"I am an instrument of the Order, and I will cleanse the Caribbean Rite for conservative powers that are being led by people like Madeleine de Bullion"
―Jeanne to a captain of the Templar Captain
Jeanne de Orpheus
Jeanne Orpheus
Jeanne controlling the citizens of Havana with an Apple of Eden
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19 October 1778

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Jeanne de Orpheus was a voodoo-princess-turned-Templar that operated in the Caribbean sea during the late 18th century. She belonged to a tribe of witches that executed voodoo in the outskirts of the city of Saint-Pierre, Martinique.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

"I am a secret; and so are those who follows me."
―Jeanne de Orpheus
Little is known of Jeanne before she started to attack the city of Saint-Pierre. The few records – and this is wildly guessed from the Abstergo files over Caribbean Templars – telling us that Jeanne's mother was a prostitute in Saint-Pierre. When she became pregnant with Jeanne, she sought the help of a shaman: she wanted to know if she could get rid of the child. The shaman replied that Jeanne's mother could go through their voodoo-tribe's surgery. The mother told that she was ready to execute the surgical operation. Jeanne was removed from her mother three–four months before she was to be born. The mother died of infection however, and the voodoo-tribe's chief decided to use a Piece of Eden to keep the child alive.

It is presumed that Jeanne was trained in voodoo – much of which are proof of things that is beyond explaining. She is not recorded anymore before a merchant went to the governor of Martinique, whom lived in Saint-Pierre, in 1749. He had been attacked by warlocks and witches on his way through the jungle. They had used a powerful weapon that no one could have created but God. All of the witches had dark skin, whilst one had light. This is most certainly that Jeanne was a part of the group. The so-called "weapon of God" must be an Apple of Eden.

The Officer Edit

"We are her tool, and we will not stop until she is released from her prison the grand temple"
―Jeanne speaking about Juno to her tribe
The governor of Martinique had received many messages of voodoo-tribes attacking merchants that was on their way to the city either to sea or to land. Every time the merchants told the same story. The governor did at last put a Swedish-American officer, Victor Jensen, to hunt them down in 1751. Victor accepted: he had full authority to do whatever he wanted and felt needed to do. The governor had enough evidence to execute every person of the voodoo-tribe.

Victor Jensen, The Officer, brother of Hope Jensen

In the diary of Victor Jensen, the officer describing every attack at the tribes of voodoo. He killed every one of the "creatures" as he called them. But later, it says that when he came to a tribe, he saw a young light girl had the control. She carried around a golden ball. She spoke in a language Victor did not understood – and the interpreter did not understood either, so it was not French. The guards attacked the village, and soon it was set ablaze. However, Victor wanted that shiny little thing from the girl. He found her at some sort of throne, hiding or finding something. Victor pointed the pistol at the girl, who held the golden ball in front of her. Victor was about to grab it when the ball began to shine. Victor began to levitate and lost his pistols. All of the attackers lost control of their bodies, making the voodoo-witches collect their blood for ceremonies. The girl took one of Victor's pistols, aiming for his stomach and fired. He blacked out. The girl disappeared from the village, and the golden ball with her.

The Governor Edit

"Embrace the fact, darling: your death approaches"
―Jeanne to one of her victims, sometime before 1767
After the destruction of her tribe and village, Jeanne chose to exclude herself from the society. She chose to tame the Apple of Eden, making her a great voodoo-witch. With the help of the Apple, Jeanne soon gain control of big parts of Saint-Pierre and her neighbors. She married herself to a Native American sometime around her early 20s – this can be told by some very specific instruments at the Abstergo Industries. The two moved into the city of Saint-Pierre, and established themselves there and had five sons.

Jacques-Bernadotte Thérage, governor of Martinique

Whilst Jeanne's husband lived a loose life in the streets of Saint-Pierre, Jeanne spent her time by locate the governor of Martinique's contracts and associates. He had hired Victor to do more than hunt down voodoo-tribes: he was to execute fleeing slaves – men, women and children. The Governor himself ran operations for a secret organization named Assassins, and Jeanne decided that she would track down and kill every man and woman who worked for this cooperation. Victor was also a part of the organization of Assassins.

Jeanne taught her sons in voodoo, and her husband began to help freed or fleeing slaves by giving them a job as Jeanne's personal guards and soldiers. In this way, she could establish a new tribe of younger voodoo-witches and -warlocks. After joining forces with some treacherous guards of the Governor, Jeanne and her husband began to plan an attack on the mansion of the rich man. Three of Jeanne's sons also had a role in the attack: they led each of their little battalion. The remaining sons was to guard the house of Jeanne.

