat-Assassin Lady Concord. When in August 1776, Callum returned from the Caribbean, Jeanne knew she felt for him the feelings of love as he felt them since they had met Annie and Zachary years prior. So one day he went to Jeanne Callum house in Boston, and there he declared his feelings. Callum said he felt the same and then the two of them spent a night of passion. Days after Jeanne discovered she was pregnant. But she did not want to see or know anyone even Callum even though she loved him. Jeanne suddenly understood that his life as a Templar was over for now and just had to be a mom but raise her son away from wars or other. Jeanne looked for a quiet place where the Templars were thriving but they would not be able to find it for the moment. Jeanne decided he would go to the Caribbean and beyond would raise his son. Jeanne made her luggage, and wrote a farewell letter to Callum but first greeted him well without him to know of his departure. Jeanne on September 9, 1776 took a boat to Kingston with in mind a new life.

Later life and death Edit

Jeanne arrived in Kingston after two weeks of traveling and she had a lot of money his weapons and his stuff but was a pregnant woman and always had to be careful. Jeanne spent the nine months of pregnancy, in a house bought in Kingston, writing a book in which he told his whole life for word for word in every detail all the things he had done, experienced and journeys, adventures and even pain of losses. The day of birth Jeanne had paid a medical expert to support it, in the moment that the child or the child would be born. May 20, 1777, Jeanne felt a strong pain in the abdomen and began to scream. Soon the doctor came and helped her in the process. At the end of childbirth is Jeanne the baby were fine. Jeanne saw that the child was in good health and was delighted. Jeanne brought up her child, and nursed it with more of an African caregiver help that you yourself had first bought and then had made her free, so the ex-slave now always helped Jeanne. Jeanne was 35 years old when she brought forth her son, Jeanne decided to chimeras son: Gabriel Kerr. Jeanne for the following seven years always nurtured her son Kingston with great love and when he had to talk about his father told him he was at war in North America, and that he would soon return. The Grand Master of Caribbean Templars, was Madeleine François de Bullion with his lieutenants: Charlotte LeFay, Augustin Rouen and Raoul Basque had done the Caribbean thrive. Jeanne had known that in North America the British were gone after their defeat officially on November 23, 1783. Jeanne could not know that the Assassins were still hunting, from the episode in Egypt of 1771. The August 28, 1784, Jeanne was now a woman of 42 years and was sure he had lost all interest in Assassins and the Templars. That day she left the house with a small Gabriel seven years and made their way to the market. As they made the rounds among the counters, Gabriel attracted by a hen began to chase and Jeanne lost sight of him. Worried about her son, Jeanne began to look for him convinced that he could not be too far away. But at some point Jeanne was passing through an alley when the end of it appeared a man dressed as a mercenary.

Jacob Denton

Jacob Denton

The man stepped forward, barring the way to Jeanne and behind the woman it appeared another. "Did you really think that we would not have looked for you after Egypt? Really you thought that we would have left you alone and Templar?" said the man in front of Jeanne. Assassins. Jeanne threw a punch in the face to the front of her and then turned around. Jeanne stopped just in time the mercenary other's wrist that was holding a knife. Jeanne disarmed the mercenary and cut his throat. Jeanne turned to face the other mercenary. The mercenary was pointing a gun straight at Jeanne. He pulled the trigger. The bullet went to strike Jeanne in her chest, and she fell to the ground mortally wounded. His executioner fled the area and Jeanne remained there for a while 'suffering the pain penis. At one point, Jeanne was joined by Gabriel. Gabriel was on the verge of tears. "Gabriel, you must be strong. My mother is going to make a long journey and one day we'll meet again," said Jeanne deathbed. "Even in the most difficult moments when everything seems lost, do not give up," said Jeanne to Gabriel. "I love you," said Jeanne, and she went to the other world.

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