Mansion - hot environment

Mansion of the Governor

The mansion of the Governor was well-guarded by all kinds of soldiers. He had a party, so it was not difficult to find him. He always stood by some men and women or held a speech. Jeanne's sons took their soldiers and went to the front gates. Her husband was to deliver some fireworks, and when they was to be fired, that was the signal. Jeanne herself had the Apple and lurked in the shadows and entered the gardens through a crevice. Her husband enlightened the fireworks, and the attack at the front gate began. The soldiers ran to the gate, whilst the Governor fled into the building, with officer Victor in his heels. The aristocrats from all around in Caribbean ran after them. Jeanne followed inside. Everyone stepped away from her when they could take a closer look at Jeanne. She grabbed her Apple and made countless illusions of herself, searching for her targets: the Governor and the Officer. Soon one of them found the two targets: barricading themselves in a bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, the Governor stood there with a short sword in his hands, and Victor with the pistols. Before anyone of them could harm her on any way, Jeanne used her Apple to capture them. With the power of the Apple, Jeanne forced her enemies to be thrown out of the window. They both landed on the ground, close to the gate where the fight went on. Both of them lay there, not moving. When she came out to the ground however, officer Victor Jensen was gone.

Arrest Edit

"Monsieur Capitaine, I will not speak to you about voodoo. You will just force me to turn from this "blasphemy" and follow your God. "
―Jeanne to a soldier after being captured, April 1767
With the death of the Governor, the citizens of Martinique rebelled. With no high power it was time to use this freedom to execute crimes against their enemies. With these rebellions, Jeanne got patients all the day – in need for her medicines. Jeanne used her voodoo and the Apple to help them recovering from their wounds. Her husband spent the time by loot the corpses in the streets and sell it on the black market; her three eldest sons supported their father, whilst the youngest spent their time by hunting on women. Jeanne saw entirely anarchism in the streets. Victor Jensen did also used these events to gain profit himself.

One day, a French ship, Claudette, anchored in the harbor. The captain, Captain Marcel-Albert Bonviert, had been sent by the Louisianan governor in order to calm down the citizens of Martinique and find the one responsible for the death of the Governor of Martinique. The French captain was loyal to the Spanish, and executed the order. He set sail with Claudette, and traveled to Saint-Pierre with a man named Jean-Jacques-Philippe Brouseilles, marquis de Pimôdan, a man that was supposed to be the new governor of Martinique. A woman named Dorothy Judge accompanied them, too.

When the Captain Bonviert and Marquis Brouseilles approached the city of Saint-Pierre, Brouseilles commanded the soldiers to apprehend the lawless people in the city. Bonviert tasked the men to capture the slaves and send them to the mansion of the Governor. Brouseilles convinced Bonviert that if they were to locate this voodoo-witch they needed to put a prize on her head; Bonviert agreed. When they had captured, they could find the information they needed about that "voodoo" she was practicing: Both of them knew some reports told them of a gold ball, meaning Jeanne had an Apple of Eden in her possession.

With the order of arrest put out on any warlocks, witches or voodoo-practicians, Jeanne and her family went out of money very quickly. They tried to live ordinary, secret. For a time, it seemed that the family would live in peace. But one day it ended with their luck: Jeanne's husband had been out drinking and had in a passing told that he was the man to a voodoo-practician. Next day, Captain Bonviert's men knocked on the door and arrested them all. Jeanne did not managed to find the Apple in time: she had just found it, but was grabbed in an iron grip, she had no chance of escape. Jeanne, her husband and their five sons marched to the mansion of the new Governor.

At the mansion of the Governor, Jeanne was sent to the basement – where she was iron-bound to the wall. Her two youngest sons was put in the same cell; her husband and their three oldest sons was put in another cell. Jeanne waited for the death.

Judge McGovern

Brouseilles as a judge

The following day, Jeanne and her family was put on trial in front of the new governor: Marquis Brouseilles de Pimôdan. His associates, Captain Bonviert and Dorothy Judge, stood by him. The woman was dressed in all black, Bonviert in red and black, Brouseilles in all red. De Pimôdan accused the family of Jeanne for be in lauge with the Devil. They were practicians of voodoo, of which had always been against the law. He questioned Jeanne if she believed in God, to which Jeanne replied that she would not speak of the voodoo. Dorothy yelled that Jeanne had to be polite: she spoke in French, but with a strong accent. The Marquis brought for more or less all of Jeanne's patients who accused her of practicing voodoo. There was no evidence against the charge, and the most persuasive evidence was the glowing, golden ball: The Apple of Eden. Brouseilles sentenced the family of Jeanne to death!

Templar-affaires Edit

Become a Templar Edit

"I pledge my life to the ways of the Order, and I will use the Apple for the condition of humanity"
―Jeanne upon the death of her family, July 1767
Following the trial the day before, Jeanne and her family was to be fetched by the executioner. When Jeanne heard the door to the cell opening, she was sure her last hour had come. The one who came in, was Dorothy Judge. She released the chains of Jeanne, but not for her sons. She brought Jeanne out in the corridor, and up in the study of Brouseilles de Pimôdan. Whilst they were on their way, Jeanne saw a purse on the woman's waist: her golden ball needed to be inside of it. The man gave his right hand to Jeanne, giving signs that she was going to kiss his hand. The woman refused at first, but the Captain – who stood just a few feets away, held his hand at the pistol. Jeanne kissed the ring of Brouseilles. Then she saw the red cross on it.

Right after Jeanne had kissed the ring, Brouseilles said: "I don't think we have been proper introduced: I am Marquis Brouseilles de Pimôdan, soon-to-be Grand Master of Caribbean. This is my associates: Dorothy Judge and Captain Bonviert. Dorothy is our Black Cross, whilst Bonviert is a Master Templar – and my second-in-command. We know that you have a Piece of Eden – more specifically an Apple of Eden – in your inheritance, and after what we have learned: you can control the Apple?" Dorothy came with the purse, where the Apple of Eden was hidden. She took it out, and said: "Can we trust you are not using this against us?" Jeanne answered that if she wanted to kill them, she would have grabbed the golden ball when she was in the corridor with Dorothy. Jeanne used the Apple of Eden to multiply herself into many Jeannes. She then used it to force the three Templars down in one sofa – to their protests. She did then showed some more tricks, and when she was done: she put the Apple back into the purse of Dorothy. Bonviert asked how she did it, but she answered she always had managed to tame it.

Brouseilles rose from the sofa and walked up to Jeanne. He asked her if she knew about the Templar Order. Jeanne told him that she knew of the Assassins, and that the former Governor had been either an ally or a member. Brouseilles explained for Jeanne what the Templars was fighting for: a great world; control through order; make the world progress. But, if Jeanne wanted to be a Templar, she had to get rid of that terrible family of hers: they worked against everything the Templars stood for. A death-penalty was on the heads of Jeanne's family, but Brouseilles wanted Jeanne's blessing, and if she wanted to join them …

Drums played the execution-rhythm. Bam, bam, bababam. After a priest read a long hymn, the executioner, Dorothy pulled the trigger. The family of seven, lost six members that day. The last one stood by the governor of Martinique without a tear trilling down her cheek: her three eldest sons was warmongers, her two youngest was womanizers, and her husband was drinking without stopping. Jeanne swore an oath that day: to use the Apple of Eden in the name of the Order, and use every day of her life to follow the Order.

Pieces of Eden Edit

"I am searching after a Piece of Eden. I can control an Apple, so I see no reason not to try tame another one: like the Observatory, or another Apple. "
―Jeanne to a her Templar Captain, 1774
The Orpheus

The Orpheus

As a Templar, Jeanne was sent all around in Caribbean and to the colonies in North America. One of her biggest tasks was to find and locate a man named Sean Harrison, a Templar. He had found a Piece of Eden, and meant it could be in good use when the Rite of New Orleans executed a purge of Caribbean Assassin in 1770. The Piece was on the ship of Jeanne, The Orpheus, when she was attacked by a group of Assassin-affiliated ships – but The Orpheus managed to fight them off however. Whilst the ship was to be repaired in the harbor of Emerald Isle, Jeanne studied the Piece of Eden: a box of sort. When she read in some Templar-books, Jeanne learned the box was capable of "decipher the First Civilization language". Returning to Martinique with the box, Jeanne was tasked to take contact with Jean-Baptiste George-Louis-Yves, a Templar in New Orleans. It seemed he had a clue to another Piece of Eden in Caribbean. During the Purge, the Assassins had Condor Apito to search for another artifact from the First Civilization.

Arriving in New Orleans in 1774, Jeanne met Jean-Baptiste at a tavern that belonged to the Templars. He was sitting with two other fellow Templars when Jeanne asked for him. Jean-Baptiste presented himself, took his goodbyes to the other Templars, and they walked to his house in the city. In the house, Jeanne felt she was awaken anew. He was a handsome, wealthy man, with the money and capital to execute large operations for the Templar Order. He was enthusiastic and showed a great interest in Jeanne. They put their heads together and started to think. Condor was a descendant of the Assassin Opía Apito, and he had control over the Cayman Island and Isla de la Juventud. He was some place there, undoubtedly. They agreed to that in order to find him so discreet as possible, they needed to disguise themselves.

Traveling from New Orleans disguised as merchants aboard The Orpheus, Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste soon learned how they needed to act and behave. When they approached the island, Jeanne and her future husband went to a tavern where they saw a man dressed in white robes. Jeanne did not have the Apple with her, so Jean-Baptiste drew his dirk and pointed it at the Assassin's back: he had sit half-drunk in the bar. Jeanne drew her pistol, pointing at the Assassin's head. They demanded to know where his leader, Condor Apito were and what he was searching for. The Assassin – who was too drunk to understand what happening around him and noticing the two persons was Templars – answered that since Opía had control for so many years, Condor now was tasked to find out what her nemesis, Lucia Márquez, had been doing in Caribbean in the early 1720s. Jeanne thanked the Assassin, and went back to The Orpheus, with Jean-Baptiste right after her. The Orpheus set sail for Isle de la Juventud, finding what Condor Apito was up to – and more important: what Luca Márquez had been up to.

Templar Captain

Templar Captain, a sailor that was hired by Jeanne and soon turned into a captain

Arriving the cove of Isle de la Juventud, Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste saw some Assassin-ships that belonged to Condor. The Orpheus used her mortars to fire at the ships, taking them by surprise. She used her front-cannons to fire at the turning ships before she finally used her broadside-cannons to fire. It took short time to overthrow the masts, and Jeanne sunk them by sending a rain of cannon balls. Anchoring close up to the beach, Jeanne, Jean-Baptiste and their Templar Captain followed the same path Edward Kenway did almost five decades earlier. Eventually coming across the place in front of a large Mayan Temple, the group spotted the campers: dressed in brown and orange robes, just like the Assassins' gang in the northern part of America. The group lurked themselves into the bushes, but at the same time, a female stalker saw them and alerted the camp of the intruders. "So much for the element of surprise," Jeanne said.

The group grabbed their weapons and ran down to the awaiting soldiers of the Assassins. Their leader, a man dressed with a hood and gas mask, left the area – running for warning Condor Apito. Jeanne tasked her Templar Captain to track him down whilst she and Jean-Baptiste fought off the soldiers. Jeanne drew her dagger and used it to block the attacks from the brute that were attacking her. He was huge, and swung his axe on her head; Jeanne dodged away and stabbed him in the elbow. The soldier lost his axe; but with his loose arm, a hidden blade was ejected. He would have stabbed Jeanne in the head if Jean-Baptiste not had used a pistol to shoot the brute in the chest. The man fell down to his knees, and Jeanne grabbed his head and broke his neck. The stalker ran like a maniac towards her with a tomahawk in her hand. Jeanne pointed her pistol at her, but her hand was hurt by a throwing knife from an agile gang-member. The stalker grabbed Jeanne and held her to the ground. She lifted her tomahawk, ready to destroy the skull of Jeanne. Jeanne grabbed a nearby rock. The stalker felt a pain to her temple. She fell down from Jeanne's chest, bleeding from her head. Jeanne was helped up from the ground by her Templar Captain. He was wounded in the arm, but he had the finger of the Assassin, stating he had killed him and took the finger as evidence (The finger had the Assassin insignia on). He had also robbed the man for a gas mask, and some smoke bombs.


Condor Apito

A soldier saw the finger the Templar Captain held, and yelled that their Assassin was dead: this forced the gang-members to run from their post. But at the same time, everyone – gang-members and Templars – was captured in a yellow-like barrier. Condor Apito came down from the temple with an Apple of Eden in his hands. So it was this Lucia was after, not just ending the life of Opía Apito. Condor made his way down to Jeanne and her group. After telling her how much the Templars had wrong, he walked over to Jean-Baptiste and used a knife to stab him in the stomach. Jean-Baptiste screamed before Condor let him go: understanding it would not take a lot time before he was dead. Condor yelled to the gang-members, stating he did not had use for people who ran as soon as their master was killed. He used the Apple to force the employees taking their own life. He turned around to Jeanne and her Templar Captain. He walked up to the Captain and took the finger from the Assassin, afterwards he forced the Captain to take his own pistol and blow out his brain. The Templar Captain fell to the ground with an empty look, whilst Condor walked slowly up to Jeanne. He touched her breast, making her uncomfortable. Condor pulled his dagger and began to destroying her dress, trying to get her naked. Jeanne spelled some words, and the Apple flew out of Condor's hand and into her own. The roles was switched, and now it was time for Jeanne to play with Condor Apito. But she knew that if the Order was to be greater and be the peace-organization, they had to show compassion. If she chose to neglect Condor, he would remember it as a bad memory, if she let him go however the Assassins would see that the Templars were not the bad kind. But they needed a message …

Apple of Eden

Back at The Orpheus, Jean-Baptiste had been healed with the help of the ship-doctor. Jeanne sat a chair, extremely drowsy. When he tried to raise himself, the doctor – which sat to the wall – reacted quickly and said: "No, no, no! Lay down, monsieur! Your wounds are deep, so I'd prefer that you not make my needlework go to waste." Jeanne saw Jean-Baptiste in the bed, so she rose from the chair and walked up to him. Jean-Baptiste asked what had happened to the Assassin, the Piece of Eden and the Templar Captain. Jeanne told that the Templar Captain had been forced to take his own life by the Assassin – and the last one had been "taken care of". Furthermore, she said: "As for the Piece, here it is." Jeanne found the Apple of Eden from a purse on her waist. The Templars did now had another Piece of Eden.

People of Havana Edit

"Citizens of Havana; whilst you are struggling to be something in this world, there are some who wants to control and play with your lives! That person are Delaware Dinsmore! If you want to be relived from her burden, a change is needed; and no change comes from just sitting in your houses! We shall take back the power that was given to you in the first place. Before her, Havana prospered: look at it now! If you want to do like me, I say we storm the bureau where Dinsmore is hiding and kill her!"
―Jeanne to the citizens of Havana, 1774
In the city of Havana, the Assassin Delaware Dinsmore used her soldiers of Taínos to control the streets. She used her influence to live by her mother's ideals and goals. The Templars had lost their contract, Isabelle Vázquez, to Dinsmore. The Assassins was said to fight for freedom, but Dinsmore used her gang to control the trading in the city, and in parts of Caribbean. In order to take down Dinsmore, the soon-to-be Grand Master of Caribbean – marquis de Pimôdan – sent Jeanne to Havana in order to create riots. Everyone knew of Dinsmore, and wanted to get rid of her. She was controlling the city on a bad way, so the city had went to hell. Jeanne needed to get the city back on its feet. Arriving in the city of Havana in 1774, Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste was welcomed by an Assassin-turned-Templar Shalin Yangming. Shalin was a Chinese woman that had arrived in the Caribbean by a coincidence. She had pledged her allegiance to marquis de Pimôdan, and did now served as a Caribbean Templar. She had been tasked to go to the city in order to raise an army against the Taínos and the Assassin gang. For the time being, Shalin had allied herself with an Italian merchant named Francesco Malfetti – whom was a Templar puppet. Malfetti lived in the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta where he trained the Templars' army of soldiers. Shalin escorted Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste to the Castillo. On the way, they felt being watched, and they understood that Dinsmore had sent some of her Taínos or Assassins to take care of them. They found a warehouse where Jean-Baptiste could rest: he was in no condition to fight, so Jeanne was to guard him. Shalin went to the Castillo alone and returned with soldiers and Malfetti. In order to draw the attention and kill the Assassins, they needed a prey that could not be resisted: Three Templars and their puppet.
Rogue gang

Assassin Gang

They were suddenly attacked with smoke bombs, and the Templars – except Jean-Baptiste – and their puppet drew their weapons. Five Assassins jumped from the rooftop and killed all of the soldiers with air assassinations. Shalin – who was just as skilled as the Assassins – used her wodao-sword to slice down two Assassins at short time. Jeanne ended in a duel with an Assassin that used his hidden blade to wound Jeanne in the arm and stomach. She used her dagger to stab the Assassin in his leg and waist – though, the wounds were not lethal. After dancing around like this, Jeanne was brought to the ground by another Assassin. The first one ejected his blades, ready to deliver the deathblow to Jeanne. After joining the Templars, Jeanne had learned never to give up to an Assassin's blade. So, with a strong exertion, Jeanne turned around in just the right moment. The blades of the Assassin broke, and Jeanne got up on her feet and grabbed the arm of the other Assassin and dislocated the arm of him. The Assassin yelled in pain. He would have killed Jeanne if the Templar Jean-Baptiste had not come fore her rescue once more, by shooting the Assassin in the head. The Assassin with broken blades ran to Jean-Baptiste, and Jeanne threw her knife into the spine of the Assassin. Approaching the man, Jeanne took out the dagger and lifted the head of the Assassin, cutting his throat. Malfetti did also stand over a body, with his dagger in the head of the Assassin. All of the attackers had been dealt with. The group walked to the Castillo, recovering for the next day.

Experience what the Assassins did to them, Jeanne told Jean-Baptiste to stay in the Castillo with the skilled Shalin, whilst she and Malfetti would go out in the city and start riots. She had got the crew of The Orpheus to bring the Apple from Isle de la Juventud to the Castillo, and guarding it with their lives. Reaching the town square, Jeanne and Malfetti saw a group of the Assassins' gang bullying the citizens. Jeanne still needed to regain powers from the fight the day before, so they avoided the gang. Mafletti, a young man, watched her body while they walked around, trying to investigate which actions they should let the people be angry about. Jeanne saw Malfetti watching her body, but she did not care: he was cute, but she had more of feelings to Jean-Baptiste than this young Italian. This man undoubtedly wanted her in his bed, but she would refuse that. Suddenly they overheard a conversation between two couples that discussed the mess the gang were making: robbing the houses, bullying citizens, controlling the market-prices, killing publicly anyone who stood against them; so when the bodies of the hooded ones was discovered, the citizens knew something had to be done: they needed to end this tyranny.

That night, the Templars and their puppet discussed what they would do the following day: Malfetti would use his three lieutenants in the army to kill any gang-member that was in the area or in the outskirts of the town square in front of the Cathedral of Havana. In this way, no huge army would invade the square and destroy the plans. Also, this would create a distraction, forcing Dinsmore to think where to put her soldiers. Shalin would take down any Assassin who still patrolled in the streets (or rooftops) with their guards. By doing this, no skilled Assassin would kill either Jeanne or civilians. Jean-Baptiste – who had been better with the help of a voodoo-drink Jeanne had given him – was to clear the way of any suspicious person in front of the Castillo. In this way, they would at least get out of the front gates. When this was dealt with, he would – with a large group of soldiers – follow Jeanne to the town square with the Apple of Eden: they would use it if it became necessary. Malfetti would use his last lieutenant and soldiers to guard the town square, in case their enemies infiltrated their ranks. But Malfetti was to be close to the place where Jeanne would be, for in case the whole operation went wrong, he was to bring the Apple to The Orpheus. If the Assassins got their hands on it, they would suppress the citizens even more. Malfetti suggested that he should bring the Apple to the ship anyway. If something went wrong, Dinsmore would most likely flee for the harbor: and if Jeanne's statements were true, Malfetti could use the Apple to stop Dinsmore. The Templars approved to this idea. Jeanne was the one who was going to talk to the people. With the riots, they would storm the bureau and get rid of Dinsmore once time for all …

D Dinsmore

Delaware Dinsmore

The next day, everything went as they had foreseen. Jeanne held her speech – only needing the Apple to get the citizens' attention – and made the people of Havana storming the bureau, which was almost empty. The only one left was a dozen of Assassins and gang-members – the rest was out in the city, fighting the Templars' soldiers. The citizens was full of adrenaline and anger over the lawless gang without scruples. Jeanne entered through the front gate, Shalin through the roof. They managed to locate Dinsmore, who fled into a room. Jeanne grabbed her pistol, with Shalin covering her. Inside the room, Dinsmore drew her pistols and fired at the intruders. Shalin dodged every shot. Jeanne was shot however in the chest, falling to the ground. Dinsmore jumped through a window with some belongings. After the plan, Shalin could stay with Jeanne. The Assassin would go for the harbor, where Malfetti would stop her with the Apple of Eden. When the battle ended, Jeanne was brought back to the Castillo. Whilst she was brought there, she saw the citizens acting like the Spanish inquisition: they had captured some Assassins and gang-members and was now burning them on a stake.

Back at the Castillo, Jeanne fought against the death. Shalin was to go out in the jungle and get some special plants and some small animals so Jeanne could create a potion she could use to heal the wound. Returning to the Castillo, Jean-Baptiste was horrified to see Jeanne be hurt by Dinsmore. Jeanne said she would be fine when Shalin returned with the ingredients. Meanwhile, Jean-Baptiste could build a fire and get some water for a casserole she would create the mixture in. When Shalin came from the jungle with plants and two dead snakes, Jeanne told her what to do: Jeanne herself was too exhausted to do something, and needed to spare blood. She presided Jean-Baptiste too when he returned. By sunset, the mixture was almost ready. The only thing that was needed, was the touch of light just when the sun went down behind the horizon. Shalin got the mixture in a bowl and did as she was told to; Jean-Baptiste stayed by the side of Jeanne. When Shalin was done, she went down to Jeanne giving her the mixture. She felt a pain in the chest and grabbed her to the wound. She screamed louder and louder. When she fell to the ground, entirely unmovable, the two Templars thought Jeanne was dead. But when she gasped for air, Jeanne began to yell for the help of the voodoo-gods.

Malfetti was not back before the morning next day. By this time, he and the soldiers had fought off some the Assassins that was still in the city. The gang-members was either killed or captured for prisoners. The Taínos had fled into the jungle, stabbing the Assassins in the back. Jeanne was happy to see the young man was still in one piece. She saw the soldiers bringing the chest with the Apple into the Castillo, Jeanne kissed Malfetti on the cheek: He had not disappointed the Order. But she was surprised when the body of Dinsmore was not brought inside. Malfetti said he thought she and Shalin had killed her. Shalin replied that the Assassin had fled through a window, and she thought Dinsmore had fled to the harbor. Malfetti defended himself by stating Dinsmore had never even reached the city-coast …

Delaware Dinsmore was still out there, planning her next move!

Even if the mission in Havana failed by killing Delaware Dinsmore, the city was now under full control and influence of the Templar Order. Shalin had asked marquis de Pimôdan of Malfetti's induction to the Order for his loyalty in Havana. The Marquis himself, with Dorothy Judge, entered the city with all the pomp and circumstance that was a Grand Master to proper. The inducting of Francesco Malfetti took place in January 1775, with Jeanne, Jean-Baptiste, Shalin and Dorothy as witnesses. With the induction of Malfetti, Jena-Baptiste got the courage of propose to Jeanne. The two had only been together for a couple of months, but Jeanne knew that Jean-Baptiste and her would be a wonderful couple. The marriage took place in the Cathedral of Saint Pierre, Martinique. Jeanne's associates from the local voodoo-community and other Templars came to congratulate her.

The Orpheus-conspiracy Edit

"A conspiracy is a secret plot, and this plot will overthrow the self-proclaimed Grand Master of Caribbean: Madeleine de Bullion!"
―Jeanne speaking of Madeleine de Bullion to her followers, 1776
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Madeleine François de Bullion

In 1776, Madeleine François de Bullion had given herself the title of Grand Master of Caribbean. The reason was that it was Madeleine who had delivered the last blow on lady Concord with her helper, Callum Kerr, at the end of the Purge – this giving Madeleine all the glory with Callum. The first part of the purge lasted for two years, making the Assassins trying to bring down the Assassins and their pawns. Madeleine used the first year to create an army for Lady Concord. Until 1776, she did nothing. The Boston Tea Party brought Callum Kerr to her, making Jeanne bring down the Assassins in Caribbean. During the whole Purge – after Concord turned to the Assassins, but before Callum was sent – Jeanne and other Templars had used their influence and capital to bring down the Assassins to their knees. Truth be told: without the help of Jeanne and the other Templars, Callum would have been killed already on the first mission. Madeleine de Bullion did not deserved the rank! Jeanne did not deserved it either, since it was her master – Marquis de Pimôdan – who knew how to handle the Assassins. He was the one to lead the Caribbean Rite: he knew how when and where to strike, and he was a likable man. When these actions was brought up to de Pimôdan's beloved friend, Jeanne, she could tell that her husband was frustrated that Madeleine de Bullion had chose a man like Augustin Rouen as her successor! Rouen was a former slave, so he should not be granted permission to be even inducted!

In order to take down the treacherous de Bullion, de Pimôdan hired Jeanne and her husband to take down de Bullion. They only needed to pledge their allegiance to her, so she would trust them. Meanwhile, de Pimôdan and Captain Bonviert would supply them and their lieutenants – when they got some – with supplies and weapons. Their friends from Havana would most likely also support them: they had tried to take down Dinsmore during the Purge even before Madeleine de Bullion knew of the plot where Concord was fighting against the Templars. Dorothy told de Pimôdan that planning to take down the Grand Master was against the Templars' ideals, but imposters should be removed. Also, if Madeleine was taken care of, de Pimôdan would be the Grand Master and would relief Dorothy from this little derogation. So she did not tell the higher members in the Order of the other Rites; instead she and her procurers used their charm and body – and the Apple of Eden – to held off the Templars or other persons that could come for helping Madeleine.

Jean-Baptiste had bought a plantation in 1776, and lived like a count there. Whilst he gained money to the conspiracy, Jeanne traveled to Havana and contacted Shalin and Malfetti. They agreed that Madeleine de Bullion was a power-grabber and did not deserved the role as Grand Master. Malfetti gave his soldiers in the Templar-army – both male and female fighters – to Jeanne. Shalin came with Jeanne, giving the control of Havana to Malfetti and his army-lieutenants. Before leaving, Jeanne was told by Malfetti and Shalin that two Caribbean Templars would be useful during the conspiracy: Edward and Marcus Rockmail, two British Templar-brothers. They were known for attacking ships with deadly results; the Rockmails made their fortune by establishing a loan-sharking business, where they murdered any who did not pay their debts.

The Salviatis

The Salviati-siblings: Caterina, Orlando and Jerome

So, in order to fell Madeleine, the Orpheuses needed information about her network. They had already pledged their allegiance to her – seemingly – but she did either not trusted them enough to tell her about the network, or she did not had such a big one. Of Malfetti's soldiers, there were two skilled men and one woman, they went all under the name Salviati – siblings. One of the Salviati-siblings that was capable of acting like an Assassin in stealth, her name was Caterina Salviati. Jeanne hired all of the Salviatis to work for her and her husband, and Caterina was hired for finding information about Madeleine and her associates that could bring Madeleine and her company to their knees. Jerome was hired to find the Observatory and a Sage. It was known to the Templars that the temple needed a Sage to open the gate, so it was up to Jerome to find both. Furthermore, Jerome was tasked to take service under Marcus Rockmail and plunder ships that belonged to the Fleet of Bullion. The head of the siblings, Orlando, was a skilled soldier. He was tasked to protect Jeanne as her personal guard, and to train the other soldiers in special martial arts.

With the information brought to her by the siblings, Jeanne soon learned how she could bring the Templar Madeleine to her knees: simply by oust her in business. So, Jeanne hired the Rockmails to execute trading for the Orpheus-plot. Shalin was to be used as the warrior she was. The Fleet of Bullion was a threat to the conspiracy, so Shalin needed to destroy the ships that ruled the waves. Also, Shalin was tasked to locate the plantations that was under rule by Madeleine, and rob them – afterwards she would deliver the goods to Edward Rockmail. Francesco would supply the conspiracy would soldiers when others fell.


  1. Marquis Brouseilles de Pimôdan, mastermind
    • Dorothy Judge, protector
    • Captain Bonviert, smuggler
  2. Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus, leader (administrate conspiracy)
  3. Jeanne de Orpheus, leader (administrate conspiracy)
    • Marcus Rockmail, lieutenant (robbing ships)
    • Edward Rockmail, lieutenant (wholesaling)
    • Shalin Yangming, lieutenant (destroy ships and plantations)
    • Francesco Malfetti, lieutenant (supplying soldiers)
      • Malfetti's soldiers/Orpheus-acolytes, soldiers
        • Orlando Salviati, skilled soldier
        • Caterina Salviati, spy
        • Jerome Salviati, treasure-hunter

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Charlotte LeFay

Charlotte LeFay

19th of October, Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste had lost their lieutenants. Jean-Baptiste thought Madeleine suspected nothing, whilst Jeanne was convinced something was wrong. Approaching the mansion, Madeleine and Charlotte LeFay saw Orpheus held a Templar-ball. The Orpheus held it for their recently success over a little group of ships from the Fleet that was sunk to the bottom of the sea. When the couple saw Madeleine and Charlotte, Jeanne was about to signalize to the Templars that they should kill them – but her husband gave her second thoughts. Jeanne knew that in order to take at least one of them down, she needed a distraction: she walked up to a man that stood by some fireworks. LeFay walked up to Jeanne, and the two talked about Templar-affaires. Some men started to rig the fireworks. In order to buy some time, LeFay talked about told that Madeleine had heard of Orpheus being irritated that she chose Augustin Rouen instead of him as her successor, but that Madeleine now had changed her mind. Jeanne saw on LeFay that she lied. At the same time, the fireworks exploded on the sky. LeFay used a knife to stab Jeanne in the chest several times. Jeanne was taken by a surprise, and fell to her knees before cursing LeFay. Her eyes closed, never to be opened again.

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  1. Jeanne's comment "so much for the element of surprise" is a quote from Arno Dorian in Dead Kings.
  2. Jeanne is a feminine given name meaning 'God is Gracious'
  3. Jeanne's surname is from the ancient Greece musician, poet, and prophet: Orpheus
  4. In order to find out what "message" that was delivered to Condor, check out here
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